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[NEWS & UPDATES] Badadroid - ARMLinux (Android Kernel) on S8530/S8500

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By Rebellos, Senior Recognized Developer on 22nd January 2012, 10:40 PM
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Hey there!
This thread has been approved by Oleg_K - first developer of port.
It is general summary, project news, and development discussion about continuation of Android porting project for Wave.
All non-development post in this thread will be reported, deleted, and computers of their authors desintegrated immediately.

There were reports, and I experienced it myself that using Badadroid can destroy your battery calibration and significantly lower your battery capacity. I suspect this can be avoided by reducing time of connection to USB when Badadroid is running there.

Short development history:
The project has been started by Oleg in March 2011 - development progress has been made rapidly by him, however, he had been using JTAG Riff Box to make Wave oneNAND memory organisation the same like in Samsung Galaxy S (SGS) I9000 - phone with very similiar hardware to Wave. The problem is it's very expensive and advanced stuff. In the meantime mijoma found security hole in Wave's Bootloader3 (BL3) FOTA loading code and made PoC-exploit for that. That allowed me to create, with help of srg.mstr, mijoma and b.kubica, simple Badadroid bootloader, loading kernel zImage from moviNAND flash memory - this is where port has been made bootable on literally any Wave phone. However, oneNAND layout still remains untouched and by default kernel is configured to use SGS oneNAND partitions. So nbates66 and anghelyi put all their efforts into making this method of booting operatible. It succeed after few days and ShadowAS1 had released unofficial tutorial explaining how to bring up pre-alpha Android into S8500 device. The problem was that only 1 bootloader version was supported this time, mijoma came up with idea of making our FOTA bootloader capable of supporting alot of bootloaders - he created "BL Univ Boot FOTA". Oleg became very busy with his real life stuff so kernel development practically stopped. Currently I'm the most active kernel developer, altough I'm not so experienced as Oleg is and I'm learning from scratch so it goes very, very slow.
December 2011 - KB_Jetdroid contacted me and we started to work on Jet&Wave modem driver.
April 2012 - mikegapinski has joined the project to get things together and make first really working ROM.
9 April 2012 - Mike got ICS platform booting.
Mike has stopped maintaining platform so I took it over.
Oleg has finally got S8530 in his hands and made SCLCD driver for it. Praise him!
Both S8500 and S8530 versions are semi operatible. The most complicated, annyoing, and needed driver is Modemctl+RIL.
March 2013 - World's first working non-AT commands based RIL for non-Android phone has been released. Most of the implementation was done by KB_Jetdroid, me and Volk204, basing on opensource Replicant's RIL for Samsung Galaxy S.
April 2013 I finally fixed S8530 display driver.
September 2013 - we've got working microphone recording, and shortly after Tigrouzen found a proper patch fixing voice communication during calls.
22 September 2013 - we released first version capable of multicalls.
~~October 2013 - GPRS connections are working
Currently most of the core work is done.

We are working hard with Volk204 on RIL interface, doing small progress day by day.

Remember - there were no ETA, there is no ETA, and there will be no ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).

Badadroid sources are based on kernel of I9000 (

Dev only - "Fastbooting" of kernel is possible through bTerm - scripts are in bTerm directory of badadroid repo.

We do not release binaries according to any schedule - if you want to know real releases time, please refer to Blizzard - "When it's ready."
Also: [IMG]http://***********************/instances/250x250/29097680.jpg[/IMG]

If you want to donate and increase our will to work - you can find donation links in our profiles. Right next to our posts and profiles.

Original Oleg's thread:
Developers call:
Tools SVN repository (FOTA exploit and various debug and config stuff):
Platform git repositories:
Jetdroid project:
One of the first sources releases by Oleg:
The opening of the Wave bootloader through FOTA:
CM10 port thread, description and sources:
bTerm - bada terminal application:
Oleg's thread on (it's in Russian language):
CM10.2 port thread by Volk204:
CM11 port thread by Volk204, description and sources: <- THE MOST RECENT

To clarify - building and releasing binaries is not porting. In this moment, real porting team consists of Volk204 and myself.

You can often meet me on #badadroid
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13th February 2012, 08:24 PM |#2  
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Hello my friends,i'm back))
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13th February 2012, 08:30 PM |#3  
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<placeholder for any future need >

Thread has been slighty updated, and finally opened - but please use other threads to ask any questions - though most, or all of them had been already answered, just use SEARCH!

@Post below:
Thank you very much for good word, but I'd rather prefer if you not write it here.
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13th February 2012, 08:50 PM |#4  
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What you are doing is just awsome. You can be proud of your work. Just keep going like this it is just perfect.
Thanks a lot.
14th February 2012, 06:50 AM |#5  
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Oleg_k welcome. You are the king. I love you. Please finish this project. Thank you.
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14th February 2012, 03:47 PM |#6  
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HI . May i know how can i do android on Bada .... i am using S8530
can show me the procedure !?
many many thanks @@
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14th February 2012, 06:21 PM |#7  
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I like to be honest. So to be completely honest - many of people seems to be too big idiots to keep this thread opened.
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9th April 2012, 03:13 PM |#8  
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Updated first post abit and linked to most recent kernel repository (we moved to GitHub).
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25th April 2012, 09:53 PM |#9  
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you can find source there:
I used master branch from AOSP, built for crespo.

System partition:

Read commit messages and init scripts if you want to get it working.
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20th May 2012, 08:57 PM |#10  
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I've uploaded latest FOTA which can be used to boot our HEAD kernel. It won't work with older kernels.
Only 2 bootloaders are supported. S8500XXKL5 is also in our downloads section.

Note that all flashing you do is fully at your own risk! Badadroid team offer absolutely zero support for that.

- Kernel, named "zImage", has to be in root directory of User partition.
- Sbl binary nor galaxyboot directory is unneeded anymore.

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