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[KITCHEN][06/05] UOT Kitchen (Ultimate Online Theme Kitchen) version 4.0

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UOT themes suddently kills my status bar for some reason, the files i put in was a deodex framework-res.apk and a deodex systemui.apk. I know that its probably a UOT bug because i have used theses same deodex framework-res.apk and deodex systemui.apk before to theme and it worked great, until a couple days ago and no i have not made any changes to the deodex systemui.apk. when i flash the zip theme filed that UOT created it killed my status bar. Now since i am one of the Dev's of a ROM that has over 100 users i know that the systemui.apk is connected to the status bar. So anyway i decompiled the systemui.apk that was in the UOT zip fiel that killed the status bar and i have come to find that nothing is in the decompiled systemui.apk except for the smali folder and the android.xml text file. NOTHING else is in the decompiled apk no values folder no strings.xml files no drawable folders no nothing except for the smali folder and android.xml text file. Has anyone else had this problem before????
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Hello, i've got an SHTF error and want to post my log here, so i hope anybody could help me.

I have a HUAWEI U8860 Smartphone with "rooted" STOCK-ROM GB 2.3.6 (U8860V100R001DEUC00B870), Screen with data is here:

Click image for larger version

Name:	20120418232546.jpeg
Views:	154
Size:	148.6 KB
ID:	1012218

I want to use the Battery-Mod (Custom Battery) and uploaded the "framework-res.apk" and "SystemUI.apk" files.

My UOT file name is: UOT-04-18-22-02-3 and the error log:

Error log: UOT-04-18-22-02-3-SHTF.txt
Decompiling framework-res.apk UOT-04-18-22-02-3
I: Loading resource table...
I: Loaded.
I: Decoding file-resources...
I: Decoding values*/* XMLs...
I: Done.
I: Copying assets and libs...
Decompiling SystemUI.apk UOT-04-18-22-02-3
I: Framework installed to: /root/apktool/framework/1.apk
I: Baksmaling...
I: Loading resource table...
I: Loaded.
I: Loading resource table from file: /root/apktool/framework/1.apk
I: Loaded.
W: Could not decode attr value, using undecoded value instead: ns=android, name=theme, value=0x02060002
I: Decoding file-resources...
I: Decoding values*/* XMLs...
I: Done.
Can't find framework resources for package of id: 2. You must install proper framework files, see project website for more info.
Compiling framework-res.apk UOT-04-18-22-02-3
W: Could not find sources
I: Building resources...
I: Building apk file...
Compiling SystemUI.apk UOT-04-18-22-02-3
I: Framework installed to: /home/uot/apktool/framework/1.apk
Exception in thread "main" brut.androlib.AndrolibException: brut.directory.PathNotExist: apktool.yml
at brut.androlib.Androlib.readMetaFile(Androlib.java: 142)
at brut.androlib.Androlib.build(Androlib.java:159)
at brut.androlib.Androlib.build(Androlib.java:154)
at brut.apktool.Main.cmdBuild(Main.java:182)
at brut.apktool.Main.main(Main.java:67)
Caused by: brut.directory.PathNotExist: apktool.yml
at brut.directory.AbstractDirectory.getFileInput(Abst ractDirectory.java:103)
at brut.androlib.Androlib.readMetaFile(Androlib.java: 138)
... 4 more
I hope anybody could help me! THX
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Hi,i have a SHTF error, i have a galaxy Ace with SGSII v.7.2 http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1453165

I've tried uploading SystemUI.apk, framework-res.apk, and also twframework-res.apk.

here is the error log http://uot.dakra.lt/viewlog.php?data...ItU0hURi50eHQ=

now what will happen? it will appear fixed with the same name in the pickup page or what? thank you for the attention
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Originally Posted by Frendzleech View Post
pls reply guys.I am using stock rom[original rom]
Did you upload your twframework-res.apk?

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Are there any plans to make the kitchen compatable with the htc one x running 1.28.401.9. Would really love a percentage battery mod.
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Originally Posted by bobsie41 View Post
Are there any plans to make the kitchen compatable with the htc one x running 1.28.401.9. Would really love a percentage battery mod.
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Question Great service, but a minor glitch on my phone

Hi Team,

UOT Kitchen is a great service for customization on stock roms (I stay on stock for stability and smoothness).

I am using Samsung Galaxy R (GT I9103), stock Taiwan rom (2.3.6), stock kernel. I have applied battery and icons customization - selected battery style D and hybrid for charging, and black status bar icons, color pack v8 animated. I uploaded framework-res.apk, SystemUI.apk, and twframework-res.apk from my stock rom, and selected 'Galaxy' under type, to cook the customization.

My order number is UOT-04-20-15-31-1 (uploaded with the post for your reference). I have applied the UOT file using CWM. Everything runs smoothly and is amazing. However, I face the following issues:

1. When I turn-on Wi-Fi, animation of my GSM signal icon reverts back to stock. And then I turn Wi-Fi off, it reverts to the animated icon of the theme pack . Is this normal, if not, how can it be corrected?
2. My idle screen has a PIN lock. Before applying the customization, the transparency of my PIN lock screen was awesome. However, since applying customization, the lock screen seems to have a tint of white - it has become more opaque than before, if I can put it that way. Is this normal, or any way to correct this?

Attached Files
File Type: zip UOT-04-20-15-31-1.zip - [Click for QR Code] (4.92 MB, 4 views)
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Default Help with Battery Mod - Skyrocket

I tried making a battery mod for the alien ICS #7 rom using the kitchen. I uploaded the files from the rom required and generated the zip. I boot in CW and apply the zip, but do not get the change. Everything is the same even though in CW I wiped the delvic and regular cache. zip created was UOT-04-20-17-38-2.zip Any ideas? I love the rom except I would like to add the different battery.

Thank you!
Attached Files
File Type: zip UOT-04-20-17-38-2.zip - [Click for QR Code] (5.81 MB, 3 views)
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Thank you!
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I would like to know if UOT is forking for ICS roms?? And what files to upload!
Anyone managed to work with ICS?

Thank you.

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