Post Supported flash memory, mouse and keyboard for viewpad7

In the name of Allah
hi Guys

In this project we plan to build a USB memory device to support your side to teach.

Note: This training is for devices which they subdued the \mnt directory is available from Media and in / (root) directories USB is available.
Note 2: Please look carefully at the pictures.
Note 3: Carefully pin must be soldered.
Tools needed:
1 - Cutter *
2 - soldering iron (soldering tin and oil) *
3 - Multi-meter *
4 - A Mini USB Cable A male over a female over USB (cable number one) *
5 - Cable A Male to Mini USB A male to USB (cable number two) *

Part I:
Well I'll start training. I get about two cables. Mini USB cable, disconnect the Number Two

Part II:
Note: The colors of the wires and connect them to each pin carefully.
Now the body with a Mini USB cable cutter carefully open.
Tip two: you can take the body. The body is forced open. To see the second picture.

Part III:
A four-wire cable sheathing removed and separated from:

Part IV:
Note: (yellow = white)
Second point: (brown = black)
Third: (red = orange)
Tip four: (blue = green)
Now, slowly, carefully connect the wires to make the Mini USB port, so that the pin does not hurt.

Part V:
You can solder wires to each pin to pin point.
Pin 1: Red or Orange Wire
Pin 2: Green or blue
Pin # 3: black or brown
Pins 4 and 5: First, solder the two pins (4, 5) connected to the white or yellow wire to pin 4 Solder.(jumper 4 in 5)

Part VI:
Note: Pin up your horn with multi-meters that are not connected.
Cable Manufacturing Success. Now to your machine and try it out.

For Sony phone ( Xperia , .... )

Hussein Habibi Juybary