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Flashing tutorial for dummies [ICS SGS TEAM ROM]

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By psyqiq, Senior Member on 13th February 2012, 01:27 AM
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It doesn`t matter on what rom you are, first you need to download a stock gingerbread rom, a kernel which has root and clockworkmod recovery and of course a flashing program (in this case Odin, simply because it does the job), also Samsung USB Drivers :

NOTE : It would be best to have your phone fully charged before flashing

1. First install the drivers ONLY if you haven`t already installed them, also if you have Kies installed there is no need to install these drivers, but you are better off installing these anyway :
2. Download this package (it includes i9000 stock rom+kernel+odin) :, if you have a Captivate or a Vibrant just download a stock rom for your phone model and find a kernel which has root and cwm in it.

NOTE : The next step will require using the 3 key combo for accessing the clockworkmod recovery and also the download mode.The 3 key combo used below is for the Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000. If you own a Captivate or a Vibrant please click this link and choose your phone model to see what 3 key combo must be used, as it differs from one phone model to another :

3. After you have extracted all the contents you downloaded and installed drivers, put your phone into download mode using the 3 key combo : volume DOWN + home button+power button, keep those pressed until it goes into download mode.

4. Connect phone to PC via USB Cable and open Odin (windows should detect the phone and install some drivers, after it`s finished you should see the message "Added!" in Odin which means Odin succesfully detected your phone so now you are ready to flash)>check Re-Partition Option>press PIT button and browse for the s1_odin_20100512.pit file, press BOOTLOADER button and browse for the APBOOT… file, press PDA button and browse for the CODE….file, press PHONE button and browse for the MODEM….file, press CSC button and browse for the GT-I9000-CSC….file. PRESS START button and wait for the green pass notification in Odin.

• When the phone reboots into the rom, wait for the setup wizard to appear and then just use the 3 key combo into the download mode again.
Close Odin and open it again> press PDA button and browse for CF-Root…file> Press START button and wait for the green pass notification in Odin.

• When the phone reboots into the rom set your phone to mass storage mode from settings>wireless & network>usb settings, copy the ICS SGS rom needed for your phone model, to your INTERNAL SD root location (G: for example, copy the rom here) via USB Cable from here :

• Now we have to go to clockworkmod recovery using the 3 key combo : volume UP + home button + power button, keep those pressed until it goes into the clockworkmod recovery.

• Using the volume buttons to navigate up and down select Wipe Data/Factory Reset by pressing the home button, a submenu will appear, hit YES. Wait for it to finish and then Wipe Cache the same way you did with Wipe Data/Factory Reset> Go to advanced menu>a submenu will appear and Wipe Dalvik Cache.Go back to main menu.

Now it`s time to flash the ICS SGS ROM :

Select install zip from sd card > choose zip from sd card> browse for the rom zip>choose YES and let it do the magic. If it happens to reboot immediately into clockworkmod recovery with a different look (blue writing), it means it actually flashed just the ICS Kernel first therefore you have to flash again so the ICS ROM gets installed too, just follow the steps above.

NOTE : Sometimes it works from the first try and sometimes it reboots into clockworkmod recovery instead of flashing the rom because it changes KERNEL first, prior to flashing the rom.

If it boot loops or you are experiencing other issues read here :

Now all you need to do is wait for it to finish.After the flashing is done> Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache as you already know how to do it and choose Reboot System Now. Give it some time to boot, it usually takes at most 5 minutes to boot. If it doesn`t boot, just reflash the rom as described in the steps above.

NOTE (i9000 users) : At this point if it still doesn`t boot past the Galaxy S Logo after you`ve reflashed the rom, flash Semaphore ICS Kernel via CWM and then just Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache and Reboot to System.Can`t acces CWM anymore? You have to start all over again from step 4.Only this time flash Semaphore ICS Kernel right after the ICS Rom finishes flashing, Wipe Data/Factory Reset, Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache and Reboot to System.

NOTE (Captivate/Vibrant users) : The same applies to you if you encounter the upper issues, only instead of Semaphore Kernel, use Nushor`s kernel.

Semaphore ICS Kernel :

Nushor`s Kernel :

If you don`t have network signal it usually means it`s a modem related problem so just copy to your internal sd card one of these modem zips : and flash it the same way you flashed the ICS SGS rom via clockworkmod recovery (without the Wipe Data/Factory Reset which is needed only when flashing ROMs). It should solve the problem.

NOTE : Also if you are experiencing heavy battery drain with or without 3G ON (internet included),
you should try a different modem from here :
Just flash one using the clockworkmod recovery.

Also you can find some modems here :

Depending on the region you are in, modems can make a huge difference!

