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[Q] HP Touchpad BT Keyboard pairing with Android phone / other devices? *solved*

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Has anyone had trouble getting their HP TouchPad BT keyboard to pair with their TouchPad (whether in webOS or Android) reliably? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I'd say it's about 50/50 as to whether it'll pair at any given time.

At home when I'm not using the TouchPad, I leave it sitting on the kitchen island in front of the BT keyboard. When I want to check a Web site or send an email, I sit down, turn on the TP, and tap a key on the keyboard to pair them. Again, this works about half the time. Sometimes I can resolve the issue by toggling the switch on the battery compartment (is that definitely a switch and not just a slide lock for the battery compartment?!), and when that doesn't work I've even popped the batteries out of the keyboard and put them back in. Sometimes that doesn't even work and I have to delete and re-add the pairing.

Has this been anyone else's experience? If so, have you found a solution for it? If not, are you using some other way to get the tablet and the keyboard to pair reliably?
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Ok, so with the help listed herein I was able to get the HP BT Kbd to pair w/my Touchpad 32MB running CM7.1 A3.5. Is there a keyboard combination to simulate ESC or the Arrow Back from the softkey bar at the bottom of the tablet? I am running SwiftKey X and have not tried the native keyboard as of yet. CAPS LOCK is among several of the physical keys not working, so if there is a sequence for that too I am interested to know. Thanks.
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Paired perfectly for me as well asked me to enter a random code it dispkayed , entered it then hit enter and was connected on sgs2

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Is it also possible to have 2 pairings stored with different devices and just use one active at a time?

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Does this only work on Cyanogen? I have a an Optimus T (rooted) and I can get the keyboard to pair, but it shows the status as "paired but not connected" and the keyboard is not working.
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Originally Posted by somting View Post
I just paired my HP TouchPad Keyboard to my Droid X by doing this:

1) Turn on the HP TouchPad Keyboard (Power button is a slider on the end of the battery compartment)

2) If you have an HP TouchPad paired with the Keyboard, disable Bluetooth on the TouchPad

3) Enable Bluetooth on the device you want to pair (menu, settings, Wireless, put a check in the Bluetooth box)

4) Go to Bluetooth settings and scan for devices
* You should see the HP TouchPad Keyboard - if not, scan again. It took me a couple tries for some reason.

5) Your phone should prompt you to enter a code. Type 0000 and attempt to pair with the keyboard

6) Immediately after step 5 (while it is trying to pair), press 0000 <enter> on the keyboard.

I didn't use any special apps, but my Droid X is running Gingerbread.

Good luck!
Typing in 0000 on my Atrix (Stock Moto ROM) then typing 0000 <enter/return key> on the keyboard got the pairing to complete for me!
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Was thinking about getting this for my HP Touchpad. Currently I have webos and CM9 Build. I was wondering if it works with CM9?
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I've paired my Touchpad keyboard with my Motorola Defy+ and my HTC phone but I can't work out a way of opening the phone's menu using the keyboard. Anyone had any success with this?
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Doesnt work for me with TP nightly build Oct 28 using the built in BT or the offered solution.

Pairs just fine with Nook Color with latest CM9 nightly though...
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