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[Q] Is your Xoom plagued by random reboots?

OP x.v_

6th May 2012, 04:11 AM   |  #41  
Junior Member
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my device is unusable it reboots so much. I have tried all variations of stock firmware, custom ROMs, everything. It is hardware or direct software bug Im certain of it, have read enough and spoken to enough who know this problem, and their devices are also dead and in the bin.

Here's my kernel panic dump, if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it, otherwise hope this helps someone.

[   32.571003] Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception
[   32.571014] Function entered at [<c003e6a0>] from [<c048d4ec>]
[   32.571024] Function entered at [<c048d4ec>] from [<c003c81c>]
[   32.571033] Function entered at [<c003c81c>] from [<c003fb94>]
[   32.571041] Function entered at [<c003fb94>] from [<c003fcf4>]
[   32.571050] Function entered at [<c003fcf4>] from [<c003346c>]
[   32.571059] Function entered at [<c003346c>] from [<c0038fac>]
[   32.571067] Exception stack(0xed8ebe00 to 0xed8ebe48)
[   32.571079] be00: dd996780 ed850700 00000000 00000000 dd996780 00000000 ed850700 ed850700
[   32.571092] be20: 00000028 c0608ee8 00000000 c033d914 00000001 ed8ebe48 c00d1afc c010e7a0
[   32.571101] be40: 40030013 ffffffff
[   32.571109] Function entered at [<c0038fac>] from [<c010e7a0>]
[   32.571118] Function entered at [<c010e7a0>] from [<c00d1afc>]
[   32.571131] Function entered at [<c00d1afc>] from [<c0069fd8>]
[   32.571139] Function entered at [<c0069fd8>] from [<c033d950>]
[   32.571147] Function entered at [<c033d950>] from [<c007a8b4>]
[   32.571155] Function entered at [<c007a8b4>] from [<c007aed8>]
[   32.571163] Function entered at [<c007aed8>] from [<c0081054>]
[   32.571171] Function entered at [<c0081054>] from [<c0039e84>]
[   32.571189] CPU1: stopping
[   32.571199] Function entered at [<c003e6a0>] from [<c0033308>]
[   32.571208] Function entered at [<c0033308>] from [<c0039248>]
[   32.571217] Exception stack(0xe94b9fb0 to 0xe94b9ff8)
[   32.571227] 9fa0:                                     00000022 00000063 00000001 00000008
[   32.571240] 9fc0: 019a3700 00000048 019a1c14 019a373c 40576808 00000001 019a3800 40314a5c
[   32.571251] 9fe0: 00000000 40576288 00000000 403112e0 280f0010 ffffffff
[   32.571263] Rebooting in 2 seconds..
[   34.573280] Restarting Linux version (tdr@rogue) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Apr 19 15:54:27 UTC 2012
[   34.573288]
6th May 2012, 04:54 PM   |  #42  
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never had any random reboots unless im messing about with overclocking and maxing it out etc. (1.7ghz, etc. but 1.5 is very stable, 1.6 is shaky)
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