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Ace Think Tank [Noob friendly - softbricks, bootloops, edify, etc]

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By Teichopsia, Senior Member on 9th August 2012, 09:10 PM
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If you are serious about Android then be prepared to read - that is the one thing which will separate you from the average user.

To get you started you will need to know a few basics before you can start contributing to a community which has dedicated themselves in bringing better Operating Systems (Roms) to our phones. By knowing these basic steps you will be able to help iron out bugs from whatever Rom you have decided to keep on your phone and thus, improving your own user experience.

If you are completely new to this then you should read Glevitan's Starter Guide. It contains everything you need to know and it is a mandatory prerequisite before you can post in this thread seaking help.

Now that you have read and understood some of the terminology and how to recover from possible issues, you can root your phone with the A high-level DHD/Inspire manual S-OFF hack concept for advanced users [NOTE: The AAHK HAS BEEN RETIRED FOR NOOBS. IT IS FOR ADVANCE USERS ONLY. REFER TO THIS STICKY INSTEAD [How to] ROOT without the Hack Kit] Even if you do encounter issues, knowing the terminology, what you did and what went wrong will help communicating your issue so we can find a way to solve it. If you read the starter guide you should know that we don't recommend using HTC dev to unlock your bootloader. However, if you did go this route you can read this helpful guide: [NOOB] Flashing a custom ROM & getting it to boot IF bootloader is htcdev unlocked. And finally, our own resident and esteemed Glevitan is working on a tool to make it easier for you all. [ROOT] [TOOL] Easy Ace Root Tool

After having spent some time in the XDA threads reading a lot more than what you should post, you will have realized that almost any question you could possibly think about has already been asked over a dozen times and why so many emphasize the importance of searching for your answer first. You would also come to realize what are the benefits of setting up ADB. Among one of ADB (Android debug Bridge - [GUIDE] ADB - Usage, Tips, Tricks and More! and [GUIDE]ADB Workshop and Guide for everyone) uses is creating logcats. These logcats help developers finding what is causing a bug and how to fix it. This is a quick [Tutorial] How To Logcat. However, this quick tutorial will only help you get started. Keep in mind that apps like aLogcat or Catlog could shorten important output from the log. Another one: Learn to logcat like a Pro!

To be able to help developers create a better user experience for us, we need to create a bug report. The reason why we first need to search the forum is to avoid confusing the developer by cluttering the thread with repeated reports, of bugs and questions which as mentioned earlier, most likely have already been asked. To have a better understanding of the different instances we can create logs, then have a look at: [TUT]Report a bug I do believe this can not be emphasized enough and thus, what better way than reading it from existz own words.

Making your own Android Rom: Some advice..

You can find some relevant and not so relevant links in the second and third post.

Forum Rules
A Short Guide To Open-Source And Similar Licenses


We are all here attempting to return what the community has given us - constantly deconstructing the OP in lieu of a better organization.
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9th August 2012, 09:10 PM |#2  
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Thread Index

Page#1, post#7 Noob Starter Guide by Glevitan.

Goes to a different thread (Guide) (Beginners) You have rooted your phone, now what can you do Thanks to GuyintheCorner.

Goes to a different thread Steps to flashing ROM - Thanks to sashank.

Page#1, post#8 FAQ's by Hdrorius.

Page#18, post#179 Booting into recovery, Full wipe and flashing, How to restore after formatting the SD card.

Page#1, post#9 [GUIDE] ADB - Usage, Tips, Tricks and More!, thanks to andyharney.

Page#14, post#133 [Tutorial] How To Logcat Thanks to andyharney. This will take you directly to the OP.

Page #2, post #19 "I have the SanDisk Class 10 64GB MicroSD card and it works flawlessly in my DHD." Thanks to Blasphemer666 for the report.

Page#3, post#24 Radio - Location mapping project by Xeleth.

