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[CLOSED] Vivid ICS Tweaks V2.0

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(Last edited by slapdaddy; 28th April 2012 at 09:56 PM.)
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Oh my God here we go again. :/

With all due respect, because I very much respect you GS, holding this tweaks app back on xda is only going to fragment this community even more. This is just something we don't need.

However, I completely understand your reasoning though. I just hope you can overlook this because there are those of us who very much care and are trying to make this a better place. In the end though, it is entirely your decision to make.

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Default What a joke.

This thread along with GSLeon/WildChild's attitude toward the android community is so absurdly ridiculous and contradictory to their actions, I can't hold my well supported thoughts on this subject in any longer.

A few issues currently facing our beloved community have arisen to my attention, as well as our dev team's attention. The first is all the so called roms floating around with just TONS of useless init.d scripts that don't even function properly, do anything, and even mess up the /cache partition. This is like going to wal-mart to get more fake chrome "tuner kits" to make your 1980's crx go faster. Spoiler: it won't.

The next issue is how so many people who are modifying closed, licensed code (HTC Roms) in smali, are making a large fuss over other folks using their "tweaks," or "code." YOU ARE NOT HTC. You did not license the code you're modifying, another vendor did. Therefore, it's an obscene gesture to attempt to stop others from using modifications to already compiled vendor smali. It's going to happen no matter what, just as you modified someone else's code, and used it as a base. How many ROM developers (copy/paste kangers) actually thank HTC for the base they use?

One question gsleon, and WildChild: how many characters of original code do you actually have? I'd really love you to count. If you have anywhere over 1/3rd of the number of characters HTC uses to build a vendor overlay alone, you might have a case. Otherwise shut and stop "developing" if this is how you treat it.

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Originally Posted by synergye View Post
Mod Edit: Removed quote due to foul language
At what point are we gonna grow up and stop crying about the fact that "somebody used my code", *Mod Edit*. This is why the vivid has like 3 roms. Good roms but look at some of the other devices. They really need to put the big boy pants on and not act like baby's. I'ts like oh im gonna post a teaser but oh since somebody used my other mod im just gonna get but hurt and take it all back. GSleon you were just jk'ing right? This is why i got a skyrocket. I haven't seen any of this bs over in our forums. Your a moderator? But yet you act like my niece who got copied off of in art class, and shes 6 dude. I realize that i may not develop and i may not understand how hard it is to sit there and just "develop code". But is it really that bad that you have to take all your stuff back and close your threads? Your just letting that person who "copied" off of you win right? There still gonna use your tweaks i mean its not like you wrote a revision of the android operating system.
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Originally Posted by synergye View Post
Mod Edit: Removed quote for foul language~TRM
No idea what prompted this mini rant, but I couldn't agree with it more.
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Open... Source... Done.

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Originally Posted by synergye View Post
Mod Edit: Removed quote due to foul language~TRM
Your badass dude, I love you.

No homo
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Originally Posted by synergye View Post
Mod Edit: Removed quote due to foul language. ~TRM
Finally a person with common sense opens their mouth regardless of the fear of being "banned" from XDA. This section of the XDA forums spends less time developing and more time worrying about their credit and individual self gain. You guys are, to put it shortly, tools. You wont be hired by google and you wont become a paid phone developer, so why really care? I can only think of one developer who left XDA for the correct reasons, most people with an ounce of common sense know who. Android is Open Source, it is something that thrives on people borrowing others work and integrating them into their own work (and sometimes making it better). Then people come in here and make something but say "don't use it in your roms, make your users take more time out of their day and install it themselves instead of stream lining the process like normal people do and just give me a mention in your credits" Get over yourself. In a lot of ways they have saved users a headache since there are, quite obviously, people on this forum who break phones by not following instructions.

GSLEON I really do appreciate your work on the extended power menu, but If i remember correctly you stated you received part of the coding and help from others, giving them credit was enough in your book why couldn't others do the same?
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MY choices for leaving and not releasing on the ALMIGHTY XDA site were mine and mine alone,everyone else has their own reasons and to each of them they felt it was a valid reason, users may not agree, but that doesnt really matter in the end....theres no deveelopment being released here for the most part....why...hmmm you people are smart enough to figure that one out...the users (not all)here are rude,obnoxious and just disrespectful.....thats my opinion.....i had nothing to do with gsleon closing this thread or stopping any more releases of these tweaks on xda,it was brand new news to me as well when i saw it....i chose to work on the project with him as far as I know he approached other devs and nobody wanted to work together as a team for that in itself is not my before you go slandering people get all your facts straight....NONE of you know what went on behind the basically your just blowing hot air....i really could care less what anyone on this beloved site thinks of me or how i conduct the hours i spend to make what i do for certain life isnt going to stop because someone on here has a problem with how a situation was or wasnt for those who want to slander/cuss etc people out, thats just more reason for any dev to NOT want to even bother with XDA VIVID section....Again....what gsleon did was HIS choice....based on something he found or saw somewhere else which wasnt even related to XDA....

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First of all, you are an ignorant foul mouthed idiot that obviously doesn't understand licensing.

Firstly I left the original beta mods there & open for others to use, I just am not updating them myself since people couldn't listen. I could've waited to post anything, but I gave others the benefit of the doubt & posted the beta so others could contribute & try them.

As for the Tweaks app, it is not HTC's. It was taken from 100% source & even built. It would fall under apache if so chosen, however as user side code, it can be denied, sold or whatever myself & the other developers choose. It is 100% code written by xda users & not subject to your moronic opinion.

As for HTC, I actually have contacts there & routinely make suggestions, give praise (when well deserved) & ask questions about developing interfaces such as the Tweak app.

So if you want to modify the code & make a better mod or write your own Tweaks app, then go ahead. Oh wait, you probably are one of those 7z cooks that can't even get a rom to boot yet, let alone create an app using c++ or even basic Eclipse w/ant, IDE...

No, instead you want to take the mods that others take the time to understand & create or enhance & you are so upset because you obviously don't have the capability to learn or you after just too lazy to do so.

As for Roms, I don't cook roms for the public & initially set out on this project to create something that Cooks & devs could use & add to. Very few have added anything & all I asked was that no one used them for a public build until completed. If you are going to use a mod & attribute me in your rom, then I want it to work 100%. People disregarded that on day one, so I stopped updating it publicly.

As for init.d scripts, I personally don't use any, so I don't know what the heck that has to do with anything. Just incoherent babbling as far as I can tell.

Know I am starting to understand why the devs that left xda are so back & forth about returning. Because of people like you. So go pound sand.

This thread is also my opinion & has nothing to do with WC aside from the fact that he actually participated in the development & progression of the mods & tweaks.

Originally Posted by synergye View Post
Mod Edit: Removed post due to language. ~TRM
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That is enough!

If you want to bicker and be disrespectful, bring it to IRC. Next person to post negative comments in this thread will get my whip.

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