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Aftermarket Batteries

15th October 2012, 02:58 PM |#11  
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The thing I've read about these batteries is they don't have a shelf life. Meaning as soon as they are made they start to depreciate. Then they sell the old ones on e bay, amazon at reduced prices as they don't last as long as a freshly hot off the press battery.

I have never had any luck in buying a extra mha rating battery, having it last an extra long time. I got Chinese 2500mah it don't last that long, and then I went and got a high capacity gold 2430mah it only last as long as a 1750mah , rather I have no idea how long normal is, as I got my infuse at a pawn shop used, battery last about 5-6 hours, normal usage, but what is normal? What is the basis of comparison? I mostly use it for movies, and wifi and, angry birds which eat my battery up.

My theory is the more you pay the younger they are, a 4 dollar batter last less then a 10th dollar battery. But I don't have the monies to buy every battery in all the price ranges to test and do all that techy stuff. To me it is just a grip shoot. Hit or miss.
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16th October 2012, 03:11 AM |#12  
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All batteries age during use.
Aging factors are temperature and also voltage.
I think temperature is well known but I don't hear as many people talk about voltage.
Charging your phone to 100% and leaving it on the charger encourages aging.

Some of the cheapo's are not as resistant to aging as the stock batteries. Common story is they work fine for the first day or two and then start to noticeably lose capacity. I noticed that when I tried out the Fujei battery.

Adding to the whole mess as you alluded... evaluating battery life quantitatively is not an easy deal. My usage varies every day.
I get a rough feeling when my battery life is fading but it's subtle.
Battery Monitor Widget has a feature where it estimates your actual 100% battery capacity in milli-Amp-hours (1750 = factory spec but actual will be different and will decrease over time as the battery ages). I think that if you use BMW and allow your phone an uninterrupted charge from low voltage like 20% up to 100% (without using the phone during that period), then it will develop a pretty good estimate of your battery 100% milli-amp-hour capacity (because our phone does have a charging current monitor which BMW accesses, but it does not have a battery discharge current monitor). That's a lot of work, but probably not a bad thing to do once a month to keep track of your capacity so you'd see a trend like 1750 one month, 1700 the next month, etc. I might start doing that some day..
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17th October 2012, 07:22 AM |#13  
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3500mAh Battery

It's been a week, and my battery life is going UP. I plugged in today, and at 1931 hrs today, I still had 61% of my battery life left. I have not had any appreciable decline in battery life, nor reduction in longivity. With the stock battery, my phone is completely dead by 1715. I unplug daily at 0800. My battery life has easily doubled by purchasing a no-name battery from an Ebay seller. I'm quite impressed with it, and I spent $80 on an extended battery when I had my TP2.
18th October 2012, 09:07 AM |#14  
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Has anyone try those 2500 mah batteries from ebay? I am interest in buying those since they are only 4 USD each. What do you guys think?
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