Default [Q] HW6915 doesn't do much anymore

Hi all,

I've gotten my HW6915 out of the shed this morning, and want to use it for toying and sending sms to people that don't deserve to know my private number.

I placed it in it's cradle this morning and it started charging, all went well, showed me soon 25% batery charge, I've connected it to my W7pro laptop and synced it well... Shut it down, but now I want to reboot, and nothing, no charge-light, no reaction, nothing. When I take the battery out, the red light comes on (which is normal), when I put it back in, nothing anymore. Only when I press the reset-button with charger plugged in, the red light comes on for a fraction of a second. Without charger nothing.

Soft-reset: nothing
Hard-reset: nothing
Bootloader-boot: nothing

Any ideas??? Thanks in advance