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[Q] Upgrade Advice

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Default [Q] Upgrade Advice

Well, after a year and a half with my X I'm thinking it's time to move on. The issue that's driving me over the edge is that I simply can't consistently get GPS lock with this phone. It's an issue that I've had ever since I purchased it. There are no reliable predictors but 1 in 4 times the phone tries to get a lock for either an in-app reason or straight navigation it fails and requires a full reboot to get back on track. I've been using more and more apps that require GPS so this has become a very annoying issue.

So what would represent a reasonable step up in performance but not bring me to the bleeding edge of tech? I was originally looking at the X2 or Charge but found a few threads seeming to indicate that it would not be worth it. My priorities are as follows:

1. Solid GPS performance.
2. Solid battery performance.
3. Average to good tech specs.

From what I've been able to determine (researching here) is that the Razr would not be a good choice but both the Rezound and Maxx are a bit more than I'd like to spend (off contract) but maybe I just need to allocate more funds to this purchase to get what I'm after?

Thanks in advance.
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Just consider how long you will have the phone. Plays a big factor in how much you would be willing to throw down. Honestly I would say if you are looking for the cheap try a bionic or something of similar generation. Otherwise I would say bank up a bit and buy the razor maxx
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If u live in 4G area, then get a 4G phone.
Motorola has nice hardware, but locked bootloaders.
HTC has nice phones and are dev friendly.
Samsungs are sexi, dev friendly.
The new Dinc 4G is interesting and expensive.

I'd wait for a special price on a nice dual core 4G, and jump on it.
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having never had a GPS problem with my X I'd assume you have a lemon. whatever phone you decide to upgrade to, I'd recommend that if you get a weird problem like that again, simply take it back to swap for another. lemons happen sometimes.

that said, I don't know of GPS differences between phones for you to upgrade to, but the galaxy SIII is about to come out, and should be a beast of a phone. and of course, the droid razor maxx has amazing battery, though personally I won't be buying another motorola product until they stop locking bootloaders. also the HTC one phones and the huawei ascend d look like pretty amazing devices, and should all have good battery since they have some pretty nifty processors.
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I appreciate the advice.

The X has always had GPS issues so you may be correct that it's got an inherent flaw. It was already a replacement for my first one which had the early adopter screen failure issue. I seem to have been having luck lately using a GPS test program which has been able to connect better than the Nav or other apps.

Technically I'm due and upgrade from Verizon at this point but not really sure that I want to sign up for another 2yrs but maybe that's the only way to economically accomplish my goal.
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