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[SMOOTH/FAST] LeWa OS v13.07.19 [21July2013][OTA]

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Welcome to awesomeness unbound!!! It's LeWa OS 【with OTA Updates】 and so much more to offer!

____****__ Playing on a CANVAS 2 / Ninetology Stealth 2 / Qmobile A10/ MyPhone A919 screen near you __***____

Updates : Usually every Saturday / Sunday
Status : Suitable for daily (production) use
Current Version : 13.07.19 | 21 July 2013
Current Full ROM Package Name : | Version : LeWa_13.07.19



** changelog (on second post) will be provided on change in features **
  • Basics
-Based on pure LeWa libraries. [No bases used for porting]
-ROM is amazingly stable - a shot of LeWa will have you hooked on
-LeWa long term support

  • Ease Of Use
-Slide to change "SIM-in-use".
-Toggle USB storage directly through notification window.
-Fully loaded lockscreen.

  • Performance Tweaks added for smoothness
-Boosted with Project Xtreme tweaks
-Entropy Generator for values upto 4096
-GFX tweaks for GUI smoothness - the UI you have been craving for, brought to you by LeWa.
-60 FPS tweaks added. [Actual FPS 64-72]
-Quadrant scores 3153 to 3240 achievable

  • Basic Features
-Fast GPS Lock. Fastest reported - 4.04 secs.
-Forget about lags. Free RAM on fresh install - 220+ MB
-Rear Camera 12 MP!!
-init.d support built-in
-Extended battery life with Power Saving App Included

  • Unique Features
-Change Themes using LeWa Theme manager, On the GO.
-OTA updates via OTA app.
-Security and firewall by LeWa, stop any app from accessing DATA, SMS & CONTACTS.
-Intercept - to block calls and SMS {manual library update required}..

For blocking ads, you may use Mother of All AD-BLOCKING - Incl. Blocking of Malware/Spyware/Bloatware.


Note 1 : Contributions are welcome.
Note 2 : Don't ask for ETA of updates/releases - developers have lives outside of XDA
Note 3 : I am NOT responsible for any damage to your device that may arise consequent to the use of my work. You are solely liable for your own actions, negligence and carelessness. Read instructions carefully before flashing ROM/Update. I own the device, therefore all updates/ROM released are thoroughly tested by me prior to release.
Note 4 : If you want to encourage me for the work you see here, instead of posting a "thank you" for it, click the THANKS button. This helps in keeping the thread neat. You may even donate to me

GPL compliance

Linux Kernel Source Code
Link to Github Repo

Kernel 3.4.5 by @andiroxu flashable Zip for LeWa OS

Note 5: Report bugs/problems in the following format:

  • Nature of bug/problem/error?
  • Where/When it occurs/occurred?
  • How to regenerate the bug/problem/error?
  • Solution found, if any.

Check Second Post for:

  • Flashing Instructions
  • ROM Download
  • Updates
  • Known Bugs
  • Changelog
  • Previous ROMS/Updates
  • Important Information/Tips

Note 6: Don't be a silent Downloader!!, If you download and flash the ROM, share your experiences here.!! Let the community benefit! Remember, Sharing is Caring!!!




@toshidhaka for this amazing Index and Screenshots with bubble texts.
@m0han for giving a finishing touch to the Index.
@andeveloper for Project Xtreme
@Ryuinferno for Universal init.d
@aayush89 For RAM Screenshot
If you think your name fits here , tell me

XDA:DevDB Information
LeWa OS {4.1.2}, a ROM for the Micromax A110

ROM OS Version: 4.1.x Jelly Bean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: MT6577

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 13.07.19
Stable Release Date: 2013-07-21

Created 2013-09-28
Last Updated 2013-12-07
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3rd May 2013, 07:00 PM |#2  
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Post 2[Details]
Install the latest full ROM package provided here.

