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Shadowgun: DeadZone Add me & Discussion

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By krazeecracker, Senior Member on 3rd November 2012, 05:10 PM
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14th December 2012, 04:27 PM |#1231  
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What I posted in MF forum........... warning: wall of text incoming.

Ok, I'm changing this thread from weapon spreadsheet to generic tactics and newbie guide.

So let's start with my spreadsheet first:

Assault and Energy Weapon

Not all weapons, I know, but it does work for most players. It has my comments on each as well, I'll leave it at that.

The rest:
MK2 GRENADES - 250 Damages
Mine - 200 Damages
Turret I - 7 Damages at
Turret II - 7.5 Damages at

all the stats above are FACTS (ie. I got them from the game). The next section is ASSUMPTION. Take it with a grain of salt. This is strictly from my estimation from observing the gameplay.


your health is 200 points. Adding the health perks gives an additional 10/20% more.
Body shot damages are the weapon damages, while head shot damage is triple the weapon damage.

So let's take Agony for example. a fully upgraded Agony is 60.5. this means you need 3 - 4 clean body shots to down somebody.
Headshots count as triple-damage. meaning, somebody will NOT go down in one Agony headshot unless they're wounded.
A regular assault 30 - 40 dmg needs 5 - 7 shots to kill (unless you hit the head at one of those shots).
This means 250-damage Grenade or 200-damage mine will kill you in one hit. But grenade plus the sh$tstorm has splash damages, so they might wound you if they go off close to you.
And also means somebody shot you in the face with Doomhammer, you're pretty much f*cked. (especially if one of those pellets hits you in the face).
NOTE: All of these observations are dismissing network/lag factor. All the above assumes there are no lags.

Now, onto Zone Control Tips
DISCLAIMER: These are my opinions. Feel free to disagree or add your thoughts and I might incorporate some of them to my post. Thank you in advance.

Basic Stuff
There are 2 teams that competes against each other. Each team starts with 200 "spawn point tickets". These tickets will count down (bleed) if and only if your team holds LESS FLAGS than the other team. The bigger the difference in number of flags controlled, the faster the ticket bleeds.
You will also lose a ticket when somebody from your team respawned from dying.
You control a flag by staying close to such flag WHILE there are no enemies within that area as well. Flags will not switch if you have even a single enemy in the area. Having more people from the same team will flip the flag faster.

Aside from the standard 100-points per kill and partial damage points, you get points from Controlling/Neutralizing a flag.
100 points are awarded when you FULLY neutralize or control a flag. Meaning, if a flag is "half-way" (perhaps because an enemy try to flip it?) and you flip it back, you get 0 points. You either flip it completely (from enemy to neutral or neutral to yours) or you get nothing.

My thoughts on each map:


Playing from E:
- You need to get D. Pronto. C is important, yes, but don't forget about D.
- if EVERYONE are rushing to C, then i'll take my time to cover D, naturally.
- if ONE person going to D, i'll take caution in approaching C. most likely from the top, never stop moving to avoid sniper. If you die, and the one person got rushed, and D falls to the enemy. You might as well camp E for the rest of the game...
- if more than one person going to D, i'll rush my ass straight to flag to cap it and/or survive as much as i can in C.

now, if my team has D and E and we're having trouble capturing C (often the case):

- if there's at least 1 camper (either in the D flag area or bridge - not the silly little hut where you can be sniped all the way from the other side of C or nade from the bottom of bridge), then i'll try to rush from the bottom (always easier than up top), go out of the other end of C bridge, and kill anyone who spawned and didn't think anyone managed to rush past the whole bridge. then just stay survive and hope your team has a better chance to rush C.
- if everyone's trying to rush, then i would camp to protect D. best spot? up the bridge behind the flag, behind right side cover (if looking towards C). it's too far for nades but you can cover the whole area efficiently. incidentally, this is also the spot to camp when you are attacking E! just drop a turret on the main path as indicator for incoming enemy, and hide behind the cover looking towards C.
- bottomline, keep trying (don't camp everyone!) and do NOT loose D. if you lose D, chances are you will get wiped. somebody can easily stay in D (see point above) to cover attacks from either end.
- aside from holding 3 out of 5 flags, i believe D is the most important (due to being easiest to defend) flag. hold D and you can cap E. hold D and E, and if your team isn't full of cowards, you can get C without needing to worry about your base. holding D is easier to sneak to B, than vice versa.

If you lost D, so you're stuck at E
- Get your ass back to C as much as you can. Don't worry about D, because it will be hard to attack (if they have a decent defender), and their spawn point is right in the open. Flip C, then attack D. Forget about B or A. If you can't flip C, at least neutralize it, then start neutralizing B and A just spread out their team so the rest of YOUR team have a better chance of pushing to D from E. Capiche?

Now, if you have C, D, and E, then you should win effortlessly LOL. but in the rare occasion you are having trouble, then again, hold D. if you hold D, there's little chance someone can sneaked to E. forget about C. you can always retake it. forget about E. there's nobody there.

Bottomline, you do not want to lose D.

