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[ROM] Android Revolution HD 33.1 | High Quality & Performance | Sense 5 | 4.18.401.3

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27th April 2012, 11:12 PM |#4981  
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Originally Posted by mike1986.

Is anyone using Flickr or should I remove it?

Please remove it.
27th April 2012, 11:14 PM |#4982  
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mike, do you know "Cyberon Commander"? i use it for voice command via BT... do you know another app like this?
27th April 2012, 11:28 PM |#4983  
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Originally Posted by orymd

mike, do you know "Cyberon Commander"? i use it for voice command via BT... do you know another app like this?

I know this app since Windows Mobile times but haven't used it since then...
27th April 2012, 11:50 PM |#4984  
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Originally Posted by orymd

mike, do you know "Cyberon Commander"? i use it for voice command via BT... do you know another app like this?

Vlingo perhaps? It works with my BT handsfree in the car, but I admit I haven't used it for a while. It didn't perfectly understand my UK accent, I had to put on a fake American accent occasionally, but overall it was pretty good for a free app.
28th April 2012, 01:22 AM |#4985  
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Originally Posted by joakim_5937x

Is there any noticeable change in battery life between this and the stock version? That is the main reason I can think of to get a custom rom.

Sent from Joakim!

Yes, for me the difference in battery life was very noticable. I was suffering from battery drains with the stock rom, both 1.26 and 1.28.. but with ARHD, my troubles were over. I now get a good battery life, with about 3.5 hours screen time and almost no drain when the screen is off.
28th April 2012, 02:59 AM |#4986  
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Originally Posted by bagofcrap24

works fine for me. in fact it works too fine. so much that if your not even listening to any music and the phone is on standby in your pocket holding a volume button will actually start playing a song which is very bad news at work XD

sat at desk wondering why i can hear music then realising that its me. boss just looking over and frowning

[EDIT] not sure if its rom specific or again lazy HTC bug but its pretty big problem for me.
i will describe situation to reproduce.

turn media volume up. (doesnt have to be but just for test)
stop music from playing
switch screen off
hold volume up
music starts playing

even if on silent and media volume off
switch screen off
hold volume up
music starts playing (though cant hear it because media volume is off)
keep tapping volume up (media volume increases until you can hear music)

now i would like to think that this is a feature of HTC but to be honest it seems completely stupid to say that if you want your phone on silent, you could accidentally scream your metallica album at full volume just by having 1 button squished in your pocket

Yeah that's what I used to do but didn't work for me. Oh well hopefully my headphones with a remote that works with android should be here Tuesday or Wednesday so I can deal with it till then.

Also quick tip apparently most iPhone earphones with the remote should work with most Samsung and HTC devices. So that's good

Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2
28th April 2012, 03:28 AM |#4987  
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Originally Posted by M3PH

ZigmunD, I just looked at the code and i have to say i'm impressed. Scratch that. I'm embarrased! You nailed that so hard i feel like a complete noob. I feel so bad right now i may ask svetius to remove my RD status. In fact, I feel so out classed that i'm gonna go get horrendously drunk and and write some VB code just to make me feel better.

Wow man... you scare me.
28th April 2012, 03:31 AM |#4988  
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Was using 3.1.0 for awhile, but couldn't help myself staring at 4.0.0. Since Sense UI is such a power hungry monster, I decided I would give aosp a try. Experiencing great smoothness and more stripped down which I really like. Thanks mike1986!
28th April 2012, 03:58 AM |#4989  
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Alright -

After My first attemp yesterday I had completely goofed. I flashed the new boot image before I copied both Zips to my SD Card.

Good news is my phone is back up and running. Only took me all day. Ha! I am charging to 100 percent tonight and in the morning I want to give this another go.

I want to make sure that Im doing this in the correct order

Just went back a few pages. can someone confirm them for me.

1) Copy both of the zip files to my SD CARD!!!!! Why I didnt do this the first time I will never know.

2) Run Boot image

3) Run Superwipe through CWM

4) Run Rom through CWM

5) Clear Cache before rebooting.
Last edited by jfrock25; 28th April 2012 at 04:31 AM.
28th April 2012, 04:22 AM |#4990  
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Hey Mike

I am looking to get the HTC One X and as usual I need to have your ROM like I did on the Inspire 4G... The question is will you be supporting the AT&T One XL with the S4 processor or do I have to pony up the extra cash and get the unlocked Tegra version to use this awesomeness?

- Dan
28th April 2012, 04:34 AM |#4991  
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Quick question: How close to stock ICS does the LITE version look? Do the native apps look like the ICS version (phone, messages, etc)?

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