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New CDMA ICS Leak a battery killer???

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Originally Posted by mattfox27 View Post
Really only 6 hours with razr...im not even doing anything on it, its just sitting here. I changed the governor, that seems lame that it would eat so much more battery that GB.
If your using it minimally and get good air signals you can go many hours easily with the normal Razr.

For instance I had a Razr, I was chewing through battery life so got the Maxx. No issues from there on out. I get relatively poor reception where I sit in my building so it sucks more power up to get a signal.

My wife has a Razr that is running this ICS as well, from 5:30am til 6pm at night with about 1-1:30min of screen time she sits at 50% battery, goes down to 35-40% the remainder of the night before plug in. Though most apps she uses is not intensive, she has very good line of sight to towers and gets great signal. As well at home switches to wifi network and disables the data connection.

Now mind you as soon as I got my Razr I was on the ICS within hours. I don't know how GB was and don't care to run it. It will be great when ICS officially releases and maybe since this is a test that more systems will be tweaked for the phone.
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Ya thats crazy by battery is just getting toasted, im using corporate sync i have good signals everywhere im at...with GB my phone would last all day with a bunch of widgets corporate sync ect...with the ICS leak is pretty bare bones stock the only thing i have setup is the corporate sync and its dying in like 4 hours with little use.
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Forgot to add even with poor reception my phone with moderate use still would last 12-14 hours with the normal Razr.

That seems really strange. Do you know how much the battery is being chewed up? I use Battery History Monitor. I can look back and a log for days of usage during 5min intervals during the day. Typically I get between 50-120mA usage per hour with no use sitting in my building without using the actual phone itself. Better when its cloudy, worse when sunny. At home I can get downwards of 20-30mA with wifi off.

This is with wifi off, bluetooth off, sitting on 4G network most of the time. Average per day for me is 4-5% loss of signal which is me walking through the building I work at.
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Definetly sounds like there is an app running eating your battery.
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Originally Posted by scotja50 View Post
Definetly sounds like there is an app running eating your battery.
I agree there is a battery munching app somewhere. I have a razr and use it heavily and it last me over 12 hrs.

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