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By tomin.fhl, Senior Member on 17th August 2012, 08:45 AM
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Greetings folks. Been playing with my T-Mobile Galaxy Note for about a week and thought I would put together a little basket of goodies and quick starts to make the transition a little easier for the rest of us. I will keep this short and sweet. Follow up rooting guides posted in post 2. If these help, don't forget to hit the thanks button and/or donate. For anything that's not my work, I'll post/clean up the sources/credits/references tonight. Also, I am testing out a new online storage facility, so mirror these as soon as you can since I might have to bring it down in a month or so. If you need anything that's not here, just ask.

1. This post is intended for the T879 only. Some tweaks are necessary to get a full port of the build/baseband from the T-mobile Note to the AT&T Note. Stay tuned.
2. As is common knowledge, you use of any of these files/guides at your own risk and I am not responsible for any damages your may incur in doing so.

1. T-Mobile Note Goodies
i. This is the latest build from the OTA update. It has been pre-rooted with the Super user, su, and busybox 1.21 installed. Flash this through ODIN. It will not increase your flash counter. Thanks to roloracer for doing for the i717 first and letting me know this was possible!
i. This is the stock T-Mobile recovery for the T879. If you rooted using rotohammer's UVLF5 nandroid backup then you are likely stock with the UVLF5 build and cannot get the OTA update to complete because you don't have the stock T-Mobile recovery. Flash this recovery to revert to stock recovery, then the OTA update will complete without aborting and bring you to the UVLG3 build/baseband combo.
ii. After you complete the OTA update, flash the pre-rooted system image in 1.b. above for easy root.
iii. N.B. If you used Android Revolution's nandroid backup and you already have the UVLG3 build but not the UVLG3 baseband, the OTA update will not initiate because it thinks your phone is already completely updated. Flash the radio below to get the updated baseband to match the UVLG3 build. Speeds are best for me with the matching build/baseband.
c. T879-UVLG3 Modem - | I717-UVLG3 Modem -
i. This is the latest modem from the OTA update. Flash through CWM.
i. Most useful for folks trying to get AT&T Galaxy Note roms to boot on the T879. Flash this in ODIN. I managed to get DAGr8's AOKP CM9 rom to boot and it was functional except for mounting external_sd so some tweaks are needed. May post a guide on what I did.
i. If you flashed CWM through ODIN you tripped the flash counter. Use this to reset it to zero. Thanks to braway for this for the i717.
i. Self explanatory. If you don't care about the flash counter, or you are going to reset it, flash this through ODIN to get up CWM recovery up and running.
g. Super User CWM -
i. Self explanatory. If you don't care about the flash counter, or you are going to reset it, flash this through CWM recovery to get root.
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17th August 2012, 08:50 AM |#2  
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Rooting Guides
General Guides

How to get T-Mobile 879 Galaxy Note into download mode

To get the T-Mobile phone into download mode it MUST be connected via usb to your computer first. Then hold volume button up and down while turning the phone on. When the warning prompt come up, press the volume up button.

Rooting guides.

If you're like most people and couldn't care less about tripping the flash counter (especially since you can reverse it) rooting is easy.
1. Apply the OTA update
2. Download the odin flashable CWM touch recovery in bullet item f. in post 1.
3. Flash that through ODIN
4. Download the super user zip in bulllet point g. of post 1 and flash through CWM. You should now be rooted. Alternatively, download a rooted custom rom - karryt has a UVLG3 build posted here I think that rom is rooted. If not just apply the super user zip after installing that rom.
5. If you did not complete the OTA update as stated in 1. before flashing CWM or a custom rom, download the modem in bullet point c. in post 1.
6. Now, download the flash counter reset in e. in post 1 and flash through CWM to reset your flash counter.
7. That's it. You should be cooking. When more roms pop up, you will have your phone in CWM all the time flashing roms and missing calls like a player.
8. Thank rotohammer, Android Revolution, karryt, and easyguy for getting the ball rolling doing all this and posting about it. Thank braway for flash counter reset. Thank me too ( it's just a button ).

If you have an unrooted t-mobile note and you want root without tripping the counter:
1. Apply the OTA update now when you still have the stock recovery.
  • Do that first. If you wait until after flashing CWM you won't be able to get OTA and will have to use another method (easy enough) to update your phone
2. After your OTA update successfully completes, download the pre-rooted stock image to your computer
3. Flash that image in odin. To do that:
  • i. Put your phone in download mode.
  • ii. Click the PDA button and select the tar ball you downloaded
  • iii. Make certain only "Auto-reboot" and "F. Reset time" are selected
  • iv. Click start
4. Let the phone reboot
5. Now you should be rooted but WAIT. You cannot use any custom roms just yet. now you need CWM.
6. If you want CWM but are paranoid about tripping the flash counter:
  • i. Download rom manager from market and use rom manager to flash CWM - Select the version for the i717 if a T879 is not yet available
  • ii. Now you have CWM and can create your nandroid backups and get started flashing custom roms.
  • iii. If you prefer CWM Touch, download if from the list in post 1 (fourth in the list) and flash it through CWM.
7. Thank rololancer for showing us i717 folks this was possible. Thank me too