Playing from A:
- This is harder than playing from E, so bring your A game!
- Rush C. Unlike playing from E, B is fairly easy to capture . Chances are there's a sniper or two who loves to camp the overview and they'll convert the flag. More importantly, if the enemy has C, D, and E, you're screwed.
- On rushing C, you need to start from the top. Do not stop moving. Drop turrets. Throw nades (but watch out don't bounce it on a wall and drop it on your own head). Plant mines. Anything. It's easier to workon the top since you have a lot of space to move around and you can easily drop a nade into the hole in the middle. At the very least, there's lotsa cover so you can at least prevent the enemy from controlling it.

If you're having a hard time getting C, and you're stuck at A+B
- Do not lose B. There are 2 entry points to B so you better make sure your team is covering both. Look at the map. If you notice a few blips around you, but NOTHING at the other gate, then it's time to HAUL ASS, SON! And be careful camping on the overview ledge, overlooking C. I can throw a nade from the bottom of the bridge to your head VERY EASILY. PLUS, if I managed to snuck into the flag area, I love shooting all of you campers on the ledge. Just like fish in a barrel, all lined up nicely. If you have a turret, again, you can put one on one gate as indicator (don't expect a turret to kill any full-health enemy) and rush from the other.
- Do not let anyone rushed A. Same idea as above. Cover both gates. Keep an eye out for sprinter. If they get A, you're done. If A got neutralized, try not to thin the herd to much. Don't split 50-50, your B flag will get overrun.
- On getting C, the idea is similar to playing from E above. Try to rush PAST the bridge, and just kill anyone who spawns. 9 out of 10, they wouldn't know where you're coming from and it's an easy half a dozen kill. Once they do know, they'll split their team so the rest of your team can have a better chance of pushing to the flag.
- Don't bother D, UNLESS you have someone you can do some teamwork together. If they have C and E, having D by yourself is pointless. IF you do have a teammate, however, then if you can coordinate getting D and E approximately at the same time, then you're good.
- If you're feeling lucky, and you're by yourself, it might be better to hit E directly. Flip it, hope some of your teammate spawns there, and push to D. Quickly!

Bottomline, you want at least A, B, C to win. Unless you can get D.

Bottom Bottomline... D is the most important flag in the game. easy to defend, hard to take, and holding/capturing E is easy. once you have both of them, u get a fighting chance to grab C, regardless where you start from.

Additional Guide from -SW-:
Originally Posted by -SW-

Here's a few of my strategy for the Invasion map:


- You're at point C and you want to know how to take point D, here's how. There are two simple strategies you can mold to your advantage. Rushing to the sniper wall and rushing straight to the stairs. First off never go behind that wall near the sniper wall. Just trust me.
Now the rushing to the sniper wall is basically your way of making an advance and plan out your approach. I suggest saving at least on grenade if you live to reach the sniper wall. Once you reach the sniper wall, clear anyone around you and watch your flank and back. If you are unaware it can cost you a bullet on the head. I've snuck up behind that zaoldick once . Heal up if you want to rush. Throw a grenade either at close by enemies or the wall near the steps. If you want to rush you must do it quickly, don't bother hiding behind that snowing outcrop or whatever, it provides no cover. Run and gun. The take out the person behind the wall near steps by running right to the end. Don't go down the middle, it's suicide.

- The next method requires patience, skill, luck, patience, luck, and patience. This is running right to the steps. Use a grenade to take out the people near the steps. If you get it to bounce in front of the steps or close to the walls it's gonna clear the campers . Just watch out for the people behind the low walls. Then head behind the spawn point, and continue to thin out the enemy. If you have good teammates you should only have to do that once before they charge. But most likely no one will charge in so your charge is in vain. I use this one just because I find it easier than the wall and having to watch the flank.

alright this strategy works for BOTH sides so don't worry . Basically you have two choices. No Man's land like in WWI where you go over the top to take over the enemy trench or in this case zone. Or you can dig a trench, or go under to reach the other side.

- Going over the top should only be done if there isn't a lot of people on the top. You will usually go under, from past experience depending on the level of players the bottom will be weakly guarded. When going over the top it doesn't hurt to throw grenades either down the middle hole or the entrance hole. Roll and swerve to cover (try to reach the walls to take the zone) because you never know if the surgeon(or osog) is lurking behind. I will get to what you do next after I talk about going under.

- Going under will usually be the way you go. First things first, emp grenades, not only for turrets but for mines. Frag grenades are good for clearing a path, then reach behind the spawn point.

- You have two options and luckily it works for both. There's a third option for over the top if you're up for it but it's risky. Now you can hand behind the spawn point if you want and just kill people, or you can go to point B and kill the snipers. Then you can make a break for A but that isn't as fun . If you're over the top throw down an emp, flash bang, and frag, that will scare those people over there. Hop down if you like too .

A, B, and e are straightforward when it comes to taking.
And there you have it, a simple guide I used to reach 3rd place


Playing from either side:
- Go directly to C. Forget B/D, because A/E (respectively) is close enough to them that in the case that you die, you can simply respawn and flip it (ussually) before the enemy is done with C.

