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[APP][17FEB10]RDS FM Radio R&D: Get radio text, Alt Freqency, free TMC etc

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By flywhc, Retired Recognized Developer on 26th March 2009, 05:05 PM
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5th May 2009, 01:00 AM |#411  
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omnia igo8 with TMC

I have samsung omnia with Igo8. and i install the omniatmc software on the phone.

I'm living in Miami and i find tmc with Igo it's FM 103.5 and it say "find tmc (no code)"
I did not tried in traffic so i don' know it is working or not.
Anyone have any info about the tmc in usa?
5th May 2009, 02:11 AM |#412  
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Excellent work.
I'm using iGO in the US, and I was able to use beemer's HyperGPS driver to get TMC data. This is awesome.

There were some random disconnects, but I know this is still in the alpha stages, and this progress is awesome.

I had to buy a $50 year subscription to ClearChannel TMC, but its definitely going to be worth it to be able to use my Raphael FM radio for TMC. My phone has finally reached its full potential. Thank you!!!

Also, I created a cab install for the driver. I signed the dlls using Chainfire's DriverWiz tool, so hopefully it should work for most people, if they're too gun-shy to copy stuff over to their \Windows folder & create shortcuts, etc. Of course if it doesn't work, I'll link your original post here so that people can use the raw files. You also provide very important instructions in your post, so they should read it anyway. I included screenshots of working TMC for all to see.
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5th May 2009, 02:25 AM |#413  
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Originally Posted by beemerTPPC

Ok, this is the first alpha. It is only for experimentation because is buggy and have some hungs but works with DecoRDS and iGo 8 with some little work.

1- Copy HyperGPS.dll and GFMAPI.dll to your \Windows folder. Be sure to use this version of the GFMAPI.dll because it is signed.
2- Copy HGPSClient.exe wherever you want. This is the configuration program.

Configuration and testing:
With the headphones connected...
1-Start HGPSClient. A screen with several options will be shown:
-COM Port: select a free port on your device. I use COM9: but any not listed on HKLM\Drivers\Active subkeys neither reserved for bluetooth should work.
-FM Band. I've only tested CCIR
-Data output. At this moment only TMC data option works.
-Sound output: Select Speaker or headphone for the main PDA sound output.
-Mute radio: Select Mute or tuned sound for testing.
-Load on Boot. Select Manual. DO NOT SELECT AUTOMATIC, because the driver is buggy and could obligue you to do a hard reset!!!!

2-Press the TMC button. The driver must load inmediatelly being shown at the top of the page. If an error pops up, you should install Some devices (or ROMs) needs the driver to be signed, others not. This driver is signed but as Verisight wants 400~for a signature I've done my own one, but it needs to install my certificate.

3-Once loaded, select Menu-Test
The test screen appears. We will use this to find a station that transmits TMC. You can enter a frequency directly in the top box ie: 95.8 and press Set, or tune with |< < > >|. Be slow, the new frequency can take two seconds to appear.
In the Send Box you will see the commands sent to the driver, and in the Receive tha responses from the driver. Once you have found a TMC capable station you will see responses like: $RTTMC,8,e213,8543,8873,1458*1B
Its important that you see the $RTTMC,8 because 8 is the TMC group. Other numbers mean other RDS non TMC messages.

4-Take note of the frequency and press Ok to exit this screen.

5-Man Button have not function at this moment.

6-Leave the driver loaded and exit the program.

Using it with DecoRDS:
Load DecoRDS, select the port you defined for the driver and press Open. It should start to receive in the last frequency used (the one with TMC you have found).

Using it with iGO 8:
-Open Igo, go to settings, TMC and select Royaltek and the porst defined for the driver and press find hardware. If the hardware is found you will see a screen that allows you to tune the radio. Unselect the automatic tunning ans slowly search the frequency that transmits TMC. Once reached you will see a message indicating TMC presence.

-then you can go to the Map, tap in the GPS icon, and then in the car and you'll see the traffic alerts.

If iGo doesn't detect the hardware (I'm having some troubles with this), exit iGo, find a file called system.ini on the iGo folder and edit it. Find the tmc section and edit it to reach your settings:

Unloading the driver:
-In this version you can't use the FM radio while the driver is loaded. To unload it enter the HGPSClient program and press TMC again until it unloads. Can take up to a minute and is faster if you disconnect the headphones.

Enjoy it!

I install all but I click on TMC show "Cannot load driver. Try instaling or another COM Port." I try all ports.

5th May 2009, 05:41 AM |#414  
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Originally Posted by Captain_Throwback

I'm using iGO in the US, and I was able to use beemer's HyperGPS driver to get TMC data. This is awesome.

There were some random disconnects, but I know this is still in the alpha stages, and this progress is awesome.

I had to buy a $50 year subscription to ClearChannel TMC, but its definitely going to be worth it to be able to use my Raphael FM radio for TMC. My phone has finally reached its full potential.

Hi Captain, can you tell how the ClearChannel TMC subscription work with this driver? I am in CA, and iGO8 detect the TMC hardware on my X1, but it can't lock to any TMC channel.
5th May 2009, 07:38 AM |#415  
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Originally Posted by Jose-Ramon

RF= 0 dBuV and not RDS

There is no station on that frequency (100.4 MHz) ... or it lacks the antenna to the receiver.

It's working again, there must have been something wrong with the frequency you are right.

