Exclamation [Q] Rezound help

Hello New here, but I am good with this stuff just new as an XDA member. So here is my issue. I have a rooted Rezound stock Rom, but it is on the original software so it is missing the very first OTA which was a firmware update. Now I have the leaked RUU which I have flashed on another Rezound but later bricked flashing a kernel. SO I have a new one rooted with original software again. My question is I have Hansoon2000's All-In_One-Root program. If I flash the RUU again(which causes me to loose root) in order to update my firmware and radio version and be up to date in order to flash newer roms. Only I have lost root, so is it possible to root after flashing up to the New OTA formware? Does Hansoon's root tool work on the newer software. Much appreciated I feel this is pretty clear so let me know if I need to explain anything further. Heard this is a great community so I'm excited to be here and look forward to learning more.