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it deepened on which rom are you using, you have to manually add apns of your network.
it doesn`t have anything with the S-OFF and update to ICS.
i guess that make sense now; after i installed the ics and checked the network settings on apns, theres nothing there. i was able to notice the diff coz prior to doing this whole procedure, i did a nandroid backup to my ext sd card. so i was able to do a restore to my old rom. there i noticed the rogers network listed to apns.
i'd love to give this a shot one more time, but... yesterday i made a mess :/
i thought maybe relocking my bootloader and start your whole process again would fix the whole network thing but still didnt. so when i was about to install the cwm to recover again to my backed up rom, i wasnt able to UNLOCK anymore...
good thing i have the official rogers ruu downloaded to fix everthing, but not only i lose root access to my phone, my bootloader is stock on relocked
its still s off tho, but i cant UNLOCK it anymore using the unlock.bin command from htcdev.
would you be able to help me out... i'd gladly appreciate your help.