Insructions For Flashing the ROM

1. Download the ROM.
2. Put ROM ZIP in your SD Card.
3. Boot Into Recovery.(CWM or TWRP)
4. Clear Data/Cache.
5. Goto Advanced -> Clear Dalvik Cache.
6. Install ZIP from SD Card.
7. Choose ZIP from SD Card.
8. Select
9. Select Yes - Install
10. Done!
11. Reboot.

Instruction For Flashing Updates(You Must have had Flashed LeWa First.) | Updates are/will be usually small in size! |


1. Download the UPDATE.
2. Put UPDATE ZIP in your SD Card.
3. Boot Into Recovery.(CWM or TWRP)
6. Install ZIP from SD Card.
7. Choose ZIP from SD Card.
8. Select
9. Select Yes - Install
10. Done!
11. Reboot.

Note: You Don't Need to clear data/cache or dalvik when flashing updates.

Download ROM( Current Version 21July2013 | LeWa_13.07.19 ):
Link : - 240.37 MB

boot.img for all devices added from version 13.07.19 onwards now.

NOTE: After downloading the ROM , add boot.img(Preferably a LeWa boot.img) to the ZIP without unzipping the zip file and then flash. USE WinRar or 7Zip.

You can find the boot.img links in the please_readme.txt file inside the ROM ZIP.Thanks.

Qmobile A10 users : Use boot.img of Ninetology Stealth 2 (Link in Readme FIle).

Download Update( Current Version N/A | N/A ):
Link : NONE

60 FPS patch for LeWa OS for Micromax A110 ROM now pre loaded with 60+ FPS. No Need to Fla

Known Bugs/Issues:

Others : Setting OTG mount point needs manual work using app.

Changelog For LeWa_13.07.19


Kernel will be pre-added from now! Choose for your device(A110/Stealth2/A919/A10)
Latest Project Xtreme 16.5 with Xtreme booster
Now with amazing Lockscreens and themes(can be downloaded from theme manager)
Improved framework by LeWa
Camera Fixes
OTA App Updated
File Manahger Fixes By LeWa
Optimized search interface
Fixed APK version being shown as null in some cases

----------------------------------OLD CHANGELOGS----------------------------------

Changelog For LeWa_13.06.21


Notification Filter Settings Fixed
Added automatic wipe inside ROM, before flashing
Added Aroma Installer
Added MIUI and Xperia Launcher(optional)
Added Android 4.2.2 Keyboard(optional)
Updated OTA Application
Added latest Project Xtreme v16.5 by @andeveloper
Added wpa_supplicant from stock JB
Removed LeWa Gallery due to chinese characters
Changed Super User to ChainFire from CWM SU , on request by some users
Camera Focus problem solved
Added Rosemarry fonts(optional)

Changelog For LeWa_13.06.21


Added my new OTA app , now get notification whenever new update is available!
Removed Chinese from Memory Cleaner of LeWa
Fully Deodexed.
Added 30 volume steps (but seems I failed adding it :\ ) .
Project Xtreme v11.5.
Removed all Sony eye candy , including Bravia Engine 2 .

  • Sensors working Ninetology Stealth 2(Malaysia) and Qmobile A10(Pakistan) now, get their boot.img from the readme file inside the ZIP.( thanks to @hector19899 ) .(boot.img same for Stealth 2 and Qmobile A10)
Battery optimization by LeWa
Tried to fix wifi by using some stock Libs again.
New notification management, swipe notification in status bar, and get option to deny or allow any further notifications by the same app.

Changelog For LeWa_13.06.14


Tried addressing WiFi Issue(that issue is currently global problem with LeWa OS)
Removed RTMixmanager , wasn't compataible along Project Xtreme(caused problems with entropy for which some of you were concerned)
[ If you want it anyways, head to its thread ]
60 FPS added(sometimes goes upto 64-72).
Changed SU app

  • Using Superuser app and binary by clockworkmod which is more stable than other alternatives.
Bravia Engine 2 (Added on popular demand ) [Tried BE 3 , changes were hard to notice , so added BE2 ]
Sony Xperia Z Walkman, ClearAudio+ , and even Xperia Launcher :3 By Ravi Kumar (Again on demand)
[I feel stock LeWa player is loud , but problem lies in its scratching sound ]
Vibration when phone call connects and disconnects.
Fixed force close in LeWa music player.
Some usual framework fixes by LeWa team.

