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[Q] Worth Buying?

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By SWFlyerUK, Senior Member on 21st April 2012, 04:08 PM
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So at my local store there is a deal on this thing, buy now, pay 6months later.

Is it worth buying? I've looked at the reviews and they are all pretty good, I like the touchwize element and the look of the Samsung customised apps on it.

I recently bricked my Sony Tablet S, so looking for something a little different until it's fixed!

Any ideas please?
21st April 2012, 04:13 PM |#2  
Ceelos09's Avatar
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Well overall, this is a pretty solid tablet. Best in class IMO.

But, that being said, it still has its quirks.
Not to mention no ICS (and we all question whether we'll get it or not)

Also, if u decide to get it, don't expect any AOSP (CM, AOKP, MIUI) for some time. Samsung isn't cooperating with us by withholding some important bits of source that we need.

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21st April 2012, 04:33 PM |#3  
OP Senior Member
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Thanks for the feedback, for me it's not about the ROM's, but the usage. Is it stable, fast, pretty lag free?

I can get it, use it under a 15day money back guarentee.
21st April 2012, 07:31 PM |#4  
Flag King's Lynn
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It's a great tablet. I've had an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy Tab (original 3G 7 inch) a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and now this, and this is the first one I have been completely happy with.

The hardware is similar to the SGS2, which means its smooth and fast, with sufficient battery life for all the travelling I do. The SGT10.1 had the rather poor Tegra2 chipset which I found quite disappointing, whereas the Xynos in the SGT7+ is fast and stable. The fact that it has a microSD slot is very important to me (The SGT10.1 lacked one and therefore if you got a 16GB one, you were stuck with about 13GB of storage).

At the moment it lacks ICS, but having been using ICS on my Galaxy Nexus for a couple of months, I can live with Honeycomb for now.

I'll be sticking with my SGT7+ for a while I think!
21st April 2012, 10:48 PM |#5  
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I'm happy with mine overall, but it does have a few issues that may be common to all firmware versions:

1. Bluetooth keyboard/mouse lag has been reported.
2. Analog audio output volume can be low/problematic (I always use a bt headset).
3. I've noticed network lag on every wifi AP I've connected to: 20-150ms fluctuating ping latency to LAN and Internet hosts. Other devices on my LAN, including my old Nook Color, get the expected sub-10ms pings to each other.

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22nd April 2012, 05:01 AM |#6  
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Flag Dallas, TX
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I enjoy this tablet.

I bought this for the 7" form factor. I think it works great. I use it for taking notes, or outlining ideas, along with lots of reading. Web, E-Book, work document review whatever... it works just fine. I also like it for a "second Screen" for podcasts while I'm browsing on my desktop PC.

Cons for me are it seems to warm up on the left side with heavy wifi use, and that is mildly annoying, but tolerable. Touch Wiz seemed to talk up a bunch of RAM and crash on me, I replaced it with Go Launcher HD and haven't had a problem since. I just wish I could ditch it completely.

As far as I can tell at this moment, there isn't a another 7" tablet with the same battery life, feature set, and price point. Ultimately that is why I picked one up.
22nd April 2012, 11:37 AM |#7  
OP Senior Member
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So TouchWiz isn't good on it?

It was one of the reasons why I'd buy it...
22nd April 2012, 04:03 PM |#8  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by SWFlyerUK

So TouchWiz isn't good on it?

It was one of the reasons why I'd buy it...

TouchWiz is fine on mine and on the other units I purchased for floor-use at the plant.

I have had nearly zero issues out of my 7+. Former iPad, Xoom, and Kindle Fire owner here, and the 7+ is easily the best tablet I have owned, TouchWiz included.
22nd April 2012, 05:25 PM |#9  
cbill702's Avatar
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Very Good Product, but...

I have had my SGT 7 plus for about a month, and it is my favorite of our five tablets, which include a Nook Color, a Xoom and 2 Transformer 102s; all of which have ICS. It works very smoothly and has all the power I need. However I do not do intensive gaming.

