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[ROM][CDMA]CM9 - Built for R800x - U:0605

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By paxChristos, Retired Forum Moderator on 10th April 2012, 12:41 AM
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As aGraceful has been mentioning, Here is the CM9 thread dedicated to the R800x.

What it is:
We (myself, aGraceful or anybody else who's interested) will port FXP with every new release that comes out.

I (or if anybody else is interested) will be building & uploading a new version (from source) about mid-week (between FXP release) with the newest CM9 updates.

What it is not:
Neither myself, aGraceful, or anybody else who contributes claim any thing special about the code. Either FXP built it (if it's a port) or it's code from Cyangenmod/Koush/freexperia or anybody else who has contributed to the CM9/Android repos.
Starting 2012 June 06 -- I am using my own device tree and vendor tree to build this, so it should work better with wifi than FXP's builds.

Now, onto the good stuff.
What Works:
MMS (thanks chrono!)

What Doesn't Work:
Bluetooth Media Audio (Thanks chrono!)
Video Recording (Thanks Neoandgeo for pointing that one out)
Facebook account syncing (Thanks DoubleByte) -- Note facebook account syncing looks like it's a problem within 4.0 framework...

Anything else that doesn't work, lemme know, I'll add it to the list.

FXP Changelog: changelog for fxp

Link to All Downloads
What's in it:

1) agraceful's port of FXP 115 116 117 (Current as of 04/22) I'm gonna stop hosting FXP ports through my mediafire, look to agraceful for those
2) -- contains Atarii's wifi/gamepad fix & 216monster's mms/carrier name fix
3) My latest build from source (newest date in the title)
4) Older builds
5) Copy of the libs I use for porting, If you're interested in trying to bring another ROM to our phone, these cover mostly everything) dev corner with some libs if you're interested in porting something.

Steps to do a install:
1) Download & copy to sdcard
2) reboot recovery,
4) wipe dalvik/cache
5) install from sdcard.

Steps to do a 100% clean install (we're talking if all else fails try this option)
1) Reboot into recovery, MAKE A NANDROID, wipe the 3 major things (data/cache/dalvik)
2) Turn off your phone & connect it in fastboot mode.
3) enter this fastboot erase system (this will erase the /system partition, insuring a clean install)
4) boot into recovery
5) install from zip.

Thanks to Ridder215215, a complete guide on how to install CM9 (just replace the link in line 2 with the link above)

As everybody knows, Flashing roms can lead to issues with your phone. When you decide to flash something, you are taking the responsibility for your phone working into your own hands.

Google apps:
or market app:

Rom Update: 2012 April 11

1) Latest CM9 fixes.
2) Gamepad fix added in.
3) Wifi fix is included
4) Kernel is included in the zip this time, so no need to download two separate things :P

Test update: 2012 April 11

Uploaded a xLoud test version for y'all to try out. Please tell me how well it works for you guys! (If it makes a big enough difference, I'll change out dspmanager for it)
1) Added in xLoud framework (kinda, I think we're missing stuff from framework.jar/framework-res.apk so it doesn't show up in menu-> sound settings) ALSO: It's having an issue with wrong UID (settingsProvider.apk issue) so when I get around to it, i'll tear apart some things and see if it can't be ported.
2) Removed DSP manager

Kernel Update; 2012 April 14
Uploaded a new kernel for people to test out
Enabled governors:

Enabled IO Schedulers:

Disabled ALS (Thank Keiran)

Sources are FXP's ( All I did was tweak some minor stuff

Rom Update 2012 April 15
1) Latest CM Sources
2) No xLoud tweaks
3) Wifi fix built in (will be from now on)
4) Gamepad fix built in (will be from now on)
5) Set mmc to "12" in apns-conf.xml (should fix any mms issues, if it doesn't I'll change it to 5)

Kernel uploaded yesterday will still work (am using it right now)

Kernel Update (2012 April 18)
Uploaded a new kernel built from DooMLoRD's Sources (see links above) with wifi modules included (so you won't have to flash 'em) -- NOTE: THIS ONE WILL BREAK H/W DECODING.