Page#4, post#35 CPU+FAN+Overclocking brief discussion, Continues here, And here, Here as well, One more, Another one, Doesn't seem to end, Finally Ending in post#42

Page#5, post#45 British cure for Hangovers - by a 15yr old

Page#9, post#82 How to check which camara sensor you have, thanks to GuyInTheCorner.

Page#18, post#172 Radio, Ril discussion.

Page#22, post#213 Random Links

Page#28, post#273 A little guide on flashing radios the way Thanks to Xeleth - link will take you to the OP.

Page#37, post#368 Enabling the right click button in LinuxMint It all started on post#316. A special thanks to bananagranola for the step by step guidance.

Page#40, post#396 [NOOB] Flashing a custom ROM & getting it to boot IF bootloader is htcdev unlocked Thanks to sashank.

Page#52, post#514 [TUT] Edify Scripts (Creating flashable zips) Thanks to sashank.

Page#57, post#569 Inspire - Aroma Installer calibration values.

Page#67, post#668 Links to learn how to program.

Page#69, post#687 Stuff to say about dalvik cache and data wiping. Thanks to sashank, continues on post #689.

Page#76, post#757 adb devices not listed linux Udev, Udev Rules, etc., still under construction.

Page#78, post#776 / 4ext touch recovery RC7.

Page#83, post#822 Short flashable zip explanation / guide. Thanks to bananagranola.

Page #164 [Guide][How to]Disable hardware key and light functions. thanks to hdorius.

Gold Card Generator Kinda a do it yourself thing.

Page#200, post#1992 Links to learn Java and Linux - but mostly linux
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9th August 2012, 09:11 PM |#3  
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Freenode IRC chan. #htc-ace - DHD/Inspire, a place to hang out and generally talk about anything pertaining to these devices. Thanks to synergydev.
#AceRoot - S-OFF support, Thanks to Glevitan

XDA University

[Lists]Guide Ride-From a Newbie to a Dev, Get all you need here

Android Debug Bridge.


[RC9] ULTIMATIC RC6! [EXE]-=Ultimate Jar Power Tools=-With Maximum MultiTasking Mods!

Hboot explained. thanks to cee43ja1 for the links.

[COLLECTION][TWEAKS]build.prop tweaks[8 JUNE]
[REF][TWEAKS] Kernel Governors, Modules, I/O Schedulers, CPU Tweaks, AIO App Configs
a list of build.prop tweaks
Android Terms,Slang & Definitions

{HELP} Interactive Help Forum!{TUTORIALS} Where questions are encouraged!
[Reference] Interactive Phone Modification [GUIDE]

RUU (ROM Upgrade Utility): How to extract files from a RUU.

[HOW TO] Beginners Guide to Android ROM Development
[Guide]Complete Android ROM development and essential tutorials ~~ By Nero Young ~~
[GUIDE] How to port Stock/GB/CM7/CM9/ICS/CM10/JB Based ROMs
[Tutorial] Compile JB on Ubuntu
[Tutorial] Compile ICS on Ubuntu
[Tutorial][Oct. 19, 2011] Compile AOSP Gingerbread on Ubuntu
[Guide] How to use Github
[Guide] How to set up ADB and Build Android with fedora KDE

dsixda's Android Kitchen
[Kitchen] Easy Development Studio
Ultimate Apk Workshop
[MULTI-TOOL] StudioAndroid (cross-platform)
[CM10] [PPA] Cyanogenmod Compiler v0.6
[UTILITY] Android Utility - [apktool|dex2jar|smali|more][Mac & Linux][Feb13, 2012]
[KITCHEN]Android Kernel Kitchen 0.3.1 (Linux / Windows)

[INFO] WaccoPedia - Sharing is Caring Thanks to hdorius for the link.

A quick tutorial on SplashScreens by Glevitan

[ATTN - ALL ANDROID DEVS] General Public License
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9th August 2012, 09:39 PM |#4  
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And it has moderator approval, so please only report posts if they actually require attention.
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9th August 2012, 11:16 PM |#5  
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Yes let the fun begin

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10th August 2012, 02:34 AM |#6  
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I'm a Noob, and I appreciate the help.

