Default Having problems with MIUI X1 Elite ROM :(

So Ive been trying to update to this ROM for some time now (coming from miui elite 9.7) but whenever I try I always seem to have bootloop problems. The first time the rom successfully installed and was working perfectly for about a day until I tried to reboot it and it didn't boot back up (stuck at the white huawei screen). So I booted into recovery and flashed the rom again...didn't even boot this time.

Recently, I flashed PaulMillbank's (think that's it??) version of the X1 elite rom w/ market including his custom kernel and it worked for about 2 days until it froze...went into reboot...but didn't boot back up...again \(>_<)/

I'm on the .32 kernel and yes I followed all the correct steps :P Thanks if anyone could help me, really liked that rom.

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