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GPS i really need it?

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I think the main point is that GPS can be substituted by wifi/3g, however, in many circumstances people need/want to use GPS where this is no data (on the road often). If using offline navigation such as copilot, the addition of GPS that actually works efficiently without data is paramount.

As such, this dongle is free, so claim it while you can (it expires in 3 months)!
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Personally, I don't use gps at all, but if I have a right to an "addition" for free, even if I would not use it right now?! Damn sure I'll go for it.
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Originally Posted by rorytmeadows View Post
Who cares?

If the problem is solved because Wifi assists the GPS in finding a lock, then who cares? GPS in small devices isn't always going to work. I learned that 10 years ago when they sold only GPS USB dongles and it took forever to get a good lock. Turning Wifi on takes care of the issue.

I'm sorry, I don't aim to be mean or anything, but this is ridiculous. It's semantics. If it works, it works. Is the world going to end because you have to turn on Wifi to lock quicker?

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Why do you only use GPS when connected to WiFi?

Do you ever use your GPS when on the road, boat, train or at best, tethered? Google's SSID mapping doesn't help in either of those situations and is the reason I would like the GPS that I paid for to work.

Your attitude, while fine for helping you make peace with disappointing purchases is good.. for you. Some of us value our money and if we are going to spend $500 for a piece of aluminum and glass, we would like it to perform as we expected it to when we made the buying decision.
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I don't really use GPS on my tablet, unless I'm sitting in a building with WiFi. So I don't really care, because I will also have my phone and a PC available 90% of the time (and always a phone). Times when I really need to know e.g. what frakking road I'm on, I use my phone. I'd consider a tablet if it had HSPA+ and my car came with the mount ^_^. But in simple reality, when I'm really in need of decent GPS = a 10" tablet is to big!

I have however, applied for the kit. Mainly because I'd like it just in case, and if I ever sell my tablet to someone who cares about GPS capability. Honestly I care much more that ASUS is doing this - I'm happy to be an ASUS customer again, not that I've ever really been unhappy to be.

My past handsets (A)GPS would generally go to seed the moment I got to far away from Atlanta, and e.g. be totally useless once crossing the boarder into Tennessee. Yet last road trip I took: my old TF101...freaking thing hadn't been hooked up to WiFi since leaving Duluth, GA, and was able to peg me within 10-20m of the bed room I was staying in. Friends place had a wireless router that wasn't hooked up. My phone? Bloody useless with data+wifi+gps on and still driving up I-75. Using a cell phone for a GPS device is handy but ahem, if it's important: I know what I'm doing before I get there, and rely on GPS as a precautionary check that I didn't take a wrong turn.

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Originally Posted by xGary View Post
That is stupid. Do you work for ASUS? If the tablet didn't have a camera would I still have bought it? Yes. But if I bought it and they told me "lol the camera is actually fake, we didn't think you would use it." then would I give them hell for it? Yes. As far as I know, people use gps on their phones for turn by turn without internet and it works fine. So I am not sure what you mean by gps won't always work in small devices. As far as I am concerned the TFP is bigger than many GPS devices on the market.

BTW, there is a difference between needing wifi to get a faster lock (aka AGPS) versus using wifi to triangulate one's position (aka the internet). I don't get what your deal is that just because you don't use the gps on the tablet then you think that it is absurd. If no one uses it then why did they put gps on the tablet in the first place? Why does Apple put gps on their 3G iPads if no one uses them?

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That is tragic. Looks like the modern era is actually degrading. I guess eventually we will have to connect our phones to a cable to make a phone call and then start writing each other letters. Looks like we rather burn the battery and data on our phone unlike the abnormal people who have phones with gps that actually receives signals from satellites rather than using wifi to triangulate the position.

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Yea you personally don't. But don't talk for others.
Just stating my opinion as does everyone else

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I think it's ridiculous to NEED wifi alongside GPS. It should just work. My Galaxy S II gets a GPS lock in seconds, all location services are always off and unless I'm at home, wifi is off. My Prime's GPS doesn't work, but I don't really care. I ordered my dongle just cause I'd like to be able to use it if I need to. Not necessary though. Sure, if I need to use wifi it doesn't make me upset, I just don't think navigation should depend on it. Oh well.
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Simply put, it was advertised as GPS, not aGPS, as such it was false advertising.

Split hairs all you want, rationalize your way through crappy purchases, but I buy things with certain expectations, I like my 10 inch screen for GPS, it makes a large difference when you are in the middle of an Oregon forest and need to see where you are.
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The final comment (as of this post) in there is the most hilarious:

I think the most succinctly that I can sum this up is:

GPS on a tablet is useless until you don't have it.

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