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This program is meant to create tiles to the Windows 8/8.1 start screen.

I created it in using SharpDevelop, it works for all programs/folder/files/websites.

The program will store the image files inside the folder "C:\Program Files\OblyTile" and create the Shortcut .LNK file inside the StartMenu folder.

If you want to remove a Tile, right click it on the start screen/menu and select "Remove From Start" or select a tile on the OblyTile Created Tile list and press the recycle bin button located on bottom right of OblyTile.

OblyTile has support for command line, you can check the list of available commands by running OblyTile with the "/?" as argument.

To remove OblyTile and revert to default windows settings you have to run OblyTile as administrator and click the Remove button located in the settings menu [Click the Wrench icon on top of OblyTile to access the settings menu]

Old Versions:
OblyTile v0.5 (ChangeLog)
OblyTile v0.7/0.7.1 (ChangeLog)
OblyTile v0.8 (ChangeLog)
OblyTile v0.8.2 (ChangeLog)
OblyTile v0.8.6 (ChangeLog)
OblyTile v0.8.8 (ChangeLog)
OblyTile v0.9 (ChangeLog)
OblyTile v0.9.1 (ChangeLog)
OblyTile v0.9.5 (ChangeLog)
OblyTile v0.9.7 (ChangeLog)
OblyTile v0.9.8 (ChangeLog)

Latest Version:
OblyTile v0.9.9

  • [Win 8.1] Added ability to pin the Tiles at different Sizes when created/edited. [Via UI or Command Line Arguments]
  • [Win 8.1] OblyTile will now export and import tiles in correct order and size. [No groups]
  • Added "Desktop" in the QuickList.
  • New tiles will be shown with proper name and icon on Classic Shell. [32px icon only]
  • Enhanced the OblyTile "Remove" function. [You can find it in the Settings menu]
  • Tile exporter will create a new backup folder just in case you want to keep old backups.
  • Possible fix for the Browser/Home keyboard button not opening the correct web browser.
  • Possible fix for the loop issue that causes OblyTile to open itself multiple times. (Thanks to Steel Froggy)
  • Fixed issue with the tile preview showing double borders.
  • Fixed issue with the Windows Store Apps list not being able to create desktop/taskbar shortcuts for certain apps.
  • Fixed other minor stuffs.
  • Small changes to the UI. [Dpi, Transitions, Context Menu]
Known Issues:
  • Make a backup of your tiles before upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, you might lose your custom tiles during the process of upgrade. (Thanks to LLJKRevol)
  • Tiles which contain accented letters in the tile name can be edited only by OblyTile v0.9.8 and above.
  • In order to launch the Immersive mode of your web browser by using a tile made with OblyTile, be sure to close the desktop version of it.
  • If the Browser/Home button doesn't work properly, open OblyTile and press the second button on top of OblyTile. (Rebuild cache)
  • If the tiles are not showed properly (a normal icon is showed) open OblyTile and press the second button on top of OblyTile. (Rebuild cache)
  • If the tiles are visible only on the "App" side of the start screen (Windows 8.1) open OblyTile and press the second button on top of OblyTile. (Rebuild cache)
  • Changing web browser will show multiple entry of Internet Explorer, Use "Set Default Programs" in Control Panel to change your default web browser and then press the Rebuild Cache button on OblyTile.
  • If "Rebuild cache" does not work, try >> this <<
  • In case of the error Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.ValidateKeyName or similar, try >> this <<
  • If the tile will not react when you click it (the program or file will not be opened) follow those steps VBScript - Fix
  • OblyTile does not work on some WinPE/WimBoot installations
Tested on:
Windows 8.1 Professional Build 9600 - 32/64 Bit
Windows 8.1 Core Build 9600 - 64 Bit (Thanks to Timo)
Windows 8 Professional Build 9200 - 32/64 Bit
Windows 8 Enterprise Build 9200 - 32/64 Bit
Microsoft Surface RT 32GB /w Jailbreak (Thanks to netham45)

Use this program at your own risk.

md5 Hash:

Download from:

OblyTile v0.9.9.exe

OblyTile v0.9.9.exe

OblyTile v0.9.9.exe

OblyTile v0.9.9.exe

App Images:
Click image for larger version

Name:	OblyTile v0.9.9.gif
Views:	17400
Size:	108.9 KB
ID:	2877100 Click image for larger version

Name:	Update 0.9.5 - 2.jpg
Views:	24948
Size:	25.4 KB
ID:	2362073 Click image for larger version

Name:	OblyTile v0.9.1 Screen 2.jpg
Views:	35686
Size:	88.1 KB
ID:	1837929 Click image for larger version

Name:	OblyTile v0.8.8 Quick List.jpg
Views:	62603
Size:	118.8 KB
ID:	1505786 Click image for larger version

Name:	OblyTile v0.7 - 1.jpg
Views:	74704
Size:	143.7 KB
ID:	1404991 Click image for larger version

Name:	OblyTile v0.7 - 2.jpg
Views:	52962
Size:	33.7 KB
ID:	1358506
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