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[FAQ] Olympus (Atrix 4G) Kernel 3.1 Project (a.k.a. Android 4.x Kernel)

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By m1k3_, Member on 10th April 2013, 03:37 AM
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This is, now, the official FAQ for the Olympus (Atrix 4G) Linux 3.1 Kernel Project. (ICS/JB Kernel)


The kernel project waives any and all responsibility for damage to any and all devices, including your iPhone, your car keys, and your homework and your Dad's plasma. The builds provided are alpha, and represent danger. Permanent damage may result.

Q: When it will be avaliable?

CM9 (krystianp) and CM10.1 (Epinter) builds are avaliable. Kernel build was expected, but never release. However, you can compile yourself from source.

Q: It is avaliable in a ROM?

Same ask as above.

Q: Will CM10.2 (JB 4.3) or CM11 (KK 4.4) be avaliable for the Atrix 4g with this kernel?

It should. But right now there are 2 manteiners, krystianp, who it's focus to get a stable CM9 build, and Epinter, who is focus to get a stable 10.1. There is a Epinter's build of 10.2, but main funcions doesn't work.

If you know how to, you can do it. Please, remember you'll have to make some modifications to kernel as well to get everything working.

Q: It is stable to dialy use?

It may be. But nor me, nor the team, nor anyone will be responsable if your devices gets damage for the kernel. But you.

EDIT (02/24/2014): I don't have the phone anymore, but my brother have it. No matter what disaventage maybe left, Totally worth it. Just try it. You will be in love and will never ever left it.

AGAIN, Nobody is responsible, but you, if your device is on fire or UFO invasion begins because you flash this.

Please, read the follow
  • They are NOT meant to be stable or finished in any way.
  • They are NOT meant to be your daily driver.
  • They are NOT meant to be reused and modded.
  • They are NOT meant to serve as a base for making other custom ROMs.
  • The ONLY purpose of those builds is to test the kernel in the "real world" and to gather bug reports. That is all.

They can be anything of above, but right now the team is you to looking for the bugs in the official builds, and report them.

If you use it as you dialy driver, you have to know that I will chrash. If you modded, you won't be able to know if the crash if kernel or mod related.

So please, use those ROMs "vanila" as you can, and report the bugs that you found. Thanks you.

Q: Will be ever be stable build?

You may want to read this:
CyanogenMod: Tegra 2 Support

Q: That means that we will never get a stable CM10.1 or beyond?

That means that we can get closer to a stable build, but it will be somethings (Gapps mostly) that will never work properly. I think that's why krystianp is just focus to get an CM9 (ICS 4.0) because it's the one that really will be totally stable.

We can expect that CM10.1 will be stable to dialy use, but as I said, somethings won't work properly. They knew that, but I didn't matter, they are doing it right now, so why we will matter? They are awsome. .

Q: Can I submit new bugs? Where?

Testers members are the only one avaliable to do it.

Q: Can I submit bugs in this thread?

Yes. You can. But I would be wiser to report the bugs in the thread of the build that you are using.

Q: How can I submit bugs in those thread?

Please follow this little guide:

Before submitting new bug in respective thread, please search is it submitted already. If not, write all necessary data:
- memory type (Elpida, Hynix)
- panel type
- sdcard present (yes or no)
- simcard (normal/micro)
- tegra revision (e.g. A03 prime)
- atag revision
- tegrapart
- radio (e.g. 36p, 37p, 38p)

Some data above can be easily seen in settings, about. Rest from dmesg short after boot.

Also, please explain how to reproduce bug.

Q: How I can get any of the information you need above?

Please, use this guide our friend jhonnyx made

Q: How do I know where I have to submit it?

If you are using CM9, please report bugs to CM9 krystian's thread. If you are using CM10.1, please report to CM10.1 epinter's thread.
Anyway, you may still report bugs here, but try hard to get the info above, and addicinaly, what build are you using (exlactly name would really help, because the date and build)

Q: What can I do with the new kernel?

