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 View Poll Results: Should I trade my Amaze 4G for a Galaxy Nexus?

Yes, it's a justified trade!
9 Vote(s)
No, keep the Amaze!
22 Vote(s)
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HTC Amaze 4G vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

19th April 2012, 08:19 AM |#1  
adslee's Avatar
OP Senior Member
Flag Scarborough
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Hey guys, I've seen a lot of threads about our Amaze vs the SGS2, but not a whole lot about our Amaze vs the Galaxy Nexus. I could get a swap pretty easily, but I'm still on the fence about this, so I made a little list of reasons for and against the swap. I also want the opinions of my fellow Amaze users so your input is much appreciated!

Reasons to stay with the Amaze 4G

- the camera is MUCH better than the Galaxy Nexus, no contest there.
- the Galaxy Nexus has no microSD slot!
- the Amaze 4G is going to get the ICS update eventually, and with that, probably CM9 and more development
- the Amaze 4G has much better build quality
- the Amaze 4G has the option of HTC Sense ROMs for those who prefer it

Reasons to switch to the Galaxy Nexus

- the camera is inferior, however, it's still a decent camera that can replace your basic point and shoot
- 16 GB of storage is enough for most people, it may be inconvenient, but it can be bearable
- the Galaxy Nexus already has ICS, and since it's a world phone, it also has a much bigger development base
- the Galaxy Nexus sacrifices build quality for thinness and lightness, which some may prefer
- even though the screen is a pentile display, many may prefer the SAMOLED and higher resolution screen on the Galaxy Nexus over the SLCD screen on the Amaze
- it's a Google phone, meaning that it will most likely get the latest firmware updates (might even get to see Jellybean!)
- there are no soft keys, which means no soft key bleed problem so you'll have keys that are actually given a chance to light up (a problem that shouldn't have existed in the first place)


- the Amaze is clocked at 1.5 GHz and the GNexus at 1.2 GHz, but it does not necessarily mean that the Amaze is faster. In fact, while playing games and running apps, I actually found the GNexus to run a tiny bit faster than the Amaze, but in other cases, the Amaze seems to out-perform the GNexus by a little bit, so the speed difference between the two CPUs is not as big as you think and may even be considered negligible
- both phones have a multi-coloured notification LED
- put yourself in my shoes, if you were offered a straight-up trade, your Amaze 4G for a (like) brand-new Galaxy Nexus, what would you do?

What do you folks think? I love the camera on the Amaze but the handset's shortcomings are really beginning to bother me. To be honest, if I had known that HTC wasn't as developer-friendly as they claimed to be, I wouldn't have picked the Amaze up, but at the same time, the Galaxy Nexus also has its fair share of weaknesses.
19th April 2012, 12:49 PM |#2  
xxquicksh0txx's Avatar
Senior Member
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I would have to keep my Amaze, simply because I found myself changing between aosp and sense Roms on my incredible. And since that it right around the corner...

I like sense too much to completely get rid of it, sometimes I do need a break from it though.

Sent from my HTC_Amaze_4G using XDA
19th April 2012, 01:29 PM |#3  
rubyman94's Avatar
Senior Member
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I would accept the trade man. Hands down the nexus the device to get because of the support from google.
19th April 2012, 02:08 PM |#4  
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I've always wanted to try the galaxy nexus... Skeptical though since its built by Samsung. :screwy:

Sent from my HTC Ruby running Android Revolution HD
19th April 2012, 03:44 PM |#5  
EclipzeRemix's Avatar
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Eh, I don't like Samsung phones, and there is always something I don't like from the nexus phones......

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19th April 2012, 03:50 PM |#6  
Senior Member
Flag illinois
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It's a fair trade, I'll just mention 2 things, you can't un-see the pentile layout, once you notice, you'll always notice, and yes... it IS noticeable (but bearable on 720).

also, Amoled screens burn in, so 6 months from now you'll have some solid color spashscreen on the phone, and notice that you can see your softkeys hinted inside of it, I know 3 people with the GNex, and it's already happening to them.

As mentioned the camera is decent, but not as good as the Amaze.

Jellybean will be on it VERY shortly after being released. It comes with PURE aosp, and CM9 will have no bugs other than ones caused by modifications to AOSP... The Amaze CPU is faster, but with a 3.0 kernel and ICS, the GNex is quicker for most things.

I love my Amaze, and the second I can have AOSP ICS and a 3.x kernel, I'd probably disagree with the trade, but for now, it's worth it.
19th April 2012, 03:55 PM |#7  
Senior Member
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I would stick with the Amaze. The point about the CPU difference will change greatly when the amaze gets ICS. GB isn't dual core optimised while ICS is.

The only thing that the GN has over the Amaze is official Google support and look how that turned out for the Nexus S and ICS... It took forever!
19th April 2012, 04:01 PM |#8  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by laggo

The only thing that the GN has over the Amaze is official Google support and look how that turned out for the Nexus S and ICS... It took forever!

But it had CM9 builds almost immediately, and it didn't take long for the international Nexus S. The SPH-D720 is hardly a Nexus phone, it's a carrier phone, it works only on sprint, it's sold in their storefronts, and was never a "developer" phone. Although it took a little while for the i9020a/t to get ICS, they had a fully working build pretty much immediately after AOSP ICS source dropped.

Nexus line is for developers, the support is there, so if they don't get Jellybean immediately from google, the community will have it obscenely fast.
19th April 2012, 06:47 PM |#9  
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I'd have to side with the other amaze users out there and say keep the amaze.

The thing is, I always figure the nexus line was supposed to be the best "average" phone for developers. It's not supposed to be the latest and greatest at everything, it's supposed to represent the average android smartphone at the time of its release, so that if someone develops an app, they know that it'll work with the vast majority of android users. There's gonna be phones better than it and phones worse than it
20th April 2012, 03:21 AM |#10  
coupetastic-droid's Avatar
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Originally Posted by rubyman94

I would accept the trade man. Hands down the nexus the device to get because of the support from google.

What it being a Google device gotta do with anything? My friends has the phone. Such and ugly wack device. Samsung should stick to TV's.
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