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HTC Flagship 2012 - HTC One X (Endeavor) - Tegra 3 - Mega Information Thread

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By hamdir, Recognized Contributor on 2nd February 2012, 09:42 AM
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1st November 2012, 10:59 AM |#9991  
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Originally Posted by timlambo

Make that 10001.

Thanks Hamdir and all who participated. This is by far the most informative thread on the hox forum and probably in xda also.

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at breaks at work this is the only thread i actually bother replying and reading apart from my ones now.. well done to hamdir...and i have to say to everyone hamdir deserves the 10000 post...although i would prefer to take it but he deserves the honour
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1st November 2012, 10:59 AM |#9992  
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1000 pages and 9994 posts

are we counting pages or posts? im confused
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1st November 2012, 11:00 AM |#9993  
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1st November 2012, 11:02 AM |#9994  
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Originally Posted by hamdir

1000 pages and 9994 posts

are we counting pages or posts? im confused

Don't worry the 10k post is yours. : )

I can't wait to see, what is going to be.
1st November 2012, 11:04 AM |#9995  
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well i think im gonna put my grim T3 + HTC One X gaming conclusion in it
1st November 2012, 11:04 AM |#9996  
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Originally Posted by hamdir

well we still need to fill the posts

two more to go
1st November 2012, 11:05 AM |#9997  
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Originally Posted by pradeepvizz

Checking does not indicate anything expect Taiwan.

Apost in another thread with a great reference to know where the update is out to officially. It's from. HTC new getting started thing that is available in sense +.
Keep an eye open there for official news on ota guys
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1st November 2012, 11:06 AM |#9998  
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post #10000

so we all know by now whats good about Tegra 3 (CPU) and what's bad (GPU)

gaming wise you need the software to really extract everything possible out of it right?

well One X owners have been unlucky on this front, they are getting it from all sides really, a combination of many factors ruining their gaming experience

- HTC's own CPU governor needed to be fixed, so we had to work and create gaming boost, even good optimized Tegra games needed this fix to run well

- The kernel needed to have few fixes, so we rallied kernel dev's to make amends, GPU unlock, quad lock, refresh rate boost etc

- While Tegra 3 40nm is fine for a tablet, it is a very hot SOC for a smartphone, unlike most other SOCs there is no real room for OC, not mention using the chip at its max speed eats the battery

- The One X+ is even hotter running at 1700mhz and any addition to the battery was a waste

- Gameloft decided to declare war on Tegra 3 and never really supported it well

- On the bright side lots of good devs did support Tegra 3 but i'm so used to custom kernels + boost that i no longer know if they do run well on stock

Which brings me to my point, even if a dev supported Tegra 3 many times they simply neglect to support the One X, being maybe the only really selling Tegra 3 phone, many THD games like Zombie driver, Aurlax and crazy machines are actually optimized for tablets and sometimes even show as incompatible for the One X

Now recently Need for speed most wanted was released and it runs smooth but for some reason slow, it was shown to run better on the Nexus 7 so it seems as the final blow we have to take, sometimes games that do get configured for Tegra 3 don't identify the One X properly and run worse

so I've decided to do some testing on my purely stock Nexus 7 running Android 4.1.2, keep in mind the stock N7 is 1200mhz quad and 416mhz GPU, no root and not one attempt to boost things

Need for Speed most wanted
Runs indeed better, very smooth, slightly faster, still not fast enough but its definitely much better, also there is no motion blur effect on boost which means the game is running in a different configuration which is allowing it to run better, so if you are pissed about this ask EA to fix it for the One X

Beach Buggy Blitz
Runs pretty well, previously on custom firmware and kernel it ran worse than my One X, but on 4.1.2 and latest 1.1 update its running very well on stock, even in full graphics slider it achieves 30fps stable

RipeTide GP
Anything higher then the medium slider and you loose the sexy 60fps

Nova 3 1.0.2
Yes its running in half effects and yes its around 30fps but its much more enjoyable on the N7 there is no disastrous lag

Zombie driver THD
Very smooth game despite the quad usage, impossible to play on the One X due to the tablet layout and needs boost on the One X, it has two modes of control a virtual stick and keys, both not perfect

Sumioni HD
Maybe the most beautiful game on Tegra, runs perfectly sadly controls seems again made for tablets, more fun on the N7

