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Amazon: $50 Gray HTC One X for upgrades on ANY family plan line

3rd May 2012, 04:25 AM |#51  
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Originally Posted by vinuneuro

ATT won't subsidize a smartphone without a data plan either.

I'm in a similar but opposite situation. I don't have a smartphone, the other line in the family plan has unlimited that isn't being used much. Neither are on contract. We're swapping numbers, and I'm using that line to upgrade and adding 200mb data to my current.

Actually they will if you go into the store. I have been doing this for years (I have 5 lines on my account but only 1 with a data plan) and either using the phone for myself or selling it on ebay. If a line (other than mine) is up for an upgrade, I just walk in and tell them which phone I want and that I am going to give it away as a present. I haven't been denied a single time and they don't even bother opening up the phone to set it up etc.

For the record I have only done this at corporate stores and not at Radio Shack, Best Buy or anywhere online.
3rd May 2012, 06:34 AM |#52  
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I called Amazon to try to get the $100 refund early this morning and they said the price was still $150 so they couldn't help me. This was before I noticed that the option wasn't even selectable. Anyway, I replied to their follow-up email with the info for RadioShack and they reduced my price to match that. I [I]am[\I] the primary on my family talk plan, so I dunno if they would have noticed if I wasn't, but I'm happy as can be, none the less! $50 shipped with no tax and no activation fee (just got one waived for one of my lines today)! Plus it looks like I'll be able to sell my Nexus one and both docks for $150!! XD

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3rd May 2012, 07:08 AM |#53  
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Originally Posted by snvyas

But what if the line that's eligible for an upgrade does not have a data plan on it? I have a family plan and my mom's line is up for an upgrade but she doesn't have (or want) a smartphone. I know that I can go into an ATT store and use her upgrade with no problem. But does anyone know if I can do the same thing with Amazon/Radio Shack that makes you add on a data plan when you buy the phone?

Yes, you have to get a smartphone data plan with that. For any subsidized smartphone, whether it be a first time purchase or an upgrade, you have to have a data plan attached.
3rd May 2012, 02:28 PM |#54  
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Originally Posted by F1reEng1neRed

That's B.S. They may say that, but they have no control over it. Once you get the phone, you just call AT&T and they will swap what phone is used on what line for free and Amazon has nothing to do with it. I did this exact thing when I got my SGS2. My wife's line was actually the one eligible for the upgrade, but I'm using it on my number.

Just order it and after you get it in the mail, call AT&T and tell them you want to use it on your other number. They will ask for your IMEI, have you put the in the new SIM, and activate it on the number you want.

Can anyone else confirm this?

My girlfriends line is eligible for the upgrade so I ordered it with the plan to just put my sim card in it after I got it. Now I'm ready to cancel because there is so many conflicting reports on whether amazon will hit you with their etf. Just to clarify, its not like I'm going to use a dummy line to upgrade then going to cancel the data, we're going to keep all voice and data options linked to that line. All we would be doing is switching sims between the phones and leaving the plans unchanged, but is this enough to flag us to at&t/amazon and trigger the etf?

edit: Also @F1reEng1neRed:
How long ago did you do this with your galaxy s II, because when I was on the phone with amazon support they said the etf notices don't necessarily go out right away. She said for example, the last wave of etf notices were for people affected as far back as november 2011.. wtf
Last edited by t0mmy; 3rd May 2012 at 02:35 PM.
3rd May 2012, 02:44 PM |#55  
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I would have to guess if you leave your upgraded line data plans/voice plans the same, and just use the new phone in another sim and a different phone in the upgraded sim... they would not have any issues... though, I won't say for 100%, but that would be my educated guess. They would be getting paid, at&t would be happy and not report any non comitments in regards to the plan... they're 99% concerned about the plan and getting paid based upon you keeping some level of service.
3rd May 2012, 05:46 PM |#56  
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As an update, I failed on my attempt to get them to pricematch the 49.99 grey model at radioshack to my 149.99 white phone order at amazon. Still stating it's a 'technical error' not allowing grey family plan upgrade orders at this time..
3rd May 2012, 07:30 PM |#57  
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:| Still waiting on Amazon to get that button fixed I'm ready to jump now that I know the SGS3 isn't my cup of tea.
3rd May 2012, 07:44 PM |#58  
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I have a sinking feeling that it won't be fixed until the radioshack sale is over on Saturday
3rd May 2012, 07:54 PM |#59  
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I don't really lose anything if I go with Radioshack's deal instead right?

To keep my unlimited I should :
Call ATT first and let them know I'm going to get tthe phone through Radioshack
Order it through Radioshack
3rd May 2012, 08:30 PM |#60  
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So can we still get this for 50 bucks or what?
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