Unhappy Problem about storage and haptic feedback

Hello everyone. I have 2 problems about SS Wifi 5.0.

1. I'm just bought SS Wifi 5.0 yesterday and I put my 16gb micro-sd card to it.

After that I download Asphalt 6 from market and install, but when I download data form gameloft. It download to internal memory(5.01gb in SS WIFI) not my micro-sd.

I want to download data to my sd-card not internal memory. Can I download it to my sd-card ?

2. My haptic feedback doesn't work (I check box it and set Vibration intensity as max value ). I try to factory reset and check Vibration intensity is not set.

How can I solve 2 problems?, Thanks everyone.

P.S. My device is 2.3.6 and have physical home button

Sorry if my English is bad