Smile [ROM] Eclipse Bionic Test Build 07 - 5/3/12 Eclipse 904.

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Here is the start of Eclipse 904.

Changelog from stock deodexed: Appwidgetpicker Download crutch Rooted with Superuser preinstalled Blur components removed Calculator - themed AOSP deskclock/alarmclock - themed AOSP email - themed AOSP calendar - themed AOSP Gallery 3D - themed Camera - with hacked preview gallery - themed (needs tested!) AOSP Cardock AOSP MMS - themed Google Play Music Custom GPS config init.d support Webtop hack (needs tested) - do not test on safestrap Docking options should only present webtop and clock (other) Eclipse Launcher2 Eclipse Wallpapers OI File manager - themed AOSP news/weather Backup assistant should be removed from Accounts and Sync (shortcut needs created in settings)