If you don't have C
- Work your way to the other side. Don't force yourself to flip it because ALL of your enemies will be spawning there. Capture D/B or E/A and you have a much better chance to win, even if you don't have C all the way to the end.
- Turret owners: Go up the tower, cover, move forward, jump over the cover and you'll land at the "patio". Put your turret there and double-back to behind the tower, and up again. This spot has the best view PLUS works as an ADDITIONAL COVER for you, hiding behind the tower cover. There's a chance that people think it's the turret that's shooting them, so they'll ignore it... until they realize it's an Agony bullet...
- There's a hidden path between A-and-B, and D-and-E. Use this tunnel a LOT.
- recognize the spawn points of C. Camp there. Always keep an eye out for people who spawns. Kill them immediately.
- Watch for snipers. if playing on Medium/High graphic, the C flag in the middle of the map has smoke coming out and it blocks the vision. Use this to your advantage when rushing.
- It's always worth trying to rush past the middle, go to the enemy's tower, and just keep your crosshair on the entrance.
- It's always worth training your nade-tossing skill into the tower's window...

If you do have C
- Simple: do not lose it.
- Not so simple: do not let anyone sprint through the middle and cap your end flags.
- Try to enemy's tower trick mentioned above. Spawn, sprint through, enter their tower, cover the entrance.

Bottomline, you want C. Once you have C, just keep an eye out for sprinter.


Playing from either side:
- See Renegade_Port above. You want C. If you have C, you have much better chance to win. So HAUL ASS!

If you don't have C
- There are 2 ways to get to C. The shortcut path which is usually crowded, and the big hallway. You want to rush from the big hallways. Because it's much easier to defend a small door than a large area.
- There's a structure in the middle of the hallway to get to C. Use it. Hide behind it, run around it, put turrets on it, anything. Don't just blindly charge in a straight line when you have THAT much space to make yourself harder to hit.
- RUSH RUSH RUSH. The faster you get C, the better it will be. And one person charging is NEVER ENOUGH. Let's GO PEOPLE!
- That being said, don't lose B/D either. Their spawn points are well protected, so once you spawn, look around first before sprinting.
- Shoot anything that moves. You can't hurt teammates, and sometimes, with the place being crowded, it's hard to tell friends or foes because their name tags are clip out of your screen.

If you do have C
- Obviously, cover the small path. It's just a door. You can push forward a bit and hide behind the 2-3 crates there. Drop ammo and health, and just bleed them away.
- Make sure to keep an eye out for sprinter that goes straight to the big hallway towards C. They are more important to kill than camping and wait for dummies who run straight through the small pathway.
- The structure in the hallway YOUR SIDE of C, is a good point to cover all of C. All of the areas that can flip C flag can be seen from on top of this structure. Alternatively, you can drop a turret there and patrol the area yourself.
- Do not lose C. What else needs to be said?

Bottomline, you want C. Keep an eye out for sprinter. Just like Port.

That's all I have for now. I'll add more later when I can think of it, but most likely when new map is out

Thanks for reading my wall of text!

~ [XDA] PecelAyam

To Do:
- add the rest of the weapons to the sheet
- list all perks and items
- say something about Deathmatch... ugh.
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14th December 2012, 05:21 PM |#1232  
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Originally Posted by ‹BERô

WELL its about time, I've always wondered why it takes a whole clip to kill someone. -_-

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I agree I've been what would seem like 3 feet away and had the circle right on their chest and not a single hit
14th December 2012, 05:26 PM |#1233  
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well all joy is lost in this game.. cant seem to get a game without somebody using that stupid launcher. Ill be off until next week when they get rid it.
14th December 2012, 05:35 PM |#1234  
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Originally Posted by ‹BERô

well all joy is lost in this game.. cant seem to get a game without somebody using that stupid launcher. Ill be off until next week when they get rid it.

cheaters and noob tubers i feel the same way. playing vice city right now and i have to say it's excellent on the n7.
14th December 2012, 05:35 PM |#1235  
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Originally Posted by ‹BERô

well all joy is lost in this game.. cant seem to get a game without somebody using that stupid launcher. Ill be off until next week when they get rid it.


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14th December 2012, 07:29 PM |#1236  
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Originally Posted by ‹BERô

well all joy is lost in this game.. cant seem to get a game without somebody using that stupid launcher. Ill be off until next week when they get rid it.

This is exactly how I'm feeling at the moment. Can't stand playing with tubers, so i usually leave a match when I see one but it's hard to fond a game without them in it...

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14th December 2012, 07:37 PM |#1237  
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I'm moved over to mc4 till the update. Granted there's fewer players and its not as smooth its still fun lol.
14th December 2012, 07:54 PM |#1238  
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Originally Posted by krazeecracker

I'm moved over to mc4 till the update. Granted there's fewer players and its not as smooth its still fun lol.

I've been playing it a little, seems so slow.....but it will work for now, I really think that 3rd person works the best for mobile platforms, but I'm an old school counter striker so mouse and keyboard ftw!

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14th December 2012, 07:59 PM |#1239  
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I will still play this especially after the update. See you all in mc4. I'm visiting vice city now!

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14th December 2012, 08:37 PM |#1240  
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I'm alternating this and Sector Strike.

Addictive little bugger.
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