Post [BETA][ROM][OFFICIAL]Flyme 2.1 Beta for all MX models

This rom installs like any other update for the MX, only stipulation is to use the "Clear Data" option in recovery.

Here is the link and the source is from meizu themselves, but I found it on They have pretty much everything out there for all meizu devices. Not trying to direct traffic away from our site, but well, this device section is pretty sparse, and I think I can actually hear tumble weeds when I look here!

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I'm on XDA so much less now that I never flash roms anymore, and since the closure of the Marketplace. Its cool though, XDA mods and admins. We created our own little forum to sell our devices, because apparently having a marketplace forum was considered an eyesore, or a "legal risk". You didn't guarantee people anything, how was it a risk? I don't know who thought up that one. Anyway, I don't care anymore. Sorry for the rant, and for the trouble we caused.