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Are HD2's buttons fragile?

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Originally Posted by phoenixdown331 View Post
I've had mine 2 years now, and with heavy use (especially on the power and back button) I've never had any issues.
Exactly, I don't understand the issues everyone is constantly talking about, to be honest. No, the buttons are not fragile and no, they don't wear out quickly. However, the panic spread by those who were for whatever reason unlucky to have problems creates a myth and everyone looks for a solution to the non-existent issue. I never had an HD2 in for buttons repair and believe me, I had seen a lot of phones of all brands with various things.
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I agree ^ The buttons are not fragile at all, the coating on top does wear out over time but it is not a big thing...
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I agree with enigma1nz too. I've had my phone for just over two years. I've now been able to stay on a ROM longer then a week (finally) but have done many many flashes of everything the HD2 has to offer. I have never had a problem with my phone at all. Just take care of your phone. Dont put a lot of pressure on it or bring it in the bathroom while you shower, clean it ever once in awhile, perhaps keep it in a gel skin and if you can buy a clear-coat screen protector to cover the whole phone and you will have a great looking and 100% functional phone for long to come. You can't even tell my phone is over two years old and for a cell phone thats pretty damn old. lol.
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Yes ,you are righ.HD2's buttons is quitely fragile.
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Originally Posted by gtbluesky View Post
...HD2's buttons is quite fragile.
Have to agree. I bought my HD2 used and it's obvious the previous owner used the power button a lot. Enough that I had to remove the Windows Phone 7 ROM I had on mine because it relies on the power button a great deal and it's simply become too intermittent. Checked with a couple local cell repair shops in the area and replacing the keypad flex cable, which is the likely culprit and prone to failure, will be $75-100. Getting to that part is quite labor intensive.
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I also have one question, this thread is perfect for me I can say. I had 2 of them and both had hardware issues few months after varranty has been expired, so that was close to 500€ i throwed away.

I am in love with HTC phones, I said to myself that I will never have another HD2, and I have changed a lot op phones, last one was Desire HD and right now I am using ARC which is horrible for me, not so many good ROM-s and generally only HDMI output is good on this phone. I have a chance to replace ARC for HD2, guy never had anything except winmo on it and he has never did any experiment widt nand or something. I wonder now since my last 2 phones had buttons problems power and vol down were broken, is there any touch based recovery available because I love that feature.

Back then when I had this phone there wasnt an option for Meego or windows 7 so I would like to take this phone again but I have a very big fear of it.

And I also had problems with CPU overheating and stops responding, especcialy youtube clips etc, is this fixed recently....

Plase can you help me with some advices.
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Hey use button savour from market

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Originally Posted by bartoloandre98 View Post
Hey use button savour from market

Sent from my SGS2 powered by OxygenICS by Adamg

they said for this app

Top 1 Software key App on Android Market
Top 10 Must have app for root devices
Top 1 Must have app on HTC HD2
Top 1 Software key app with best customization features
Works from 1.5 to 4.0(ICS)

Guess that is for the reason

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Try either
1. Zmooth or
2. Button savior

Been using zmooth for so long now.... Can't even think of android without it....

In wp7... You can change button configuration inside the settings.. I use the middle hard key also as back button.... If only wp7 too gets something like Zmooth or some sfw keys, then it will be double the fun
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I've bought mine with half broken back hw button. U can't feel the "click" when u press it, but hey it still does the job n works even better without the click IMO
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