Rom Update (2012 April 19)
Uploaded a new version.
1) Latest cm9 fixes
2) Tried adding some of the info from brainard52's post into the apns-conf.xml it it doesn't work, follow the instruction in his post (thanks brainard52!)

Rom Update (2012 April 21)
Uploaded a new version
1) Latest cm9 fixes
{in case mms is still not fixed 2) Tried adding some of the info from brainard52's post into the apns-conf.xml it it doesn't work, follow the instruction in his post (thanks brainard52!)
Why? Because 8 hours and still no upload from FXP, so I felt like uploading one

Rom Update (2012 April 25)
Uploaded a new version
1) Latest cm9 fixes
2) Included KeiranFTW's latest DFK-CM9 kernel in the zip, because well, it works. best. way to go keiran!
3) Made sure that ro.board is zeus, not zeusc (once again, thanks Keiran!)

Rom Update (2012 April 29)
1) Latest CM9 Fixes
2) zipalign in /system/xbin
3) OI File Manager From OpenIntents
4) Network Name fix from 216Monster!

Rom Update (2012 May 03)
1) Latest CM9 fixes
2) Change in baseband libs to .57.
Sorry, not too much this time, I got distracted with the 2.3.4 update & got to it late

Rom Update (2012 May 05)
Added Codename-Android to the download list. If you like tweaks, enjoy. Codename Android has it's own thread

Rom Update (2012 May 06)
1) Latest CM9 fixes... including theme manager! (but no themes, yet)

Rom Update (2012 May 09)
1) Latest CM9 fixes

Rom Update (2012 May 12)
1) Latest CM9 Fixes (sorry, nothing big this update, busy)
2) Also packaged latest DFK in zip

Rom Update (2012 June 6)
1) Been a little while hasn't it
2) Latest CM9 fixes
3) Kernel included was built from source as part of CM's new "inline kernel building" (FXP's kernel)
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10th April 2012, 12:42 AM |#2  
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As Brainard52 Suggested,

1) Download a working kernel for CM9 (it's in download links, included with FXP zip & stand-alone (will be fixed next update))
2) extract kernel from where ever you downloaded it to where ever fastboot is (unless you add fastboot to $path in windows or /bin||/usr/bin||etc in linux)
3) type the following command "fastboot -i 0x0fce flash boot <name of boot.img>

Linux users:
If you create a file,, put this in it
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR(idVendor)=="0fce", mode=="0666", GROUP="plugdev",
chmod it to 644 (r+w) & copy it to /etc/udev/rules.d/ you never need to use -i again! (for your play)


Original FXP Thread:

Team Darkforest CM9 Kernel:


In case you want to try out building from source, read this link:

Note: KeiranFTW forgets one major thing in his post, he assumes that somebody will only do it once! If you plan on doing it more than once, then for every git clone you do (msm-7x30, zeus, zeus-common in device/semc/ & vendor/semc/) you should go through and do a git pull everytime you wanna rebuild source (knowing Keiran, he probably just made a script for it :P )

If you want to build a kernel from source download this text file:
Kernel Tutorial! (Note: In it I use FXP sources, if you wanna Doom/Keiran just change the git url inside to their kernel sources)

Courtesy of CrimsonKnight13, Here is a list of apps that are a good addition to CM9
Originally Posted by CrimsonKnight13

Here's my list of preferred apps over stock CM9/ICS

ConnectBot > Terminal Emulator
Dolphin Browser HD (newest has an ICS-ish look) > Browser (Chrome)
exDialer w/ ICS Theme AC > Phone
Play Music > Music
SuperSU > Superuser
APEX Launcher > Trebuchet
Swiftkey 3 Beta (has a very ICS look) > Default keyboard
OpenExplorer Beta > File Explorer (from any ICS/CM9 iteration)
Alarm Clock Plus > Clock

I'm adding a poll on top to see what people want included. If an app is a paid app, then don't even think about asking for it to be added.

