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LCD Mura

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mile high
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Just noticed my second LCD panel has a developed light 5mm mura spot.

Not as bad as last time.

Same area as last time. Lower left corner.

Would be interested to hear where other's have found their mura spots.
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I have a couple on my prime, towards the bottom of the screen in landscape - one is about 3mm by 2 mm the other about half that size - they do grate on your nerves once you can see them, especially as so much of what I do on my prime (kindle, email, word-processing, surfing the web) is against a white background. I've emailed ASUS and am looking into a RMA.
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I had the same problem, right in the center of the screen, one bigger spot and two smaller.
Sent my Prime to RMA a month ago, still waiting for it. Seems that he replacement screen is not so easy to find, in Europe.
BTW, they not considered it CID, and they will repair it under warranty.
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Default Update on my prime's RMA

My tablet is still in WB5 state for an RMA to fix 7 such bright spots. In multiple conversations with CSRs it was explained that other issues (unspecified) were detected after the repair, and the tablet is now waiting for some special components to be repaired.

I am still within 10-14 business days to repair period, so the RMA can not be esclated yet.

I regret having sent my tablet for LCD replacement. Will kepp posting any updates that I have.

I recall someone mentioning the below statement in some other forum...
"I hate apple. But atleast their Sh**t works and they support it"
How true!

FYI - I sent it to TEXAS repair center.
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WTF! Just noticed a mura starting to form.....ughh every time I am happy with my prime I find something that P***es me off with it. I really want to love this tablet. I feel like I am prime-bipolar. Some days I am prime-manic and some days I am prime-depressed. /Sigh Asus why do you toy with my electronic emotions?

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I'm noticing a 3rd spot develop on mine - begun the RMA process. I'm going to brace my self to be without my prime for at least a month. (I survived without it for 40 years, I'm sure I can go a month...)
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i had spots on my first prime (BCOK) but exchanged due to GPS (also had haptic feedback issue too).

Second prime (c10) has a couple spots in landscape about an inch from the bottom of the screen near the center. I have "kept an eye on it" as far as noticing it only when I'm really on a white background or anything. I usually use it for reading and/or taking notes on PDFs so I surprisingly haven't been bothered by it AT ALL. I actually forgot they were there until last week.

Anyways, if it gets any bigger or I get more spots, I'll send it in over the summer...
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i have a tiny 2mm area which is really white, when i have a whitish background. It is imposibble to tell though when i have other colours on the screen. My tablets serial number starts with a B so it was one of the earlier ones. It just randomly happened one day but its not that big of an issue
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i had 2, if in landscape they were just off center down and left, and a little further down and left like middle of lower left quadrant was the big 5-7mm one that really bothered me. Decided to eventually send it in they received unit march 26 was back in my hands april 13th ish (can't remember) i believe
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I don't know if this is my problem or not -- When I have a black/dark screen, I can see two areas that are whiter than the rest of the screen. It's not individual pixels but splotches. I do not notice it on white or any other color background? I haven't decided if I can live with it yet or not - still hoping it will just go away! If this isn't LCD Mura, what would you call it?
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