Changelog For LeWa_13.06.07


Super SU fixed

  • Removed default(lewa) su app and su binaries.
  • Added latest SuperSu by @Chainfire (SuperSU v1.32)
Root issues fixed.
Latest Project Xtreme V8.1.1
Added hwcomposer.mt6577 by @andeveloper , for improved fps(not 60fps).
Added Entropy generator by deafult.
RTMixManager working log now should be in /data/RTMixManagerLogs/rtmixmanager.log
Improved WiFi libs by LeWa for better connectivity.
Improvements in Framework and theme.
Fixed titanium backup not restoring apps correctly or not at all.
For other important tips head over to the first post of this thread.
Note(After Flashing):

Select No here, don't select Yes-Disable , it will affect init.d thing.

To check if init.d is working or not, after phone boots goto /data/Other_logs/ and see if initd.log is created.
Yes = Init.d working
No = Not Possible :P

Changelog For LeWa_13.05.31


Added init.d support by Universal init.d adder by @Ryuinferno , so no need of new boot.img for init.d support ,
you may use old boot.img made for LeWa.
Fixed lag by adding init.d scripts
One for smoothness other for smoothnes + gaming thingy and I/O thing.
(Project Xtreme & RTMixManager by @andeveloper and @LENAROX respectively)

  • -Games should work smoothly and UI should be smoother now hopefully.
QR code reader shortcut/app by LeWa on notification switches.
Improved Battery Consumption , since someone complained of battery consumption. (thanks to scripts)
Improvements in theme and fonts.
Fix in status bar, wifi SSID shouldn't disappear after a while , after connecting.

Changelog For LeWa_13.05.24

USB OTG mount fixed:

  • After pluging in your USB drive/OTG open app USB OTG Helper[shardul_seth] and tap mount ,
    drive will get mounted then goto /storage/sdcard0/UsbOtgDrives to use USB drive.
  • First start of usb otg helper may take time/wont run or may force close/crash due to some SU error, launch again 1 or 2 times to make it work and get Root access.
Framework fixes:
  • Status bar used to loose transparency sometimes.(fixed)
Added some stock libs for better compatibility with WiFi .
Optimization done to improve memory management.

Changelog For LeWa_13.05.17

Major changes in system libs.
Delay/Lag fixed when viewing and cleaning recent applications.
UI lags partially fixed.
Lag in LeWa Launcher fixed.
Framework improvements, esp. status bar brightness control.
Added working and stable camera libs.
Added stable gallery/camera apks.
Chinese Removed from Calculator.
Super user fixed.

Changelog For LeWa_13.05.10

new lockscreen from LeWa.
Glitch in bootanimation fixed.
Bootanimation for 480x854 added.
Camera libs changed.
Purely based on LeWa code, no other base used.
Framework fixes.
ROM Port device changed.
Bloatware removed.
Improvements in WiFi Stability with open networks.
Theme choser bug fixes.
System Libraries updated, including gps.

Changelog For LeWa_13.05.03 and LeWa13.05.04

Home folders, now have a spacious 3X4 arrangement.
Xpress increase in the overall framework click effect.
Optimization: alarm turns off automatically after the 6th snooze(response)
Fixed Theme Force Close.
Now add, Custom Lockscreen Wallpaper from gallery.
LeWa Player optimised , and some FC's fixed.
Bug fixes and improvements in themes.


LeWa_13.05.4 (Update)
Patched various /system/apps - including Sim kits.
Some framework tweaks , and cleaning.
Updated / fixed some system librararies.
Patches to music libs.