For future reference, I'm going to include here how to use logcat (android debugging tool.)
There are two main ways to do a logcat, within android and through adb.
Logcat within android can be installed by a logcat app:
Two good examples are either: aLogcat or Catlog
I prefer catlog, because in my opinion it has a little bit nicer UI. Both of these programs can dump their logs to a txt file, which is very useful for debugging.

On the other hand, using adb to run logcat, in my opinion is much more useful, because you can start using it when android boots (i.e. once the boot animation appears.)

The code for logcat is
adb logcat > name of problem.txt
you can also do
adb logcat -f name of problem.txt
how I prefer to do it is this way:
adb logcat -v long > name of problem.txt
with the -v flag & the long argument, it changes output to long style, which means every line of logcat will be on its own line (makes it a little neater, imo)

Here's where using logcat (via adb makes life really easy)
Lets say you find a problem you're having after looking at a logcat.

For example:
When I was trying to use a different ramdisk, wifi wouldn't work so I got a logcat that's almost 1300 lines long (a lot of stuff happens in the background)

So if you search for an error in the logcat file (it's always e/ for error, f/ for fatal. those are the two main things that matter to me.)

D/dalvikvm(  871): GC_CONCURRENT freed 472K, 6% free 10224K/10823K, paused 1ms+6ms
V/AmazonAppstore.DiskInspectorServiceImpl(  871): Available blocks: 21981, Block size: 4096, Free: 90034176, Threshold: 5242880, withinThreshold? true
D/AmazonAppstore.UpdateService(  871): Received action: null from intent: Intent { }
W/AmazonAppstore.UpdateService(  871): Confused about why I'm running with this intent action: null from intent: Intent { }
D/dalvikvm(  890): GC_CONCURRENT freed 175K, 4% free 9375K/9671K, paused 2ms+3ms
V/AmazonAppstore.ReferenceCounter(  871): Reference (MASLoggerDB) count has gone to 0. Closing referenced object.
E/WifiStateMachine(  203): Failed to reload STA firmware java.lang.IllegalStateException: Error communicating to native daemon 
V/AmazonAppstore.UpdateService(  871): runUpdateCommand doInBackground started.
V/AmazonAppstore.UpdateService(  871): Running UpdateCommand: digitalLocker
V/AmazonAppstore.UpdateCommand(  871): Not updating key: digitalLocker from: 1334228488057
V/AmazonAppstore.UpdateService(  871): Finished UpdateCommand: digitalLocker
V/AmazonAppstore.UpdateService(  871): Running UpdateCommand: serviceConfig
V/AmazonAppstore.MASLoggerDB(  871): performLogMetric: Metric logged: ResponseTimeMetric [, build=release-2.3, date=Wed Apr 11 13:10:55 CDT 2012, count=1, value=1601.0]
V/AmazonAppstore.MASLoggerDB(  871): onBackgroundTaskSucceeded: Metric logged: ResponseTimeMetric [, build=release-2.3, date=Wed Apr 11 13:10:55 CDT 2012, count=1, value=1601.0]
W/CommandListener(  118): Failed to retrieve HW addr for eth0 (No such device)
D/CommandListener(  118): Setting iface cfg
D/NetworkManagementService(  203): rsp <213 00:00:00:00:00:00 0 [down]>
D/NetworkManagementService(  203): flags <[down]>
E/WifiStateMachine(  203): Unable to change interface settings: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to communicate with native daemon to interface setcfg - Cmd {interface setcfg eth0 0 [down]} failed with code 400 : {Failed to set address (No such device)}
W/PackageParser(  203): Unknown element under <manifest>: supports-screen at /mnt/asec/ Binary XML file line #16
D/wpa_supplicant(  930): wpa_supplicant v0.8.x
D/wpa_supplicant(  930): random: Trying to read entropy from /dev/random
D/wpa_supplicant(  930): Initializing interface 'eth0' conf '/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf' driver 'wext' ctrl_interface 'N/A' bridge 'N/A'
D/wpa_supplicant(  930): Configuration file '/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf' -> '/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf'
D/wpa_supplicant(  930): Reading configuration file '/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf'
D/wpa_supplicant(  930): ctrl_interface='eth0'
D/wpa_supplicant(  930): update_config=1
D/wpa_supplicant(  930): Line: 4 - start of a new network block
D/wpa_supplicant(  930): key_mgmt: 0x4
(mind you, that's 29 lines out of 1300ish, just for example)