But usually 3G/Internet usage will discharge battery faster then Wi-Fi usage.

THERE IS NO "BEST MODEM" > you have to experiment yourself with these modems!

If it still doesn`t solve the problem search for possible fixes in the ICS SGS Thread :

If you haven`t found any fix after you have SEARCHED THOROUGHLY or if you have any other issues come here : ,

Channel : ##icssgs.

People there will help you figure it out.

IMPORTANT : Yes, 4.2 ROM is a bit laggy because of the kernel and the launcher, so all you need to do is to flash Semaphore ICS Kernel (the i9000 users), flash Nushor`s Kernel (the Captivate and Vibrant users) and install Nova Launcher from Market and it`s all good in the hood

Semaphore ICS Kernel :

Nushor`s Kernel :

NOTE (i9000 users) : After you`ve flashed the kernel, you will notice the Semaphore App in the App Drawer, open it and set it like this : Governor > smartassv2 | Scheduler : noop. Reboot and you`re done!

NOTE (Captivate/Vibrant users) : After you`ve flashed Nushor`s Kernel, install NSTools from Market, open it and set it like this : Governor > smartassv2 | Scheduler : fiops.Reboot and you`re done!

IMPORTANT : You may experience severe battery drain every time you will reboot your phone. 100% of the CPU will be used constantly even if you hardly use the phone and thus the battery will be quickly discharged.To solve this, just open NSTools and change the governor to something else and then change it back.The CPU will come back to its normal state. It seems it is a NSTools issue, though i`m not sure this is a general problem.

IMPORTANT (Semaphore Kernel users) : If you want to use tethering, make sure you enable "netfilter" in the Semaphore App!

NOTE : If you find something doesn`t work for you after you`ve flashed the rom, basic things such as camera for example, it means you have to flash the rom again!

Auto Brightness doesn`t work yet, in the meanwhile use the app Custom Auto Brightness from here :
Or you can buy this brilliant app :

If you find your screen has a blue, red or yellow tint over it, install Voodoo Sound : and tap the button "reset to 2.3.3 defaults".It should fix the issue.

NOTE (Semaphore Kernel users) : Fortunately auto brightness works well with this kernel, thank stratosk for the auto brightness driver!

"Just because you`re running the latest OS, does not mean your phone magically doubles in RAM and gains an extra core, IT WILL LAG SOMETIMES, no software can fix that." (PaulForde said it )

Please show your appreciation by donating a beer to the devs or supporting them in any way you can.

Donation Page :

Thanks and Credits :

I took the time to write this tutorial because it`s the least I can do to give something back to the community.

If you followed every step in this tutorial it is highly unlikely to fail this, only if you can`t read English properly.

If you found this tutorial helpful just press “Thanks” .

Good Luck !
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13th February 2012, 06:48 PM |#2  
Junior Member
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Thanks mate, very helpful. Helped when SuperOneClick didn't work!
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13th February 2012, 07:03 PM |#3  
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Nice tut, should be stickied.
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14th February 2012, 09:01 AM |#4  
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many thanks, very clear
14th February 2012, 10:42 PM |#5  
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when i was a noob to all this, i found that too many guides assumed you had already been used to flashing, so its a little late in the game for me, but this is a fine guide, wonderful work!!
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15th February 2012, 10:18 AM |#6  
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Awesome tutorial...Thanks
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16th February 2012, 08:06 AM |#7  
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I've just armed my SGS from Gingerbread 2.3.5 to ICS using this thread. Clear step-by-step guidance.

My phone now is ready for second live

Thank you @psyqiq
16th February 2012, 04:46 PM |#8  
Junior Member
Flag Perth, West Australia
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Great write up. It will help me out a lot. Only thing I can think of that might also help us noobs out is an explanation of how and what we might want to backup before doing the flash. This would make this thread the ultimate flashing guide for dummies.

I've flashed another rom previously but lost a lot of stuff I would like to have kept like sms's, photos, emails and settings (wifi passwords & settings, ect). I still don't no how to keep my emails and settings but XDA has helped figure out the other stuff.

A couple of questions also, does the sim card and/or sd card need to be removed to do this flash? This is something I've read in other guides.

Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk
16th February 2012, 05:27 PM |#9  
OP Senior Member
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SuperRoo it is not needed to remove the sim card and neither the external_sd, it would have been mentioned in the tut. As for the backups it`s impossible to backup everything from settings to apps etc...and restore them into ICS in such a way that everything would work. Restoring stuff from GB to ICS brings incompatibilities unfortunately so it is best to redo all those settings you had on the GB Rom rather than restoring them from a backup.
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16th February 2012, 07:04 PM |#10  
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verry good tutorial. tnx
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