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[SGH-I317/M] CF-Auto-Root

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Default Re: [2012.12.04][SGH-I317/M] CF-Auto-Root

I can confirm that after OTA 4.1 .2 this method works if you reinstall Super SU from the market.

At&t note 2

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All CF-Auto-Root's have been updated with SuperSU v1.05 today !
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I can't donate alot...but I will be donating...thanks so are amazing.
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Default will this work for 4.1.2?

Will this work for phone on 4.1.2?

Originally Posted by Chainfire View Post
Check your device model ! Settings -> About device -> Model number. See the third post for exact support model numbers. If your device is a totally different model, it will not work (may even brick) !

CF-Root is the root for "rooting beginners" and those who want to keep as close to stock as possible. CF-Root is meant to be used in combination with stock Samsung firmwares, and be the quickest and easiest way for your first root.

CF-Root has been available for many devices and has clocked over 8 million downloads. This is not even counting custom ROMs that already include it. Don't be a leech, buy me a beer (and use the "Thanks" button!). Imagine if every CF-Root user has donated me $1...

What's installed
- SuperSU binary and APK
- Stock recovery

Installation and usage
Flash the CF-Auto-Root package as PDA in ODIN (details on how to do that are in next post), and your device should reboot into a modified recovery (signified by a large red Android logo) and it will install SuperSU for you and restore the stock recovery, and reboot back into Android.

If you don't get to the red Android logo, boot into recovery manually ("adb reboot recovery", or boot while holding Power+VolUp+Home).

Using this root increases your flash counter. You should run Triangle Away (see below) after rooting to reset the counter. Note that if you want to run custom kernels or custom recoveries, your flash counter will be set to 1 at every boot. Either configure Triangle Away to reset the counter at every boot (Play version only) or only reset the counter when you need to go into warranty.

Did you see the red Android logo during rooting, but SuperSU does not appear? This may sometimes occur due to left-over files and settings, however, you can usually install SuperSU from Google Play at this stage and it'll just work.

Not included - Triangle Away
Triangle Away can be used to reset the flash counter after installing CF-Root. The flash counter keeps track of how many custom firmwares you have flashed, as this voids warranty. (No idea what this about ? Read up on it, you will want to use this !)

Not included - adbd Insecure
As this CF-Root does not include a custom kernel, adb shell does not have root access by default (you can still get it by typing su inside the shell), nor is adb remount supported, nor will adb push and adb pull work on system files. adbd Insecure can be used to remedy this situation. (No idea what this is about ? Don't worry about it !)

CF-Auto-Root homepage

CF-Auto-Root main thread
[CENTRAL] CF-Auto-Root
For requests for new roots and generic discussion - please keep device specific discussion in the thread you are viewing now.
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did you even bother to look a couple posts up?
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Originally Posted by wase4711 View Post
did you even bother to look a couple posts up?
guys, i'm gonna use this to root my sgh-i317, but if i may ask? are the roms of G-N7100 or G-N7105 are compatible with our device? or it need a dedicated rom for it?
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Default Re: [2013.02.20][SGH-I317/M] CF-Auto-Root

This might have already been answered somewhere so sorry if I overlooked it. Ok I downloaded cf auto root to use on my s3. Can I use that cf auto root or do I need to download a different cf auto root for each different model of phone. Ive ordered a note2 and first order of business will be to root it and Im not sure if this program is like mobile odin where the one app can be used on many devices or if you need to download a different cf auto root for each individual model. Like I said if this has been answered already im sorry for overlooking it.
Chainfire this is another great app that makes life easier. Thanks for the hard work. Oh while im giving compliments mobile odin is awesome too

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Default Backup?

I'm new to rooting and have been reading to limit my questions but it is still confusing.

Anyway, I rooted my GN2 with 4.1.2 just fine. It was very simple and quick.

What I am confused is if I need to still do a backup since stock recovery was installed by this method. I read some recommendation on doing a Nandroid backup but I needed a cwm or twrp recovery?

As far as this thread goes, there was a mention that CF-Auto-Root has nothing to do with CWM or TWRP but is a modified recovery.

Any insight and wisdom is much appreciated.
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Default Re: [2013.02.20][SGH-I317/M] CF-Auto-Root

When you ran auto root you "modified" the recovery. You still have to flash a "custom" recovery. I recommend TWRP for this device. Once that is done it's usually wise to do a "nandroid"(back-up)of ur stock ROM in case you want to go back for some reason. If you decide to flash a custom yourself and favor and read the OP carefully and follow the directions. Use the search before asking questions that might have been discussed already. GL!
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Question Can my carrier tell im rooted..

First off thanks again chainfire awesome work! but I wanted to know.. After rooting I kept stock rom and recovery and it said 'modified' on build. I booted into stock recovery and wiped my cache, after rebooting it now shows official and allows me to check for ota updates. I am having a problem with my phone 'shocking' me sometimes when i pick it up while charging and i was thinking about sending back to Bell for repair or change. Do they (carriers) have another method of checking (other than flash counter, ive never even flashed custom recovery)? Thanks guys.

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