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Due to the demand of work related to this thread in the vibrant section I have needed to suspend all updates in this ROM thread. However due to the simplicity and ease of transition from vibrant to Galaxy S if there are features that members like from the vibrant thread made into a ROM for Galaxy S please PM me. I am a Galaxy S owner and all of my testing is done on my device and translated to Vibrant so it is actually quite easy for me to do, however it is not easy maintaining updates to two ROMs and two threads.

Link to thread


-Special thanks-

* Thanks XDA for getting me here. I have learnt so much from this place!
* MyUI ICS for a base to work with that allows use of Samsung Apps
* OneCosmic for the smooth as gloss RC3 **Now 3.1** and thanks for the frustrations of migrating from RC2.11 LOl
* Perka for his graphical battery animation thread linked here -> Perka[MOD]ICS based on teamhacksung's ICS Port [20-01-2012] Updated!
* Special thanks especially to asianbobo15 - who ever you are? and you patch fix for wifi calling on earlier gingerbread ROMs on DarkyROM forum - I owe you a beer!
* denverg and his themeing techniques using apk tool
* pikachu01 for using part of his thunderbolt scripts
* zeppelinrox for his V6 supercharger script!
* cyanogenMOD team for being able to decompile and look through the remnants of CM7 that I used as a hop-skip-and jump to ICS and being a saviour and fallback when ICS chucks a sh!t and does backflips on me LOL
* credits to my grass roots in the DarkyROM forum and the inspiration for me to launch into the ICS ROM building in the firstplace...onwards and upwards you guys are progressing to bigger pastures with samsung firmwares and I am trying to build some of that awesome Darky style and bring the samsung feel (and less ASOP - sorry nothing against it) back into to ICS - It's what I and alot of others LOVE! otherwise I would have gone and got a Galnex :P
* vibranturk for acknowledging me in his thread when I didn't even do anything - Thanks man haha

************************************************** ************************************************** *************************************

-Whats included -

*Allows for integrat to both SamsungApps Market Place (integrated Upgraded Touchwiz framework)
*Social Network Sync
*2.0.1 Original Platypus Kernel based from OneCosmics (Now SGSICS) build Platypus kernel
*2.0.1 Latest Glitch Kernel
*NovaLauncher beta 13
*Improved GPS Signal
*MTP USB persist
*Scripting - Thundabolt - V6 4WDSupercharger - 3G Turbosharger
*Extensive Build prop modifications
**Visual mods coloured large ICS font battery charge and animation - borrowed from PerkaMOD based on teamhacksung integrated into RC3 systemUI
*Transparent Widgets - GenieWiget Google Email - Google Calendar

Note: Wifi calling is available on Vibrant. Please let me know via PM if you want this feature in this ROM?

- MacGyver theme song
- SuperMario Brothers 3 (4 ringtones to choose from and one loaded as default being Mario Racoon tail with 1UP Starman)
- Psycho killer murder theme
- Sexy girl moaning to vibrator **added for LOLs**
- 20th Centry Fox
- Universal studios
- Postbox
- Dell Pentium classics as notifications.
**Rick_Rolled (Rick Astley Never gona give you up)
- Australian Magpie - Sorry I couldn't resist and to tell you the truth I am bias....but it is the most beautiful sound to wake up to

Many many more to come in later releases

>>>>>>SOOON TO COME<<<<<<<<<<
Additional apps installed as User Apps included with this ROM (User can remove them they are not system apps and don't need rootexplorer