Please expect some misbehavor, it is in an alpha status. You can play around, and help them find new bugs to be fixed.

Q: May I use this kernel in another ROM?

Yes, you can. But please, don't report bugs coming from another ROMs as they are not supported.

Q: How can I help?


  1. Please, check the kernel and the OS behavor. If anything goes wrong, consider to post here, steps about how to reproduce it, and if you know how, attach the log cat.
  2. Verify that your device is entering Deep Sleep with CPU Spy or Battery Battery Stats. If you are unable to achieve deep sleep, look for wake locks in order to identify a potential misbehaving app. (OUT OF DATE - I think the deep sleep problem was solved, but I'm not sure)
  3. Please, look at the same question in the main FAQ

What's the expect battery life with this kernel?


Expected battery life in CM9: (OUT OF DATE)

  1. 1.5% with cellular data disabled, 2g connection enabled, wifi disabled, sdcard removed
  2. 2% with cellular data disabled, 2g only connection enabled, wifi disabled, sdcard inserted
  3. 3% with cellular data enabled, 3g connection (2g only disabled)
  4. 100% to 0% in 3-4 hours with GPS on, cellular data enabled, 3g connection, screen on, Google Maps Navigation running

Expected battery life in CM10.1:
  1. N/A

I don't know what battery life have the CM9 build, but the CM10.1 should give around 10 hours or so. At least, that's what my brother gets.

What's the expected temperature with this kernel?

  1. CM9: It's up to 50C (see System Panel) (OUT OF DATE)
  2. CM10.1: N/A

FAQ in progress...



Q: Where is the main thread?

Keep in mind, that it is only for development purpose, so keep it on-topic is not a choise anymore, you will be warning if you don't do so.

Q: What is the team structure?

The Project Manager:

Development team:

Official test team

Q: What is the kernel status?

Testing the public alpha.


Q: What is working right now in the kernel? (05/19/2013)


Initial steps
Logs via JTAG [complete]
Boot Kernel on Olympus [complete]
Boot Android GUI [complete]

Modules fully working (They may have some minors bugs)

Logs via JTAG [complete]
Boot Kernel on Olympus [complete]
USB Drivers [complete]
Boot Android GUI [complete]
Audio drivers [complete]
Headphone Jack [complete]
Accelerometer [complete]
Touchscreen [complete]
Buttons Backlight [complete]
Hardware/3d acceleration [complete]
Buttons volume up+down and power [complete]
Wi-Fi Driver [complete]
Bluetooth Driver [complete]
Modem Driver [complete]
Fingerprint Kernel Driver [complete]
Proximity Sensor Driver [complete]
Light Sensor Driver [complete]
Compass Driver [complete]
GPS [complete]
Sleep/Wake-up [complete]
A/C Charging [complete]
USB Charging [complete]
Camera/Video Camera [complete]
ROM Assembly [complete]
Mobile / Cellular voice calling [complete]
Front Camera/Front Video Camera [complete]

Modules marked as "Work in Progress" (They may work, or not, but they are not complete)

Fingerprint ROM Libs+Framework [work in progress]
Flash (Sync with photos) [work in progress]

Modules marked as "Post-poned"
(This supposed to be a "not working" feature. It wont work soon, until stable release or something)

HDMI [post-poned]

Q: Where are the sources now/When will be them public avaliable?

They are in a private repo. Updates will be merged into github and status posted upon completion.

Q: Where can I see the bugs reported?

Issue tracking

Q: Is stable yet to be daily used?

No. This is a big NO. We have to be patient.

Q: Does it have a name?

No. But, there is a poll to get one.
Here is it. Thanks Cocolopes.

Q: How I can help the kernel development?

Well, there is many ways you can help:


  1. Mainly donating money with paypal.
    You can do so here. This is mmontuori's paypal, but it doesn't matter because they manage the donations internally.

