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I'm ditching the 4S for the Galaxy Note

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I switched from a iPhone 4s and I've never looked back. When i take my iPhone out and hold it in my hands i can believe i used it. The not destroys it on every level! Unless the iPhone 5 has at least a 4.3 in screen i do not see myself changing from this monster.
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Originally Posted by LiquidNitrogen View Post
I'd really appreciate it if you didn't insult me (I'm grouped into the Apple crowd). Just because someone buys Apple and likes them doesn't automatically mean they are a 'mindless iSheep' or such. I own a Note and an iPhone and love both Android and iOS and couldn't live without either one. I would appreciate it if you weren't so closed minded about OSes and technology (ie. not a blind Android-Fan-Apple-Hater)
While it is true that a proportion of iPhone/iPad owners are tech savvy and own lots of different devices that run different OSes, Apple's brand does attract some fanbois that are arrogant and act superior to everyone else.

I work in IT and I've had different phones with different OSes over the years and buy on technical merit for the most part. When I switched from iPhone to the Note recently a fair few of the Fanbois at work came round my desk poking fun at the Note and trying to demonstrate what a mistake I'd made...

It even got to the stage where they were trying to suggest Android was slow because it took an extra 0.1s for the screen to turn on from sleep. When I suggested a better test of speed (turn WiFi/Bluetooth on/off) they walked away muttering!

As with all things, a minority are responsible for a general opinion. In this case that Apple Fanbois are arrogant, superior acting drones with an ego the size of the Note's screen

Don't take it personally dude.
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Originally Posted by Entropy512 View Post
Also, the ICS scene here is going to be way ahead of that for the I717.

It's disappointing that in the US and Canada, the only way to get a decent phone is to use your contract subsidy to buy some POS, eBay it, and use the money to buy a real device.

Although in the US, Straight Talk's new BYOD plans are quite promising.

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I feel your pain. I think my i777 will be my last branded phone.

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The best advice ever

Originally Posted by Entropy512
Let this be a lesson to others. Before running around and flashing stuff:

READ, READ, and READ. Do your research. If you don't understand what you are reading, continue reading and using your friend Google to search things not directly linked.

If you still don't understand what you are reading - STAY STOCK, DON'T FLASH ANYTHING.
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Originally Posted by aami.aami View Post
congrats man but pray that ICS update comes soon because now gingerbread is like 100000 years old for such a beast! i really feel like gingerbread is bull**** for Note!
what a moronic post...what does using gingerbread stop you doing on the note?
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Made the same won't regret it. I also would recommend going the international version vs. the LTE version. Even though I am on AT&T I don't miss LTE because I never had it with my iPhone. There are pros and cons I went from the tilt2 winmo phone and loved that the iphone just worked out of the box but in the end I missed the tinkering and flashing. Jailbreaking is just not enough.

Netflix is laggy on the menu just as it is on the iPhone and yes the quality is not great but again just like the iPhone so if your using it now you won't be dissapointed unlike how it looks on the ipad which is awesome. And
flash support is so nice....

The color banding issue does suck if you use less than 100 percent brightness but it is much better in some custom roms than others and tablet mode in ics is way way cool....
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Originally Posted by Richy99 View Post
what a moronic post...what does using gingerbread stop you doing on the note?
Not moronic once you find that any beta ICS on the Note completely outperforms stock GB. It truly open the gates and you feel how powerful this machine is.

GB severely cripples the Note's performance.

True story.

"All phones in right size proportion"
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Originally Posted by shawnj0 View Post
Wish me luck.

It's going to be shipped within 5-6 Business days (maybe earlier)

I've gone android before, but it was the HTC Vivid. Then I switched back to the 4S.

It looks pretty sweet.

From the reviews I've read, it's 1) fast 2) amazing screen --- OH BABY, NETFLIX! 3) a joy to game on

Looks very promising.

The only thing I'm scared of is holding it up to take a call in public LOL

Here, see this video to get yourself "in the mood" while you wait for your mighty Note... lol

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