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Did anyone try it with 4.2.2 ?
When editing the rom (P.A.C 21.0.1 For Optimus One) with OOne ROM I found that the LatinIME.apk is 28Mb (almost half all the apps) so I was thinking about deleting it then installing your apk into /system after flashing gapps because the rom has a problem with them, it needs to be trimmed in order to flash the gapps.
I will try it later today and post results, thank you guys.
The paths to the dictionaries in the 4.2.2 LatinIME.apk are slightly different than the paths dictionaries in the 4.1.2 LatinIME.apk, so this version may not work with 4.2.2.

For the ROM you mentioned, it must be a 4.1.2 based ROM in order for the LarinIME.apk to me 28 MB. The LatinIME.apk in 4.2.2 is around 10 MB, last time I checked anyways.Trimming LatinIME.apk with OOne ROM Editor can reduce LatinIME.apk down to about 4 MB for 4.1.2 and 3 MB for 4.2.2.

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