Right i am going to try and use Rev Hboot and see if i can use the Goldcard trick to pull the MMC0 / MMC1 and use a hex editor to change the CID which is to do with the SIM Lock and see if i can change it.

If i can i will post a new Topic with howto!

Edit: Now my phone was S-Off'd by XTC but i have managed to return it to S-On it also ment that my CID was 11111111 now its HTC__001 which should mean locked i think.

So i will just test to go back from HTC__001 to 11111111 and all you need is Alphrev or Rev Hboots to get S-Off temp.
Retired Mobile: HTC Wildfire (Buzz) Hboot: 1.02.000 (Superversion)
SecureFlag: On (Was Off'd with XTC Clip)
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New Mobile: HTC Desire HD
SecureFlag: Off Via XTC Clip (I love my clip its so nice!)
Rom: Pacman Rom
Recovery: 4EXT

New Device:

Advent Nvidia Note 7 Tegra 4
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