Running T-Mobile T879 Stock rom and radio on the i717

*EDIT: Had to change these instructions a bit

1. Download the pre-rooted image (first in the list above)
2. Download the odin flashable boot.img
3. Put your phone in download mode
4. Start odin.
5. Flash the pre-rooted image
6. Your phone will reboot - keep holding the volume down button so you get back into download mode
7. If you miss download mode, the phone will try to boot but you will end up at a blank screen
7. Turn off the phone, remove the battery, reinsert the batter and power on the phone while holding the volume down button. This will get you back into download mode.
8. Now that you are back in download mode, start odin
9. Start odin
10. Flash the odin flashable boot image from post 1
11. Lastly reboot into CWM and flash the radio for the i717 from here this brew in CWM.
12. That's it.
13. No promises on improvements especially upload speeds. Like I said on jeet's thread ... "Not much of a speed improvement though. The T-mobile Note gives me 10-16Mb down and .8-1.2 Mb up. Best I have gotten with the modem on the I717 is 6.7Mbs down and .4 Mbs up and that is with a fully stock T-Mobile rom running on the AT&T note so the T-mobile lib files are being used. When I flashed the radio on an AT&T i717 rom - AOKP CM9, so lib files built for the i717 were being used, the results were about the same. So, the radio/rom themselves don't present that much of an improvement, but the complete T-Mobile Note definitely gave me more love in the speed department. Still funny though that I cannot get past 1.2Mbs on uploads. Anyhow, seems unless someone is able to edit the amss.bin without breaking the signature, that's the best we can get out of the i717 for now."

EDIT: Got 10Mbs and 8 Mbs down on this modem consecutively, then 3Mbs down. Uploads still 500kps. Then another 9Mbs, so teh modem seems capable of pulling high speeds, just not as consistently as the T879. On the T879 I can hit 9Mpbs and above consistently. Uploads vary between 800kbs and 1.2Mbs.

EDIT2: Last edit. Downloads are more consistently in the 8Mbs - 10Mbs range now with some 3-4Mbs in there.Attached are two speed test screen shots to give you an idea.

Booting I717 AT&T Galaxy Note Roms s

Ok, I have only tried this with DAGr8's AOKP CM9. It boots and is useable but there is an issue with mounting the external sdcard which I was working on but ran out of time. Anyhow, these are the steps to get it booted.

1. Get the rom flashable zip
2. Get CWM specifically for the I717. This will save you a lot of trouble because most devs use assert checks to verify the you're installing the rom on the "correct" device (in this case the i717 not the T879. Safety first, but it can be a pain. I don't think I have that file on the server so do a quick search on the I717 forum for the quincy-att cwm.
3. Flash the rom in CWM
4. Flash the T-mobile boot.img in odin. Alternatively, restore your boot.img from CWM from a T879 backup.
5. Reboot. Don't be alarmed if there is no boot logo (AOKP unicorn). So long as the second Samsung logo pops up at some state ... the one that glows, the rom will continue to boot and you should soon be greeted by the home screen.
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17th August 2012, 09:23 AM |#3  
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you are the man tomin!
17th August 2012, 11:25 AM |#4  
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can it be posible to have a custom rom with togles , i have a hard time going to recovery on tmobile note , i have i717
17th August 2012, 11:55 AM |#5  
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Update! flash on my i717m and its turned into a slow phone lol! well maybe I will just give the modem a try and see if that fixes it
thank you very much!
downloading now and will give it a go!
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17th August 2012, 12:34 PM |#6  
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please excuse my ignorance. Can i flash this on my rooted and sim unlocked ATT note i1717?
I am on tmobile using att note.
17th August 2012, 01:24 PM |#7  
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So i have a tmobile note.......and as far as flashing the stock recovery image how would i flash..... do i flash through odin? Because odin wont recognize unless its in tar form or do i just send it to a zip file and flash through cwm?
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17th August 2012, 01:46 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by Alicklee

Update! flash on my i717m and its turned into a slow phone lol! well maybe I will just give the modem a try and see if that fixes it
thank you very much!
downloading now and will give it a go!

Wrong reply. OK, I went ahead and gave it a shot on my i717 and it ran pretty smoothly after giving the T-mobile bloatware a chance to settle down. Check post 2 for what I did.
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17th August 2012, 03:11 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by recepo1

So i have a tmobile note with the stock recovery image how would i flash is it through odin? Because odin wont recognize unless its in tar form or do i just send it to a zip file and flash through cwm?

Yes, you would flash it through odin. It's only for people who don't want to trip the flash counter. Look at the rooting guides in post 2 and decide which method is best for you. Most people will opt for the nice and easy method in the first guide.
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17th August 2012, 03:13 PM |#10  
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Im on a rooted att note.... What would be the recommended way?
I also dont know what flash counter or tripping flash counter is lol
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