Old Updates / ROMS

ROM LeWa 13.07.12 :
ROM LeWa 13.06.12 :
ROM LeWa 13.06.14 :
ROM LeWa 13.06.07 :
ROM LeWa 13.05.31 :
ROM LeWa 13.05.24 :
ROM LeWa 13.05.17 :
ROM LeWa 13.05.10 :
ROM LeWa 13.05.03 :

Obsolete Update :

Important Information

Don't use crossbreader with LeWa , it will cause UI Lags.
Thanks to @Utkarsh-ezzo for information.



Here are two Xtheme engine based themes, which work on LeWa thanks to @toshidhaka for sending me the link

  • After pluging in your USB drive/OTG open app USB OTG Helper[shardul_seth] and tap mount ,
    drive will get mounted then goto /storage/sdcard0/UsbOtgDrives to use USB drive.
  • First start of usb otg helper may take time.


Goto Settings->Developer Options->Change Window Animation Scale,Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration scale to -> .5x for more smoothness

Entropy Increase:
Install Pimp My ROM
Slide to tools tab
scroll down and select Entropy Generator
Toggle Set on boot
scroll down to Random read wakeup threshold and tab detect Average value
scroll down to Random write wakeup Threshold and tap detect average value
and then at top, tap Apple new values

Entropy Increase script added by default from version 13.06.07 onwards.

To check if init.d is working or not:
(Added init.d support by Universal init.d adder by @Ryuinferno
from version 13.05.31 onwards.)

After phone boots goto /data/Other_logs/ and see if initd.log is created with some text in it.
Yes = Init.d working
No = Not Possible

boot.img now pre-added from version 13.07.19 onwards.

Boot.img links are in please_readme.txt file inside the ROM ZIP, please don't spam the thread by asking for it again and again

Removing chinese from launcher:

  • Goto Home Screen
  • Press setting soft key(key before home on touch keys)
  • Goto Home Settings
  • Scroll Down
  • Toggle Recomendations
  • Done

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3rd May 2013, 07:49 PM |#3  
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Waiting for your Rom, hope it Will not hv bugs.

Sent from my Micromax A110 using xda app-developers app
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3rd May 2013, 08:02 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by Rakesh251

R u mad..? only 361kb rom... hahahahahahah..

R u a noob can't u see its clearly written DOWNLOAD UPDATE:361 kb

respect developer, don't act childish....
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3rd May 2013, 08:09 PM |#5  
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Please read the full post before hand!!!! All dev's testers here are for helping each other, support and encourage not insult them dude!
The 316 KB is the update package AFTER you flash the base ROM which is still uploading!
Man common i know you are very much excited to try the new version but dude that dose not mean you just skip the entire post :P...
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3rd May 2013, 11:36 PM |#6  
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it would be great if you can share across the changelog for this version.

4th May 2013, 04:32 AM |#7  
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Donate to Me
Whats difference in Swift-Li and this?
4th May 2013, 06:02 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by bsuhas

Whats difference in Swift-Li and this?

Swift-li is a blend of different libs of two ROMs , and has tweaks. Mine one is pure LeWa out of the box. If you guys want me to add any mods , I will be happy to do so.

Sent from my Micromax A110 using xda app-developers app
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4th May 2013, 06:15 AM |#9  
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deleted. see
Last edited by m0han; 4th May 2013 at 06:45 AM.
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Originally Posted by m0han

good question. i suppose a lot of people would wanna know that.
differences apart, does this rom have all the features of swift-li v3 rom?
please see this: and also the links therein.
does LeWa OS 4.1.2 v13.05.04 rom have solutions for the above issues found in swift-li v3 rom?

edit: ok, dev has answered the first part. please check rom for the other issues mentioned and comment.
thank you.

I am not sure about USB otg in my LeWa since I don't own otg cable. You may flash and check and tell me here.
Second, mount points are fixed in the ROM and external and internal SD card Mount correctly.

Sent from my Micromax A110 using xda app-developers app
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