/data/app/AndroZip_2.0.apk Free
/data/app/ASTRO_ASTRO_3.0.247.std.apk Free
/data/app/CacheMate for Root Users.apk Free
/data/app/CWM_1.80.apk ** can someone confirm that chainfires app is Free? If not I will remove it
/data/app/DroidWall_1.5.7.apk Free
/data/app/ICSClock.apk - Free from Market
/data/app/JuiceDefender_3.8.8.apk Free
/data/app/MoboPlayer_1.2.179.apk Free
/data/app/MoveApps_1.1.2.apk Free
/data/app/MyBackup Root-307.apk Free
/data/app/nitrality-132.apk Free version
/data/app/Root Browser_1.3.2.apk  XDA free version with .root_browser 
/data/app/SamsungApps.apk - proprietary 
/data/app/Script Manager ads_1.8.7.apk Ad version
/data/app/SD Maid-49.apk Free
/data/app/Spirit FM Free.apk Free
/data/app/Visidon_AppLock_1.5.apk Free
/data/app/Voodoo Control-90.apk Free
/data/app/NexusLWP.apk  - Not sure who to thank I am still searching the forums for the member that made this apk - Its of the boot animation for ICS made into a live wall paper
/data/app/Multi Mount SD-Card Lite_2.12.apk* - The proversion is much much faster and I recommend it - Note this app allows for instant access of your SD cards as soon as you plug the cord in, and it also lets you browse both on the phone and on your PC hence multi- mount
New Apps in System - Some removed and exchanged for newer versions
Note: Root Browser Pro XDA edition (added .root_browser file to system/etc)
*T-Mobile Users (see Vibrant thread) - GanOptimizer.apk
*T-Mobile Users (see Vibrant thread) -WiFi-Calling.apk
>>>>>>SOOON TO COME<<<<<<<<<<
These are addon packages that will be uploaded
Performance and Tools
BatteryCalibration_1.2.apk - Not that it is needed because the boot script retains all the battery stats
CacheMate for Root Users Free.apk
Quadrant Standard-117.apk
Script Manager ads_1.8.7.apk
Script Manager ads-55.apk
SD Maid-49.apk
Voltage Control_4.9.8r3.apk
ZipSigner 2_2.3.apk
Security and Backup
Carrier IQ Cleaner_1.1.apk
Voodoo CarrierIQ Detector_2.0.5.apk
NetQin Sync_1.0.apk
SMS Backup & Restore-65.apk
Optional Addons package
iPhone Top Charts_11.5.5.apk
MultiPicture Live Wallpaper-45.apk
No Moar Powah!_1.1.apk
SlideME Marketplace_4.0.apk
Spirit FM Free.apk
Media Add on Apps
Mp3 Music download_1.5.1.apk
MP3 Ringtone Maker_1.95.apk
Spirit FM Free.apk
Voodoo Control-90.apk

1. Always backup your phone in recovery
2. Load ROM flashable Zip to SD card
3. Download this kernel cleaning script and copy to SD card - NOTE see quoted post below.
4. Boot into recovery - flash the kernel script
5. flash the ROM zip
6. Boot into system - leave it settled for about 5min
7. Boot into recovery - restore all user data by advanced restore

If you are not a T- mobile US user but would like to try wifi calling for vibrant download and flash one of these Modems
Link to other CM7 Modems

<<<If you have issues>>
Reboot into recovery and flash the ROM again - no need to clear caches or reset permissions this is catered for by the installation procedure.
If you still have issues flash CM7 first located here
Then follow proceedure
I hope you Enjoy

DOWNLOADS **EDIT sorry standard modem....vibrant had KB5 this is Onecosmic stock (189 mb) -> [link]- Download Link -[/URL]

EDIT: From my testing this one is more stable than the test kernel? (189 mb) -> [LINK]- Download Link -[/URL]


Samsung Apps in flashable package - confirmed working
Polaris Office (working)
Music Hub (working)
Games Hub (working)
[UPGRADE]Samsung Apps Upgrade for ALL Ice Cream Sandwich ROMS - Tested and working!!!
[PATCH]Adobe FlashPlayer &plugins - Working on desktop website for ICS[PICS]
NANO player plug in


This is FYI
[KERNEL]03.01.2011 test-kernels [CM7/MIUI/CM9 preview] platypus;SECURITY,VOODOO,OC/UV
Originally Posted by zacharias.maladroit

First step before install & kernel switch:
Always have this cleaning script on your internal SD card ready

If you're
- switching kernels,
- have issues with auto-rotation,
- the cam,
- bootloops
- want to remove init script
- recover from a failed overclock attempt
please give either:
- lippol94's updated cleaning script (apply via CWM recovery):
- WiwiPouPou's SYSTEM CLEANER SCRIPT (also apply via CWM recovery): (
a try
the kernel already applies some cleaning steps during install but sometimes that's not enough ...

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16th January 2012, 01:32 PM |#2  
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I can confirm facebook synch is working. Will be uploading all of my versions of the ROMs to dropbox soon.

I am tired and have been up really late so I want to get some sleep and clean up this thread tomorrow and maybe Mods might move it for me into the ROM/Dev area
16th January 2012, 09:32 PM |#3  
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nicely organized post


ps how old are you and what education did you follow?

