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[KERNEL] Basic with a Twist SGS4G KJ6 1.1.3

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frequency-core voltage-internal voltage

Using Tegrak

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I would vote for leaving stock voltages as is. I'm running the same OC/UV profile (1.2) I've been using for months now via tegrak, but I prefer to apply my own settings from stock.

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I am not a fan of overclocking, except where it is absolutely necessary - example - I got a deadline in 3 hours & my workstation tells me it's going to take 4 hours to complete a that case I have no issue jacking up the CPU frequency to reduce that time and make the deadline.

I would use a kernel that came mildly undervolted (Bali3.3UV was great) but would definitely shy away from anything that had preset OC values. I've had 3 SGS4G's and they have all been significantly different and particular when it comes to screwing with stock voltages. I am currently running stock voltages while testing these new kernels, but when things settle down I'll likely return to Tegrak & Dsex's UV settings which have been great for me in the past. Adding OC at this point could potentially end up being another source of freezes and reboots for a kernel that's still in development - maybe release it to only those people that have had previous success with OC on their phone until they can confirm that gives expected results?

If the Kernel OC deal is something that has to be "turned on" for it to work and still defaults to stock values otherwise then I guess I wouldn't have an issue trying it.
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I think your voltage settings look fine, they are in line with others I have seen in this forum.

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Here is the deal. The standard Samsung voltages are different for regular Galaxy S and our phone, Samsung want to run Galaxy S cooler, no idea why. Common internet knowledge has OC/UV settings only for I9000 but nothing for ours. This means that we have to improvise. Below are the comparison tables between the two phones from standard Samsung kernel, as you can see they are quite different.
I have decided to set the voltages slightly undervolted to (VibrantPlus - 0.25mV), unless somebody convinces me to set them even lower to I9000 defaults. I'll set the overclocking voltages safe too, which means higher than our phone can potentially be comfortable with. You'll need to UV yourself if desired.
Samsung default voltages for T959V (VibrantPlus SGS4G)

Freq / arm_volt / int_vold
1000 1325000 1100000
800 1250000 1100000
400 1100000 1100000
200 1000000 1100000
100 1000000 1000000

Samsung default voltages for I9000 (Galaxy S)

Freq (MHz) / arm_volt / int_vold
1000 1275000 1100000
800 1200000 1100000
400 1050000 1100000
200 950000 1100000
100 950000 1000000

Btw I enabled 1.4 GHz frequency, what the heck...
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Posted 1.0b4 with native OC/UV.

You don't have to use it, or you can still use Tergak. If not enabled there should be no changes to the phone (if you find any let me know!) If you want to use it, get SetCPU (

You cannot use both Tegrak and SetCPU, they will fight with each other. Uninstall Tegrak if you want to use native kernel overclocking.

I'm running 1.4 Ghz right now and it seems fine, but probably wouldn't recommend it to everybody, it just sounds too high for our CPU.

I implemented smooth ramping up for frequencies higher than 1.0 Ghz. The frequency will not jump immediately to the highest available. This should help to save some battery.

The kernel is slightly undervolted to -0.25mV. The table is like this:

1.4 Ghz -- 1400 mV
1.3 Ghz -- 1375 mV
1.2 Ghz -- 1325 mV
1.0 Ghz -- 1300 mV
800 Mhz -- 1225 mV
400 Mhz -- 1075 mV
200 Mhz -- 1000 mV
100 Mhz -- 975 mV
This is quite higher that numbers posted on this forum, but tha'ts what default Samsung voltages are. You can UV it yourself with SetCPU easily.

Let me know ASAP if you find any problems!

EDIT: Forgot to update kernel version number so it reads 1.0b3 in the settings. Don't have time to tinker with it today anymore, so just ignore it.

EDIT2: Updated version info and re-uploaded. Noting else changed.
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Flashed beta4, i'll update with thoughts later

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is there any advantage to using your built-in OC instead of tegrak's?

BTW the phone works fine at 1.4 with your kernels and doesn't even seem to get warm.

Oh -- here's some feedback on your kernel and tegrak. Although your kernel lets me set values for 1400, 1300, 1200, and 1100 mhz in addition to the standard frequencies and whatever faster frequency tegrak has set up, it seems that the phone doesn't go over 1000mhz whatever you've told tegrak to do. At least on my phone
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Thank you for making a oc kernel

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Originally Posted by Zombie138 View Post
Can I flash this thru SGS Kernel Flasher?

Sorry if it's already been asked

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Originally Posted by FBis251 View Post
Yup, you can
SGS Kernel Flasher didn't work for me updating from b3 to b4. Ended up flashing in recovery.
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