Thank you for your help.
5th May 2009, 07:40 AM |#416  
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Originally Posted by iseeka

OpenNETCF.Windows.Forms,Version=1.3.50511.0,Cultur e=neutral,PublicKeyToken=30C76B29D52D6E6o una de sus dependencias

Install in internal memory this file:
Library: OpenNETCF

Originally Posted by iseeka

I thought that failure of the tmc was temporal... that means a permanent failure with TMc in Navarra?? should i call RNE3??

Don't worry, I report this problem... and I will tell you something when it's resolved.
5th May 2009, 08:14 AM |#417  
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igo8 tmc
How can i find the subscribe option?
i find one way
OK first the basic facts before we get started:

1. I won't lie -- This is going to cost you 49.99 (for lifetime TMC in North America). Totally worth it though -- every penny.

2. This is confirmed working in the latest March 10th build of 8.3.2. I don't know if others work, but the sys.txt entries work in 8.3.1.x, I know this for sure.

Step 1: Configure iGO8 to see your TMC device. This depends on if you have a built-in one or an external one. Either way, get it to where it's functionally seen within iGO8. I recommend DimKa's skin as a nicer front-end to TMC capabilities. The forum (and ppcwarez) both contain enough information to at least get your device functioning with your PDA/PNA, so I won't sit and try to explain how to get the thing recognized within your software -- that's up to you, and frankly, it's not that tough if you can read

Step 2: Enable your TMC 'subscribe' button in your TMC screen. To do this, add the following to your [tmc] section in sys.txt (some are obviously optional; this is just how I have mine set now). Here's my ENTIRE [tmc] section:

enable_igo_provider=1 ;(0)
auto_tuning=1 ;(0)
enable_flow_events=1 ;(0) haven't seen any flowing
flow_stripe_width=6 ;(6)
flow_stripe_offset=0 ;(0)
flow_stripe_blinking_time=1000 ;(0) in msecs?
cache_name="tmc/tmccache" ;(?)
new_event_recalc_timeout=5 ;(1)
changed_event_recalc_timeout=5 ;(1)
enable_subscription=1 ;(0) subscibe button in tmc config
;auto_calc_detour_event=0 ;(0) detour like road block?
;calc_detour_route=0 ;(0)
;enable_flow_icons=0 ;(0) need $traffic_speed.spr
;events_custom_color=1 ;(0) see day2dcolor.ini/day3dcolor.ini tmc_event_color0 ...

* Note: I had to create a \content\tmc\ directory due to a reference from one of the sys.txt entries, just to be safe. I'm not sure if it actually does anything.

Step 3: Submit your UUID code from your subscribe screen and receive an activation key. To do this, you'll need to go here:

Fill out the information, pay your 50 bucks, and get your key. Input your key into your iGO8 subscribe button menu. You MAY want to unload your skin first; I had an issue (not sure if it was related or not) before/during entering my key, and my save directory needed wiped and redone from scratch. Either way, once the key is entered, it stays. You may need to do a hard reset as well.

For a list of available areas for ClearChannel TMC, see this link:

ClearChannel pretty much owned 90% of radio in general, so chances are you're covered.

That's about it... to be honest with you, we have a link from *2007* to thank:

Just a bunch of guys looking for solutions for their HP 310's... I can't believe we never found this before, but oh well.


Now the technical crap for us who want to try to crack this:

1. The UUID of your device changes on hard reset. This is to keep unregistered (improperly or non-key'ed) devices from functioning. Once you register with a subscription key, you're set.

2. A file is written in your 'save' directory named 'cctmc.dat'. Upon firing it open with VIM (just a text editor), I see my actual key that I had purchased (20 characters) separated by CTRL characters. This is how the key is kept known to iGO8. I'm not sure if there's any possible way to crack down on the algorythm between the UUID code (20 chars) and the key (20 chars also), but it's worth a try for someone that's a major 'cracker' in the USA to pay for it and go to town hacking. Personally, I don't mind the 50 bucks.

3. Some things that are saved in your save\system.ini file pertaining to TMC once it works:


* Final note -- you MAY need the 'ClearChannel trial TMC' license in your \license folder - it came with the original OCN8. I'm almost sure you don't, but I put it there for fun anyway. It does NOT show up at all in your licenses list in iGO8, so I doubt I even need it. But if you have problems, try it... I'm really the only person to have 100% tested this other than some random guys on some HP forum.

Anyway, pretty cool stuff. I'm glad it works. Again, I'd recommend DimKa's skin just for the audible/visual alerts and additional TMC options within it.

Thanks all! Glad to share! (Oh... and this is NOT an April Fools joke...just bad timing...but oh well -- I'd rather not wait another day before posting this!).

PS -- Don't hold me liable if you can't get it to work -- it works for me on my c720t. This doesn't mean it'll work for you.

I create the tmc folder and create sys.txt file to
but can not find the tmc subscribe ption .
have the other way to get the tmc ?
please help
5th May 2009, 09:30 AM |#418  
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Consider ourselves happy that we get this for free, in most Euro nations:

But nice find and tut, Lazi.
5th May 2009, 09:44 AM |#419  
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Originally Posted by Jose-Ramon

Install in internal memory this file:
Library: OpenNETCF

Don't worry, I report this problem... and I will tell you something when it's resolved.

That was the file i had installed in internal memory...

I have WM6.5

thanks for reporting the problem
5th May 2009, 09:55 AM |#420  
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to get this working, please remember to tune your frequency with the hypergps tool , not with igo8. igo8 must to be running in the background
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