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16th January 2012, 10:17 PM |#4  
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Thanks I have updated it

What is tl;dr?

I am 29 years old
My profession is GIS Analyst/Cartographer and personal trainer
Background - Environmental Scientist
Android is self taught - ROMS and apps are a small blip on the radar for me at the moment...I say small but you guys on here gain such a following its just incredible
16th January 2012, 10:24 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by Jarmezrocks

Thanks I have updated it

What is tl;dr?

I am 29 years old
My profession is GIS Analyst/Cartographer and personal trainer
Background - Environmental Scientist
Android is self taught - ROMS and apps are a small blip on the radar for me at the moment...I say small but you guys on here gain such a following its just incredible

Man I have been considering personal training. I have studied some NASM material on my PC. But those certs are expensive.

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17th January 2012, 01:03 AM |#6  
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Would it be possible to either upload the build.prop separately or list the changes made? I'm happy running onecosmic's rc2, but would appreciate getting Samsung apps working
17th January 2012, 02:39 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by saveferris91

Would it be possible to either upload the build.prop separately or list the changes made? I'm happy running onecosmic's rc2, but would appreciate getting Samsung apps working


# begin build properties
# autogenerated by Hack MyUI/1Cosmic RC3.1-4.0.3 IML74K Jan  4 22:40:36 ART 2012
# is obsolete; use ro.product.device
# Do not try to parse or .fingerprint 2.3.5 GINGERBREAD XXJVT release-keys
# end build properties

Here is the build.prop details

I can tell you how to make your phone read Samsung in the build.prop, but you will need more than that.

The phone needs to be seen as Gingerbread version SGS. I have it as JVT because that is what I was on
I have kept part of the OneCosmic build label in the build name for my phone….because it is not the same as the download being RC3.1....and people need to know that (I never related to why before..I always thought it was for a label for recognition, but it helps devs support those experiencing issues - heck no use asking OneCosmic why your particular device cant download apps from samsung apps or stalls on install when trying to install an apk). I have my name as enhancement of MyUI and RC3.1 combinations (To note here this build is more RC3 build that it is MyUiICS. So reversed the order Me-> MyUI ->RC3.1 with final prototype name relating to initial port being the suffix final reference. If I were Japanese I would have reversed it LOL :P

It also needs to be a Samsung and GT-I9000 in those details and not the test keys code name or else Samsung apps will deny download or say your device is not supported. All apks that are existing that you may already have also check for framework when installing. That being said you *could* AFAIK edit xml in each of the apks to not check for twframework, but that would be rather time consuming

You will need the jar file for Touchwiz.4 and twframework.apk at minimum.

Then you are going to need an XML file in permissions for touchwiz

Path location


Tag: touchwiz.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <library name="touchwiz" file="/system/framework/twframework.jar"/>
This enables the framework apk to be utilised and for the device to be recognised when the samsung apps application does a check like a license file check. When it sees that its touchwiz (proprietory Samsung framework) and that it has the check details matching SGS and latest version it will allow you to download apks.

But for what its work just download the ROM and give it a try, I think you will find that its much more improved compared to RC2 that’s for sure! I noticed the improvements, mainly the ROM. Plus you have MTP, enhanced connection for 3G via the script load at boot as well as strengthened GPS (via XML) but can totally understand why you would want to do it your self. It’s the learning that makes the difference isn't it? Good luck with it.
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17th January 2012, 07:34 AM |#8  
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dang. i got the required files from another thread and made the changes and hey presto! bootloops.
17th January 2012, 09:15 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by saveferris91

dang. i got the required files from another thread and made the changes and hey presto! bootloops.


*,*'Reflections From Personal Disaster*,*


returning back from



The response:
oooh ouch. Yeah mine doesn't bootloop. You need to get it right and you will learn from this no doubt (and I'm not being a smart arse here either).

The issue:
I think that there is an amount of "sensitivity" with doing things via recovery compared to rootexplorer'ing things to get it done. It's usually a permissions issue in the files them selves. Check your permissions.