Of course the One X screen is massively more beautiful and the Nexus 7 can never match it, especially in games running in lower resolution like Horn but fact is; while remaining completely stock; you can simply download games and play them without half the struggle and effort we do in here

so where does this takes us? do we blame Nvidia or HTC or all of us? guess we have to blame everyone

Tegra 3's super CPU had a GPU going against it from day on, we knew it before the release of the One X and practice showed it was all true, here Nvidia is to blame

HTC makes the situation worse, they never really care about gaming, i've had this ondemand CPU governor issue on my Desire, Desire HD and even Sensation, i've had to mess with CPU governor for all these devices, this in part due to their libraries originating from their qualcomm days so qualcomm is also at fault lol meanwhile the Nexus 7 pure JB doesn't seem to have this issue, while many of you confirmed it's still there in the leaked JB One X rom, finally no one can deny the super heavy morphing/addition that HTC does to Android will always consume more resources and reduce optimal performance

Now they are pushing for 1080p screen, the day we have an actually good GPU on Android, they waste it again with doubled screen resolution and before you say games will run up-scaled, so far 90% of the devs chosen to simply run their games at full screen resolution despite the heavy fps cost

and us? why are we complaining about Tegra? we knew all this from the begining, its actually all here in the conclusion i wrote in the 29th of March

So i've reached a conclusion the One X is everything it is, a super smartphone, incredibly fast CPU and memory, tons of storage, gorgeous build and design, a screen that is the envy of all others, a flawed camera but many times it's just the best camera for the moment due to the excellent shutter speed, real-time effects, color correction and HDR, software wise HTC has been slaving to tweak the hell out of it, finally the battery is subjective to your usage due to the lower power core

This leaves us with gaming, 2D gaming is incredible on the phone, lots of 3D THD games run very well on it, simpler 3D games and even many other non shader heavy games like contract killer and virtua tennis

But for the latest and greatest 3D games the One X is simply a failure despite its insane benchmarks scores and superphone status, its time to submit to this fact and stop agonizing about it

The Nexus 4 is a much better device for those who want much less headache, the processor/gpu/memory/screen are all at the right balance, software is light and will be supported directly from the OS creator (no one can match this one)

It will lack the charm, class and usefulness of HTC and it's Sense but there is no denying you will get peace of mind

I've decided from now on to try the game on my One X if it doesn't run well, i try it on my N7 and if its still bad i simply let go of it, its an inescapable problem of the android ecosystem

no more tweaking, no more analyzing and certainly no more fixing

come JB i might very well just stick to stock kernel

and the future? i'm pretty sure Tegra 4 will be excellent, but my problem is how can i get both worlds of HTC's build/design/sense and performance on a smartphone without headache, for now this seems an impossible task and i might very well break and submit to Nexus

The One X is still very powerful and beautiful as a smartphone to let go of and i'm still looking forward to use/enjoy JB and Sense 4+

Tegra 4 will be mine, but most likely on a tablet for this ill be keeping my Nexus 7 which is surprisingly i'm enjoying a lot more in its locked state
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1st November 2012, 11:09 AM |#9999  
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Originally Posted by hamdir

ok 10000 reserved lol

the actual post coming up haha

Congratulation, reserve post (lol).: p

I'll.come back after 30 mins.


Congratulation on your #10,000 wonderful post. It is really an great opportunity to thanks you for this informative thread. I knew, I have been recently replying here, but I was following this thread since a long time ago. I consider this thread as mobile rss thread, which is a good thing.

Back on topic,
I can't seem to see, why no developer decided to develop for an "AHB" interface to overclock Tegra 3. This in my opinion, would be one of the best things to have in a custom kernel (for those who are interested in overclocking).

About the Nexus: AOSP/CM *ugly pure* themes, and Sense, the solution would to use MIUI roms. A pretty rom, that hardly anyone could say otherwise. Which translates to; you will enjoy a pretty looking rom and having a good performance.

(I think this is the longest thing I wrote with touch).
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1st November 2012, 11:10 AM |#10000  
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Darn! I wanted that coveted spot! Anyways congratulations buddy on this milestone! Cheers! (Atleast I got the start-of-the-millennium post )

EDIT: Ok the second one!
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