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Right, but it talks about how to get around the power issue for example. I assume you've downloaded the open source kernel directly from Amazon? I was looking through all of the drivers they included, and it looks like the USB host drivers exist in the distribution. They must not be turned on by default. Might be as simple as recompiling the kernel, but I admit I'm a complete n00b when it comes to that sort of stuff.

Although our love is Ubuntu, at the moment the only version of Ubuntu for the Kindle is the current desktop which is worthless on the Kindle. We are waiting for Ubuntu to release Ubuntu for Android which will be a nice custom platform for the end user that will allow you to use your Phone or Tablet as your primary computer at night and during the day, it is a normal powerful phone. Having said this, we will be compiling a Ubuntu Eternal for the Kindle when we are authorize to do so. Until then, we are placing most of our energy on improving the stock Kindle OS - you are correct, it should be a matter of compiling the Kernal to include the USB Subsystem, although if it was that easy someone would have done it by now. This has become a challenging task and may not become reality until we build or someone else builds a custom Kernel for the Kindle Fire.

We will post updates as we make progress. I do know XDA User Hashcode has done some amazing work for the Kindle Fire, maybe he is working on this option (if anyone can get this done it would be Hashcode) for his Kindle Kernel - only time will tell............
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