The learning:
My recommendation to you would be to always keep a SD card reader handy You could (if you haven't taken a nandroid backup cause you were confident - trust me i have done it) always use your ext SD card to load a new ROM (say this one for instance ) boot into CWM and then flash from SD card and your back cooking with gas. If you continued issues because your Nand md5 is missmatched (different kernels or something?) then you could flash to an earlier base kernel (I have done this - trust me again) restore 'system' only (and leaving your data as is)if your back to the base kernel and you can roll back the system to of the ROM to the same kernel and your data will be fine (with the exception of all apps2SD you did will be goneski) but.....the phone will boot and your data will be there. Do a CWM backup of the nice "rolled back ROM" with your data all there and a sigh of relief.

I did this rolling back from RC3 to RC1 after kernel issues with RC2.

Then flash confidently your new ROM...(wipe or no wipe - I would recommend wipe at this stage and I will explain why) then restore data from the new recent CWM back up and your on your new ROM with the restored data as if you did a non-wipe install

The solution:
For you right now (so its not all in hindsight like 'Oh well thats great that can't help me now only in the future ' ) you have the power to excuse my pun "BACK TO THE FUTURE III" michael J fox styles

At the very least do a nandroid right now even with system kaput and ****ty bootloops just for the sake of keeping your data.

Then when you flash and getting back on a clean "base" and restore data from this ****ty recovery you've taken and name it appropriately too - something like 17-01-12_ICS_RC_RC_datagain (who would use a naming convertion like that? ME! Date->ICS (for the sake of knowing the system you were on at the time cause you ain't needing it at all) you'd expect, RC again for "REALLY CRAP" and datagain cause you'd only retain it to gain access to your data LOL)
You may laugh at that but think about don't wana make the silling mistake of seeing a bunch of backups with no unique identifiers (yes you - your the one that needs to uniquely identify the backup from all others that you have no idea what they were) "2011-11-" and get a diget wrong or backwards looking at your cool bring blue recovery text in sized 2.5 system font and restore "2011-11-" which happens to be bootloop central and then accidently restore it and think WTF did do wrong?

So then delete the CWM backup (the ****ty RC_RC_datagain one) off your SD (saves space) and THEN take a breath then a break fresh backup of new RC3.1 with the now existing data - it will keep a nice save point.

I make a habit of doing this every time just before I flash a ROM and just after once I know everything stable. As time goes I routinely go to clockwork on SD and blow away older non needed backups of ROMs. I had 3 backups of RC1 with restored apps and blank base etc etc. Keep the best of the ones and clear the rest.

The recommendations:
This is why the CWM app by chainfire is so brilliant. It allows to you input your own "meta-data" about the backup entry into the header of the backup. i.e. standard CWM from boot doesn't it asigns a default date and time string and nothing to uniquely identify your backup. In CWM it allows you to asign your own title.

For good practice. Prefix date then ROM, kernel then status. e.g 17-01-12_ICSRC3_1_Plat_fully restored*
*fully restored indicating all apps back up, all links from UI to apps on SD, all contacts, all messages etc.

Full factory data reset for a complete wipe and fresh install would get an suffix of "base". i.e 17-01-12_ICSRC3_1_Plat_base*
*base would mean a clean base to get to if you need to

Something to note here is that having a base is sometimes a good starting or flashing point if you ever need go back an increment without needing to redo multiple ROMS and kernels. Like needing to go back to JVT, then CM7 and the RC1 then RC3 is a hassle. If you had a clean base of RC2 you can always run kernel cleaning script, flash fresh kernel of the ROM that you had for RC2 and then do a full restore of the backup base from RC2 and you have a fresh RC2 ROM. Then restore data from there.....from your latest backup.

Following good practices like this ensures you don't get some sort of remaining fragments of a past ROM interfering with your release upgrade ;)

So many devs and ROM'er have the default "Oh well you should have taken a nandroid backup dude not my problem do a wipe and start again" leaving users half in tears and not really taking the time to share ways that they could help or fix things?

My App package will include CWM1.80 for everyone to use just for this purpose. Make sure you give thanks to the dev for this if you use it! It's a flashers saviour!

PS: If you want you can periodically transfer clockwork backups to a PC for safe keeping and you have all the header metadata to be able to identify them by - trust me I have at times flashed back in yonder to restore an old backup of a ROM to obtain something I wanted (SMS/MMS or what ever) and flash back again hahaha (I now have tools on my PC for extraction of this sort of info if needs be).

Eternal love and happiness of your android phone

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17th January 2012, 09:15 AM |#10  
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I'm really confused. So this is not 4.0.3?

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