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News: HTC to retire QWERTY from its future plans

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No G3 then for sure. At least not a hw keyboard g3. This also means no mo HTC fo me
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This is sad, for sure...
I would like to upgrade, but I can't yet abandonned my DZ and it's great keyboard...
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I keep asking myself why HTC adapts this business strategy!? I get really frustrated bij touchscreen keyboards not doing what I want, while working with a QWERTY goes supersmooth...

It seems QWERTY is not for the mainstream anymore
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This is sad news indeed. I would love a One Z based on the X or S but with a keyboard.

To be fair to Samsung / Motorola though, we're comparing their current devices to HTC's newest generation. Give it a few months and then we can afford to be worried if Samsung or Motorola have not changed things up in the build department.

That said, If HTC is really bailing from the physical keyboard arena, I would love a g3 to be released by the new Google-owned Motorola. Unlocked, sleeker design and top quality hardware. Google branded too with stock ICS if we want to really dream.

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I'm sure Motorola won't abandon Droid/Milestone brand as they are truly known brand as opposed to HTC offerings. I doubt will see any changes to Motorola policies though as Google doesn't want to interfere and are actually looking into selling it, to Huawei as some rumors say...
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The 'HTC One' that I'd be waiting for would be an HTC One Z.

My main reason for going Android rather than Apple was decent keyboards, like my current Desire-Z.

The other one was replaceable batteries. I always have a spare battery tucked away in my wallet 'just in case'. I've only needed it about half a dozen times, but it sure has been vital on those occasions.

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Sadly this story appears to be legitimate. This article lists sources unlike the OP's one. All this info is from a HTC media event.
Also, HTC scraped plans for higher mAh batteries for the One models. Saddens me cause we could add those in ourselves with a T5 screwdriver and 5 minutes worth of work. Plus, their reasoning is just plain stupid.

I don't know about you guys but since Samsung has promised to move away from cheaper phone housings I may go with them (SGSIII) or even Motorola since they have qwerty models for now lol! I just can't support HTC anymore after this fiasco. We've had a nice almost 7 year period together (so no one can say I'm being silly) but I'm breaking up with this bitch! Ever hear of the 7 year itch? Well I've got it bad! Go f*ck yourself HTC!
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Because of you HTC this man tried to send a mail with one of those ****ty virtual keyboard !!!!

I couldn't make up my mind whether i should buy a One X or wait for a new HK device. They seem to have decided it for me but i'm really disappointed. I'm really tired that in all domain, money will always have the last word at the expense of users. Would it have been so hard to product a One Z ?!?
gee one
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Wow, you guys really like your keyboards. I keep telling myself that I should try using just the virtual keyboard for a week, but it's just so much faster to flip open the hardware keyboard. I'm not a big fan of the alt-number keystrokes on the vision, but it's certainly workable.

I'm not ready to kick HTC to the curb yet. I'm waiting for a phone that really stands out and has the right combination of features, even if it costs $800.
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Awww, that suxs! I'm hoping to replace my Desire Z within the next 3-4 months with another physical keyboard phone from them. Even if HTC reverse their decision down the track, it will take a good 6-7 months to bring out a good phone from scratch but that time I would have already got a replacement.

Anyhoo in saying that, I reckon that the least HTC can do for us is ask Qualcomm to release the camera source code to our talented developers here so they can develop custom ROMs with a full version of ICS. That should go a little way as a form of compensation for their crap business decision.

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