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Lapdock HDMI

8th April 2012, 03:28 AM |#101  
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HDMI triggers the lapdock, it wont do anything till you have HDMI sending to the unit.
8th April 2012, 04:55 AM |#102  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by callen81

HDMI triggers the lapdock, it wont do anything till you have HDMI sending to the unit.

Who are you replying to? Me? I have both usb and hdmi extenders...both plugged in. Lapdock 500 does not work with Atrix. Have tried CM9 mirroring and Webtop in regular build. Same thing happens...Just keeps turning on and off.
8th April 2012, 05:13 PM |#103  
Mgamerz's Avatar
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You shouldbprobably try stock instead of cyanogenmod

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27th April 2012, 09:13 AM |#104  
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Okay, so I got a multiplicity of cables for extensions and whatnot...

For those of you ahving problems, it could be your cables, I had a few dude, specifically the micro-HDMI F to micro-HDMI M extension. Although it's actually the nicest looking w/ gold plated contacts that I bought from a stateside seller, this POS doesn't connect well. Appears that the PCB is too thin and not making all the contacts once plugged in.

In addition, I had to dremel away parts of the adapters to compensate for the curvature in the lapdock so the connections would be snug.

Anyways, I also confirmed that the lapdock does NOT memorize sound settings, ONLY screen brightness.

I set the screen to dim and sound to off w/ my atrix plugged in
plugged in PS3, screen dim, sound maxed
Set screen to max, sound to minimum (right above off) w/ atrix
plugged in PS3, screen dim, sound maxed
Set screen to max bright, sound medium
plugged in PS3, screen maxed, sound maxed

So, the only way, as it seems, is to disable the sound on your PS3 or xbox (change output to optical only, thereby disabling sound from HDMI) or blow out your lapdock speakers

If only there was a manual mechanical sound control knob, this thing would be perfect.

So I took off the cover for the USB/PWR PCB (remove 3 screws on the bottom, 2 of which are under the rubber feet) and noticed that the tiny speakers plug into the PCB via a nice plastic connector that can easily be unplugged. There's also some space in the channel in front of where the phone goes. So.... I'm thinking I can reroute the speaker wires to a switch, and then tapping a small hole and attaching a 1/8" headphone jack and possibly a volume control to it. Honestly though, I probably won't get the time to do this. :( But is anyone wants to try, it would be the ultimate portable game system screen!
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30th April 2012, 11:59 PM |#105  
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I bought this
and this
to hook the lapdock up to my laptop to use as a second monitor. My laptop detects it when it is hooked up without the M/F hdmi extension, but it doesn't when I hook up the extension. I test the extension with my xbox and tv and it works fine. Is there a certain cable I should be using for this in order to go from the micro hdmi adaptor?
1st May 2012, 03:16 PM |#106  
Mgamerz's Avatar
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So the lapdock uses a standard USB micro female? I don't think the standard dock does. I want an extension cable. My case is too big and I'm using it for development. I thought the docks were the same but it appears to be more like the car dock vs the multimedia one.

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3rd May 2012, 04:04 AM |#107  
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Exclamation Dead Lapdock ???
My used/open box Lapdock arrived today. Seems to charge ok, but so far no video.
YouTube videos appear to show lap dock screen coming on when opened and then turning off if no HDMI signal is present. Is that correct ? Only component I'm not confident of is my micro HDMI female to HDMI male adapter, BUT if the screen should come to least briefly...without regard to the HDMI, then I've got a dead lapdock. Any ideas for further troubleshooting ?

10th May 2012, 06:15 AM |#108  
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Thanks for all the info in this thread. I got my Atrix Lapdock working as a monitor/keyboard for my desktop computer and plugged a mouse into the lapdock. Now I can game from the comfort of my bed while leveraging the power and relative quietness of a desktop computer

What I did (adapters purchased from dealextreme):

Popped off the casing around the HDMI/USB connectors on the lapdock.

Lapdock's Micro HDMI Male connector -> Micro HDMI Female to HDMI Male adapter -> HDMI Female to HDMI Female adapter -> HDMI Male to HDMI Male cable -> Computer's HDMI Female connector

Lapdock's Micro USB Male connector -> Micro USB Female to Mini USB Male adapter -> Mini USB Female to USB Female adapter -> USB Male to USB Female cable (and I opened up the cable to cut the red 5 volt wire) -> USB Male to USB Male cable -> Computer's USB Female connector
10th May 2012, 06:01 PM |#109  
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I am new user with Atrix and the first thing I did was to upg to CM9 (clean installation)

After few minutes of use with the lapdock the phone freezes and I have to remove the device and reset it.
Other times after approx 5-10 minutes of use the phone resets itself!!

This is not normal - please provide feedback if you have the same problems with other or stock rom's
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27th May 2012, 10:08 PM |#110  
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I'm going to be connecting my dock to a raspberry pi model A (when they come out) and had one concern. I'm creating an adapter for the USB on the lapdock to split it into a micro power plug for power and a data plug for the keyboard/mouse.

My question is, should I just not bother connecting the ground on the data plug side, or should I split the ground wire to go to both? Technically, splitting it should be fine by the normal rules of grounding, but I wanted to hear your thoughts.
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