Default [Q] Generic directions in Google Navigation 6.7

Any of you guys having this issue?

My Android TTS is working, Navigation works, and everything. The only thing is that it began giving generic directions instead of the previous TTS street names and the like.

Lots of people are having this issue with the GNex on 4.0.2, but reports are that it's allegedly fine on every other version of the OS, 4.0.3+ included. This issue has allegedly existed ever since Maps 6.6 dropped.

Can anyone confirm/deny? I'm currently on HK Sense 3.6 stock and have had this problem on Virtuous Inquisition and Wajee's Desensed also.
Goodbye XDA, you won't be missed. Never have I seen a lousier Android community unwilling to take care of its devs.

Also, give me a refund for my XDA Premium app.