Default MicroSIM to Regular SIM Conversion with Pictures (For fun, lol.)

Hey guys, I mostly use Android phones, have the S3, got this HD7 in a trade.

Anyway, the S3 has a micro SIM card, so I can't use it here, don't have an adapter so me and my girlfriend decided to make one, lol.

We were bored so meh, I have like 5 T-Mobile SIM cards laying around, so yeah..

This is what we did.

Original regular sized SIM card:

Original Micro sized SIM card:

Regular sized and Micro sized SIM:

Taped them together:

Cut the outline out:

Taped my S3 micro SIM into the newly made adapter:

Yay, it worked!

||Phone: Google Nexus 5 (Hammerhead)
||Additional Memory: None
||ROM: Android 4.4 KitKat
||Kernel: Nexus 5 Faux Kernel

Tablet: ASUS Nexus 7 16GB||
Additional Memory: None||
ROM: CM10.2 Nightlies||
Kernel: Stock Tweaked||