Default [req] latest hulu

Can someone please post the latest version of hulu plus Latest version: 1.4.100096 in the form of titanium backup and perhaps apk so I can have modded?

-1988 Mustang GT hatch
100 shot wet kit, Trick Flow Specialties Stage 1 cam, Frpp headers, o/r h pipe, Flowmaster 40s, gt40p heads/intake, Crane beehive springs, hardened pushrods, underdrive pulleys, no smog, electric fan, 70maf sensor, bbk 70mm throttle body, UPR castor camber plates, Hotchkins suspension, dual friction clutch, 3.73 gears Positraction, freezing cold AC
Smartphonespc6700<htc mogul<htc diamond<htc hero<htc evo<samsung epic 4g<motorola photon 4g<samsung galaxy s ii epic 4g touch<Samsung Galaxy Siii epic 4glte touch S3<Samsung Galaxy Note II *catches breath*