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[SGS 3] Discuss everything SGS 3 related here[Pictures,Specs N benchmark in thread]

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By YZ, Retired Forum Moderator on 3rd May 2012, 11:16 PM
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4th May 2012, 03:24 PM |#21  
Senior Member
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am I wrong or the GS3 is made of brushed metal?
4th May 2012, 03:39 PM |#22  
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The specs on the S3 look very good. For some reason there were alot of rumours suggesting it would blow the One X out of the water, which was a bit silly since Samsung wouldn't have time to significantly change the specs by the time HTC revealed the One X.

It looks like it could be moderately faster than the One X but it is very hard to tell at such an early stage. It will only be on the most demanding games that we might see a difference. Although with alot of the main Android games getting the Tegra 3 optimisation the One X might win out despite a slower GPU.

Personally I'm not a fan of TouchWiz. I am sure there are plenty who like it. It just seems to me than Samsung are unwilling to overhaul it despite the critism it gets.

I'm not a fan of voice control to be honest. There really aren't many situations where I would want to "talk" to my phone. For the moment it screams "gimmick". I am worried the eye-tracking could fit into this catagory too, I am also worried about what effect this might have on battery life. It is an interesting idea though, even if it fails I think Samsung should be aplauded for trying something new there.

I know there was real hope for a 720p non-pentile AMOLED screen. But I guess the tech just isn't ready yet. Personally I think the pentile screen on the Galaxy Nexus is lovely, nice blacks, if a bit oversaturated. The SLCD2 screen on the One X is very very nice though.

I can see what Samsung were trying to do with the design. They wanted it to look like an evolution of the S2. Unfortunately I think this has been their biggest misstep. The phone looks average, it just doesn't compare with the One X, One S or iPhone 4s in the looks department. I know it's not the most important thing but when I spend hundreds of pounds on a new phone I want it to look nice.

A removable battery and expandable memory are nice, alot of people didn't like that they were missing on the One X.

I will say now, I own a One X. Not because I am a HTC fan boy but because I had an opportunity to get a sim-free one for less than half price. I have tried to make this post as unbiased as possible because I think Samsung have been fantastic for the Android platform, and I do really like my fiancee's Galaxy Nexus.
5th May 2012, 12:57 AM |#23  
wmurphy1975's Avatar
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Originally Posted by sblantipodi

am I wrong or the GS3 is made of brushed metal?

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it might just be plastic. There were rumors saying that it would be some kind of ceramic but I haven't ready anything about that.

The specs appear to be very impressive. But as Iíve said in the past it takes more than powerful specs to create a good phone. Itís all about the user experience. HTC has been my favorite Android phone manufacturer for the past few years but I may have to give this phone a try.
5th May 2012, 01:40 AM |#24  
RoberGalarga's Avatar
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There aren't Antutu screenshots?
5th May 2012, 02:51 AM |#25  
chaki-'s Avatar
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Many guys were complaining about HOX and keeping hope in Samsung that will blow away HTC. And now is so hard to admit that Samsung failed to do that, they are forced to like it and say " i will buy it" just because they can't admit it is a FAIL!
I am not a fan. And have too hoped and waited for SGS3 to be my another purchase.
I don't like it. Really. A9 architecture? Oh yeah 32nm! Since couple a months Qualcomm has 28nm quadcore. Till the end of this year will be on the market in some phones.
That's what i am talking about, when it comes to preserve energy.
So i can live another couple of months, maybe 6 ( i am used since i wait for OTA ICS) to have better processor at least.......
5th May 2012, 03:24 PM |#26  
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Can someone pull Flipboard off this bad boy?
5th May 2012, 03:30 PM |#27  
Junior Member
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S-Voice looks pretty good.

I'd be getting the OneX if it came with something similar to this. Although I bet that S-Voice will be hacked to the OneX sooner or later.
5th May 2012, 03:42 PM |#28  
Senior Member
Flag Berlin
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Since my old DHD is going to the craps I find it very dificult now to choose a new phone.

It will most likely go down between the S3 and HOX. Since every phone has it's advantages and disadvantages I would love to know which one will have the better and longer developer support on XDA. Are there any predictions you guys could give me? This time I want to keep the phone for a couple of years and therefore I am looking for a long-term and quality community support. (New Android versions, roms etc. )
5th May 2012, 09:41 PM |#29  
mr.gibran85's Avatar
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Flag Kolkata
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i have been using the S2 for a year now without any regrets the best phone i've used till date but i myself have been confused between the HOX & S3, i can very well exchange my s2 with the HOX for like $280 but what i am confused about is will the HOX be getting the developer support on XDA when compared to the S2.
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6th May 2012, 12:32 PM |#30  
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I'm a little concerned about the release to be honest.

To me it smells a bit of Samsung taking their position on top for granted - it was almost an Apple like release, which is something I don't like at all.

It was a huge, invite only event, separate to all the other companies as if they were above them, and for a device which is basically on an equivalent spec level to the best of the rest that's out there (the HOX).

I feel like Samsung have basically just done what they needed to to remain 'good enough', and ship millions of units. This is VERY Apple-like. As market leaders, and with a separate launch event I really expected them to blow us out of the water. The only thing that excited me was the 2100mAH battery. I would have loved to have seen the 720p screen by Super AMOLED Plus. Pentile just isn't good enough in my books. And whilst the processor looks good (and will surely be better than the One X in some areas) in other areas it's not as strong. Overall the processor seems just on-par with the One X, not "market leading". Finally, the camera - Nokia had a 12MP camera in a phone in 2010.

If Samsung want to be the industry leader, not just another Apple selling 'the brand', they would have done better.
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