The screen image is bright and clear, and aside of a few force closures, most likely caused by apps mis-behaving, I have had no problems with the stock Honeycomb OS.

Regarding the negative comments about TouchWiz, I feel it has some nice features, but I do not feel the hidden app tray on the bottom of the screen is as handy as it would be if the apps were selectable (if they are I have not figured how).

In response to the comment about TouchWiz consuming a lot of power, I personally have not found that to be the case. To me it just seems to be a feature that is somewhat unobtrusively there if you want to use it (although I would be the first to admit I probably am not familiar with all the features).

Regarding power use in general, compared to my other tablets, my SGT 7 plus is very good. In fact, if I just close the screen, it barely sips power. Of course I am sure that is, in part, because of the way I have it set up.

There are a few things that I wish were different; such as the lack of a stand alone USB connector, and the use of a proprietary charge/usb connector. But to me that is really nitpicking in the overall scheme of things.

The only serious concern I have is the impact the soon to come out SGT 2 7" will have on our getting ICS in a timely manner. There is no doubt in my mind the SGT 7 plus is a better tablet, and an excellent value when bought at the $299 or less sales price even with the Honeycomb OS.

However, it does not have ICS, and presently there is no concrete information as to when/if Samsung will make it available; and, in my opinion, ICS is a much better O.S, so availability of ICS for the SGT 7 plus is a very important consideration in deciding which tablet to buy.

In my opinion, holding prospective and recent customers in limbo in this manner, as Samsung is presently doing, is a terrible way for a company to do business. There is no doubt in my mind the SGT 7 plus is a better built tablet, with more features than the SGT 2 7", but if the SGT 7 plus does not receive the ICS it will be limited in utilization of the new software being developed, and therefore may be basically obsolete within a matter of a couple of months.

Personally, although I love mine, if considering purchasing today, I would wait another month or so to see how this scenario (ICS update) plays out.

Hope this is of help to you!

22nd April 2012, 06:53 PM |#10  
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For what its worth, Samsung HAS confirmed that we will get the update. Full stop. This was in an officially released press release, which can be found on Samsung Mobile's facebook wall.

Time frame, however, was never officially released except for the fact that the Note and the S2 would get the update first. This, to me, points to no ICS update until the Note gets its update.

Just my two cents on the ICS issue, because I keep seeing people acting like Samsung hasn't said any thing about our tablet, and they have.
22nd April 2012, 09:08 PM |#11  
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Flag Shasta Co., CA
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Obviously you are not at a decision point of purchasing (or returning a recently purchased) SGT 7 plus.

O.K., lets say you are right when you opine Samsung will release ICS for the 7+. The next question is when?. Two week , two months, six months? Every week new 7" tabs, with ICS installed, and with new and improved features, are coming on the market. Given these circumstances, how long is an appropriate time to wait for a current operating system upgrade for your newly purchased (and only recently released to the market) Tablet.
I love my 7+, but I also want the smoothness, and increased versitility that ICS brings. I have it on my Transformer 102 wifi, and my Xoom wifi(contrary to what an earlier poster stated) and I even have it on my poor little ole Nook Color (CM9), and I do not feel those of us owning Tab 7+ 's, not tied to a carrier should have to wait any longer without some official indication of timing schedule from Samsung.

Let's not lose sight of the fact that the ICS operating system has been available for a considerable amount of time, and, I suspect, most, if not all of the 7 plus's that have been sold in this country were purchased in anticipation of upgrade to ICS in the" not-to-distant future" from their purchase date I know that certainly was the case with me. Instead of providing that upgrade in a timely manner, it appears Samsung chose to undercut their own customers by bringing to market a low cost, downgraded Tab 7, using ICS as a sales feature, while leaving their 7 plus customers out in the cold.

I have two days left to decide whether I will keep my 7 plus. It is not an easy decision. However, whichever way I decide, in the future I will always be very cautious about purchasing samsung phones or tablets.


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