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Fresh from the NYC HTC Event, My Opinions

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Originally Posted by dsb9938 View Post
Back btn doubles as menu.


I don't see the point of them having all of the buttons double (or even tripple) as other things. Why can't they just have four hardware buttons (or 3 at least)?

I can understand the home button doubling as recent apps like the S3, but having it do three different things while the back button does something else too (with a setting that most users probably won't find or understand) doesn't make sense to me.

I know most members here won't care, but that just seems slightly confusing for the general public and most consumers. With their company not doing so well lately, the business student and techy in me just can't wrap my head around it.

I hate to say it, but the possibility of a ton of apps having a good bit of the screen covered by a black menu bar is just something I could never see as being a possibility in iOS or any Apple product.
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Originally Posted by lazarus2297 View Post
this is just my opinion so if you don't agree that is ok

Just from the info I have read on the internet about this phone (never having touched it) I would probably start looking to sell my DNA to buy this phone.. I LOVE the look of the phone and the solid aluminum construction really impresses... the new camera tech intrigues me but I would love to see sample shots and obviously take my own.. BUT alas I am stuck with verizon (grandfathered data plan) so unless they pick up some variant of this device I will keep my DNA (which I am actually very happy with)

I guess i should say thanks to Verizon for making the decision for me and helping me save the money this would cost off contract ....
You essentially summed up my feelings exactly lol
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Default Re: Fresh from the NYC HTC Event, My Opinions

Originally Posted by dsb9938 View Post
I don't know what you mean, I've never touched an iPhone.


Nice work

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This phone is not different enough from what I currently have to make me lose a wink of sleep. I'm waiting on the S4 and Moto X releases before getting my next phone ((though the S4 coming first will make it hard to wait for anything else.)
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Default Re: Fresh from the NYC HTC Event, My Opinions

Add me to the list of people who bought the DNA thinking its very unlikely it will see official sense 5. But I would never by a phone based on hopes and dreams for the future.

And the one is absolutely gorgeous, and I've got a contract with ATT. This will probably replace my 4S backup phone, but it won't be a launch day purchase, I'm in absolutely no hurry since I've got my DNA.

I'm most excited about the seemingly beautiful (so far, may be let down) build quality.

However I said the thunderbolt would never see ice cream sandwich, and HTC put the resources into that old thing and released official ice cream sandwich. So sense 5 isn't impossible its just unlikely, the logistics of an update like that being pushed to a non techy would be a nightmare unless they dumbed it way down, like a hybrid.

As far as hardware buttons, my devices without them have always worked just fine too.

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Default Re: Fresh from the NYC HTC Event, My Opinions

I'm one of those guys who gets the newest phone whenever they come out. We'll, htc and Samsung phones. I went dinc, charge, thunderbolt, dinc2(for 5 min), rezound, gs3, dna. I'll get the s4 when it comes out, then whatever htc phone is next.

Point is. They are just phones, some are good, some are not. It's not a life or death choice. If you don't like what you have, get something else. EBay is your friend.

On the htc one, it's nice, but not revolutionary in anyway. Since its not on Verizon it's a moot point anyway. Switching phones every few months is one thing, changing carriers is another. There are benefits to being a long time customer. Did you know they have special deals and different rules for handling tenured customers? Yup. They do

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