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awesome repair guide, thanks for the info.

quick question. ive got a lovely droid x i found in a parking lot....run over. completely. most of the components (emi shields at least) look like theyre dented/pressed in but they could be in alright shape, i dunno. any insight? i could post pictures...

the entire assembly is completely worthless but i can replace all that relatively cheaply. i dont know about the esn or anything else (id rather not repair a phone that techinically belongs to asurion....)

edit: looking for a droid x to swap motherboards with, see if this one is alright. i think the main thing im checking is the motherboard, everything else is external and relatively cheap. (relatively). a buddy of mine is lookin to pick up a cdma droid and this could be his new phone.
Sounds like you have plenty of parts to replace. We have numerous parts for this device available on our site. A link can be found in our signature.
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