  2. Also you can give your Atrix away. Doesn't matter how it is, cause even if it doesn't boot, the pieces can be used for replacement.
    You can do so, here. Thanks to jjwatmyself for make this posible.

  3. There is a Paraguayan song singer that says "not good who help, but who do not f**k". No offense. Just a reminder that they are working for their own, so don't be mean.

Q: Should we hate Motorola for not giving us the ICS update?

No. Acording to krystianp, Motorola helped the team, and give them a little boost. We can't say they played fair, but at least they help a little.

Q: Will this kernel have [insert a basic feature here]?

Yes. It's expected to everything work. They can't make promises, but they sure are giving their best.

Q: Will this kernel have Webtop?

Maybe. Webtop, as far I know, it's ROM related. Motorola give the source of webtop 3.0, so whoever want it, can make it. But really, I don't know if we still need it.

Q: Will this kernel have [insert any mod or tweak here]?
ex: Processor overclock/undervoltaje, I/O tweaks, GPU overclock, USB fast charge, etc...

I dunno. But, the source it's open. Even you can make it. (Please, don't try this in home. That should be done for someone that know his stuff).

Q: Will this kernel have Linaro?

1 What Linaro is?

Linaro is a not-for-profit (NFP) engineering organization that works on consolidating and optimizing open source software for the ARM architecture, including the GCC toolchain, the Linux kernel, ARM power management, graphics and multimedia interfaces.

2 Q: So, will this kernel have Linaro?

krystianp says that he will look at it. But, not right now.

Q: If there any video of the kernel working already?

Yes. Here it's the official krystianp channel on Youtube.

Or you can try out yourself if you want. Chose your flavor up in this post and test it.

Q: Will this kernel have dual sim support?

I don't think so. That's hardware related. But, if the dual sim adapters have to have a part of software/kernel related, eventually it should be done.

Q: Will this kernel have [insert any app that have any rom]?

No. This is only kernel. ROM related, and app stuff will be added later.

This is not the final FAQ. But, I think it's pretty good point to start. I'll update it with anothers questions, so they wont be redundant in discussion thread.

Off-topic post in the main development thread will be deleted, and you will have a warning. So use this thread, or the discussion one to make off-topic.

If you have some questions, I'll add it with its answer.
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10th April 2013, 04:03 AM |#2  
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Originally Posted by m1k3_

This is an intent to make a FAQ for the 3.1 Kernel Development...

Hats off dude, GREAT FAQ
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10th April 2013, 04:26 AM |#3  
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Originally Posted by m1k3_

Q: What ROM do I need to test the kernel?

MROM ICS. Or any ROM based on the "leaked ROM". eprint's ROM wont boot. Any else that are not based on leaked kernel, won't boot.

Not any ROM based on the leaked kernel works, "Somebody's" CM10 with "those libs" won't work.
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10th April 2013, 04:49 AM |#4  
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Originally Posted by sidVici0us

Not any ROM based on the leaked kernel works, "Somebody's" CM10 with "those libs" won't work.

Noted. Thanks you.
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10th April 2013, 05:26 AM |#5  
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Besides for a quick run through spell check thank you very much. Now maybe (but not likely) the dev thread might be a bit cleaner..
10th April 2013, 05:34 AM |#6  
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Great job my friend
10th April 2013, 06:01 AM |#7  
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Nice thread which we wanted.....
10th April 2013, 06:21 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by m1k3_

Q: Where is the main threat?

Off-topic post in the main development threat will be deleted, and you will have a warning.

Should be thread*

Thanks for this though.
10th April 2013, 07:08 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by atrix4g18

Should be thread*

Thanks for this though.

Thanks you. There were more misspellings, but I kinda fix them. Hope there is no more of them. Thanks!
10th April 2013, 08:00 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by m1k3_

Thanks you. There were more misspellings, but I kinda fix them. Hope there is no more of them. Thanks!


Thanks for this great FAQ!
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