Default [HOWTO]Wipe EXT + DATA with ease!

I keep noticing a trend with people asking about how to wipe their SD cards. so here is a hopefully easier way.

Type this in recovery menu console
mount /system/
mount /data/
rm -rf /data/* 
rm -rf /system/sd/*
if you wish to save your
mount /system/
mount /data/
rm -rf /system/sd/app*
rm -rf /system/sd/dalv*
rm- rf /data/*
and that should do it. I would like to work on a recursive app that will have more security about it, possibly a busybox type command that would allow you to simply type wipe -all and it give you a Y/N option. I started a type up of a shell script but no , however recovery menu doesn't start any scripts, and running it in android itself is retarded. the system needs all the files.
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