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Don't believe the hype

OP richard20260

22nd April 2012, 05:01 AM   |  #11  
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Sad you had such a terrible experience, and as some say, not everyone gets the same candy at the store...

On the contrary, I have mine since some time now and I can proudly say is the best HTC device I ever had!

@All: Letīs try to keep this discussion in peace and with respect please

Originally Posted by richard20260

Having owned the HTC One X since launch date in Thailand I have been to say the least unhappy with it. The main problems, are appalling call quality (sound), poor radio signal (WiFi frequently drops and 3G / HSDPA fails to kick in), terrible UK dictionary, quirky keyboard, horrendous battery life (6 - 7 hours on a good day). There is more but....

Anyway last night it slipped off the sofa on to the floor, and hey broken screen, all the HTC hype claims this is as good as indestructible. I've seen man drop tests and in washing machine, cars driving over it etc. and it coming out unscathed.

This is the worst device I have had in living memory. Today I will be taking it back to the dealer. Do I want a replacement? Frankly NO, but there again HTC can't get away with it so I will no doubt end up accepting a replacement then sell it immediately! What to get instead, that's the big question. The Galaxy Nexus I had before was a much better device in nearly all aspects, so if I can't see anything better then will probably get another Nexus.

22nd April 2012, 05:20 AM   |  #12  
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Hmm... HTC brand (or "internet marketing") are so successful, that even sharing an awful use experience becomes a sin. If anyone says any devices/roms/kernels/etc. are perfect, I'd say it's all hypocrap.
22nd April 2012, 05:42 AM   |  #13  
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I just got my one x this morning and I'm loving it. My screen had a yellowish tint to it but it either went away with use or I got used to it. Either way its a non issue for me. I also have no connection issues on att in the USA and have no build quality issues.

Great phone and happy to be along for the ride with our dev community

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22nd April 2012, 05:46 AM   |  #14  
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Originally Posted by LordLugard

So you "drop" your new toy and it breaks and it's HTC's fault, bla bla bla. You do know that water is wet, right?
Get a grip on reality please.

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Lol get a "grip" on reality

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22nd April 2012, 06:08 AM   |  #15  
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Thanks for adding "personal opinion" to your title OP. Everyone here is certainly entitled to one.

Someone on the GN forum was saying the One X is a piece of crap because it failed the 4' drop on its face.

The grass isn't always greener on the other side. (At 3:40)

22nd April 2012, 06:58 AM   |  #16  
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Thumbs down
I think this thread should be closed,.

I mean if you had such a bad unit doesn't mean you have to right to deem all of the units crap.

Seem like you're a flamer or like someone said, paid to badmouth the 1X

Go find yourself a lady boy or something and shutup!
22nd April 2012, 07:56 AM   |  #17  
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This thread is going nowhere

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