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10th August 2012, 03:43 AM |#7  
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The present document pretends to guide the noobs and not so noobs in their flashing / modding / theming way. It covers what the team thought is the basic stuff you should be in knowledge of and may be the most helpful. Any suggestions about the contents or stuff that you think should be included are welcomed, just let us know.

Guide Index

1.Basic Stuff: In this section you will find the common language that is related to Android / HTC Ace devices. This is fundamental for you to understand how things work.


3.Fixing a messed bootloader: You are not good at listening advices or reading for comprehension. You flashed a froyo RUU or hboot in your GB shipped device? Thank God attn1 was around. This is the Hboot fix for you. All credits go for the Hack Kit Channel devs. I have not done anything but put it here

4.HTCDEV tool: So far, this is the best and only way to do the flashing stuff....

5.Unrooting: In case you need to take your phone to the service centre or lost your mind and want the stock rom back (is there anybody that actually does? ) ) you will find everything you need to know here.

6.Flashing roms: The right steps to flash successfully a custom rom…you can´t miss it. If you do, then you haven´t read carefully.

7.Doing / Restoring a nandroid backup: In case you mess it or you don't like what you get on a new rom, a nand backup is what will save your A**. Follow the path and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

8.Radio / RILs: All the radio / RILs related issues, follow this or you will regret it!!

9.Kernels: Everything you always wanted to know about kernels but you didn't dare to ask. Links on line now..

10.Trouble shooting: I guess this will be the most visited section of the guide. OF COURSE YOU DIDN´T READ THE ABOVE. NOW YOU ARE HERE BUDDY FIX YOURSELF A GOOD READ

11.Customization: For those who would like to start customizing your devices, here you will find a good point of start but THIS IS JUST THE BEGUINNING [/QUOTE]

12.Battery drain issues: I HAVE FLASHED A NEW ROM AND MY BATTERY IS DRAINING WAY TO FASSSSSST!. Well that could be normal, just read and learn before you run out of

Find the document here:
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10th August 2012, 04:28 AM |#8  
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FAQ & Notice
  • What Is the Best Battery,Performance GB/ICS/JB ROM?
    There is no best ROM, the opinion of each ROM is different from one person to the other, it is subjective.
  • Is there a recommended Radio for ROM x?
    There isn't a recommended radio for any ROM, since the Radio depends where you live, it is best to test each one for a few days to see which one works best for you.
  • Can I Flash RIL For AOSP ROM?
    No, the RIL is sense based ROM,AOSP RIL is provided in the ROM
  • How Can I Boot in Recovery/Bootloader if My Volume Rocker is Broken?
    You must setup adb and then the command:
    adb reboot recovery/bootloader
  • Why Don't We Have Any OFFICIAL CM9 ROM?
    Because the CM team always makes everything work (camera, camcorder, etc) and since we don't have the kernel 3.0 source, there isn't any OFFICIAL CM ROM from them.
  • Is There Any Official Rooted Sense 3.0 ROM?
    Yes, There it is

Notice when Posting On the Dev Thread :
  • Please Read the First Post, It Usually Stated What's Working and Not Working
  • Don't Post Any THANKS, just use the thanks button
  • Don't Even Ask ETA of the ROM, the ROM will update when it's ready
  • Full Wipe Is Recommended when Updating the ROM, but also can try it without (this is basic,even if it's not stated on 1st post)
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10th August 2012, 12:51 PM |#9  
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ADB is easy, very simple to use. Its the CLI interface that most cannot get used to and are afraid of.
A great XDA guide/overview on ADB here. --> [GUIDE] ADB - Usage, Tips, Tricks and More!
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10th August 2012, 05:44 PM |#10  
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After a full wipe including sd card, to restore a backup mount sd card to pc, create the folder "clockworkmod/backup" place backup there - unmount, flash.

Is there a way to flash a backup using adb? If yes, do the folders need to be created or not and what would the command be? I couldn't find an answer for that.

Edit: Answer is no. Why? I have no clue.

Sent from a dream.
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