I then could do the following with logcat:
adb logcat WifiStateMachine:E -v long > name of problem.txt
and this will only print out any errors associated with WifiStateMachine, and anything which is fatal, which makes it about a million times easier to figure out what's going on!

How this relates to xLoud. (or any other problem we have with future updates.)
Now, since xLoud is apparently causing all sorts of havoc including not granting root , screwing up volume & messing with equalizers, a logcat done the following way will help me immensely with figuring out how to go about fixing it:
adb logcat *:E -v long > name of problem.txt
will print out all errors, fatal exceptions (what causes android to crash) that happen with the xLoud (or any other risky) update.

my email (for sending me logcats):
Complaints, requests for add-ons, stupid questions, or anything else I feel like will be deleted upon receiving it. Logcats will not.
(If you wanna complain, request something or ask a stupid questions, that's why this thread is here)

Regarding Nightlies:


Everybody: Head on over here --

It's the nightly build for R800

UPDATE: Here is an file to automatically change any CM9 (AOSP ICS) based R800i download to work with the R800x (all thanks to KeiranFTW & Atarii for the fix)
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10th April 2012, 12:42 AM |#3  
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saved for future use
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10th April 2012, 12:48 AM |#4  
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Very nice.

Is the minmax governor in your kernel?
10th April 2012, 12:53 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by CrimsonKnight13

Very nice.

Is the minmax governor in your kernel?

No, I have not messed with the kernel yet, after I get all the kinks out of my builds, I might start working with the kernel source.

10th April 2012, 01:03 AM |#6  
CrimsonKnight13's Avatar
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Originally Posted by paxChristos

No, I have not messed with the kernel yet, after I get all the kinks out of my builds, I might start working with the kernel source.


Your ROM & kernel will be my templates for my own. Finding time will be the issue...
10th April 2012, 01:13 AM |#7  
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Bluetooth Media Audio is also broken. Connects to phone audio fine, but media audio plays out of phone speakers.

EDIT: MMS does work as long as the verizon APN is set. I think Chevy includes it as part of his package, because I haven't had to manually set it since 112.
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10th April 2012, 01:55 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by crono141

Bluetooth Media Audio is also broken. Connects to phone audio fine, but media audio plays out of phone speakers.

Indeed, I confirmed this in the GSM CM9 Thread. I was watching my logcat as I connected my headphones up, you get a message from the AudioManager during the BT setup that it is changing things and routing audio to the speaker, which is clearly wrong.

It's coming from two separate processes though, so I gotta dust off my regex skillz to write a regex that'll pull in the messages from the BT process and the AudioManager process.
10th April 2012, 02:12 AM |#9  
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Whohoo! Welcome everyone! Anything cm9 cdma related put here instead of the fxp thread from now on since they won't pick us up for about another few months or so. Other then the obvious common sense things like being decent and patient with each other, it's time to bang our heads together and make our plays eat some ics!
10th April 2012, 03:24 AM |#10  
Thanks Meter: 7
Will be installing right now. Will let you know what I find (if anything)
10th April 2012, 03:25 AM |#11  
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ohh i know, get xloud working so i can actually hear my phone ring and notification sounds play and alarm go off. ^_^

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